Chapter 1978 - Plan Failure

Chapter 1978 - Plan Failure

“Dark Hall? I’ve heard of them before.”

“It’s that mysterious power that appeared in the Ximen Imperial Clan before, right?”

The crowd began to voice their understanding of the Dark Hall. Even though the Dark Hall had always conducted their business in the shadows, everyone knew of the matter concerning the Ximen Imperial Clan. As such, practically everyone knew of the Dark Hall.

“As this matter is extremely important, I will make a long story short.”

“It is possible that the map of the Moonlight Maze that everyone possesses was spread by the Dark Hall. They spread the map with the intention of luring everyone to this place.”

“As for why they did that, it is because they possess a clear-cut purpose. As for their purpose, it is for everyone to die here,” Chu Feng said.

“For real?” At that moment, the crowd burst into an uproar. Panic covered the faces of certain people, while the others revealed dubious expressions. However, regardless, it remained that what Chu Feng had revealed was no small matter.

Death was forever the keenest subject. This was especially true when that death concerned their own lives.

“I am not lying to everyone. There is a killing formation in this place. That killing formation could activate at any moment. If that killing formation is to activate, all of us will die here,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, how did you come to know about this?” Elder Huang Guan asked.

“As matters stand, I might well as tell the truth as it is. The Ancient Era’s Elves already knew of this matter, and I was entrusted by the Ancient Era’s Elves to come to this place and assist everyone in making it through this crisis.”

“Thus, I took the seventh path precisely for this purpose. The gate of the seventh path, even without the map, I would be able to open it.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out an enormous world spirit key and inserted it into the seventh path’s gate. “Snap,” the seventh path’s gate opened for Chu Feng.

“It actually opened?!!!” Seeing that, the crowd revealed expressions of disbelief. Then, many among them began to believe what Chu Feng was saying.

After all, it was true that Chu Feng had insisted on taking the seventh path earlier, and it was also true that Chu Feng had managed to open the seventh path’s gate.

However, the crowd didn’t know that enormous key was actually able to open the seventh path’s gate because Chu Feng had hidden his map within the key. Thus, in the end, Chu Feng was only able to open the gate because of the map’s power.

The reason why Chu Feng had opened the seventh path’s gate was to prevent against the unexpected. As the killing formation could only be activated in this area, Chu Feng determined that the killing formation would be useless should the people here be brought away.

Earlier, he had not thought of this because he didn’t know how he was going to leave. However, since the seventh path’s gate could be opened at any time, he would naturally have to use this surefire way to save everyone.

“Little friend Chu Feng would not deceive us. There’s no time to lose. Everyone, quickly, let’s get out of here,” Elder Huang Guan said.

“Le, le, let me go fir, first,” Worrying about his life enormously, Wang Qiang was the first to rush out the seventh path’s gate.

Seeing that, the crowd began to rush through the seventh path’s gate. They did not wish to die here in vain.

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded, “Everyone, wait a moment.”

It was Elder Yue Ling. He spoke with an extremely loud voice and stopped the fleeing crowd. Then, he added, “Everyone, I urge you all to calm yourselves and not be deceived by that Chu Feng.”

“Elder Yue Ling, wh, wh, what are you talking about?” Those that entered the seventh path all stood there stunned. Those that had yet to enter the seventh path also stopped their footsteps.

“Everyone, could it be that you all do not feel this to be extremely skeptical?”

“Since this place is so dangerous, why did Chu Feng not mention it to us before we entered? Why did he instead mention it to us now?” Elder Yue Ling asked.

“That’s right. Little friend Chu Feng, why did you not warn us sooner?” The crowd asked.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed slightly. His lips were raised into a light curve. He did not answer immediately. Instead, with a smile on his face, he looked to Elder Yue Ling.

“Furthermore, Chu Feng was the first one to enter this place. Evidently, he knew how to get here. In that case, it meant that he already knew that the Immortality Peach Tree was here before he even got here.”

“Since he already knew that the Immortality Peach Tree was here, it is completely understandable that he should know about the other secrets of this place.”

“For Chu Feng to insist on having us leave this place, he must be doing so to deceive us. He wishes to make us leave this place through his deception, and then hog all the treasures in this place for himself,” Elder Yue Ling added.

“This…” Hearing what Elder Yue Ling said, the crowd did not express their approval. However, other than the people from the Underworld Palace and Wang Qiang, many of those people who had already entered the seventh path quietly walked back out from the seventh path and returned to this place with the Immortality Peach Tree.

Even though they did not express their agreement with Elder Yue Ling, their actions already showed that they were thinking the same thing as Elder Yue Ling.

“Chu Feng, you are speechless now, no?” Elder Yue Ling looked to Chu Feng. When he looked to Chu Feng, he revealed a complacent expression. From the very beginning, the crowd had been standing behind Chu Feng and speaking out for him the entire time. And now, he had finally managed to tilt the crowd toward his side.

“Speechless? Why would I be speechless?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he said, “Firstly, at the time when you all came into this place, I would not have been able to prove anything. If I were to tell everyone to not enter this place because there was a killing formation here, who would have believed me? Ask yourselves, would any of you have believed me if I had mentioned that to you all back then? If there is anyone who would have believed me then, please raise your hand.”

After Chu Feng said those words, there were indeed people who raised their hands. However, there were only about a thousand individuals who did so out of the the over ten million people here.

None of those people who kept their hands down said anything. The reason for that was because they knew deep down in their hearts that they would not have believed in Chu Feng should he have mentioned the killing formation to them before they entered this place.

“Humph,” Seeing that even Elder Yue Ling did not raise his hand, Chu Feng smiled. Then, he continued, “At that time, you all would not have trusted me. If I were to tell you all to accompany me into the seventh path, would any of you have done so?”

At that moment, even those thousand plus individuals who had raised their hands lowered their hands in succession. At that moment, there was not a single raised hand.

The reason for that was because they had all managed to sense how frightening the seventh path was from the entrance of the seventh path. They had all felt that they would undoubtedly die should they enter the seventh path. As none of them wanted to toy with their lives, none of them would have accompanied Chu Feng on the seventh path.

“In that case, let me ask you all this. How was I supposed to urge everyone to leave at that time?”

“Since I knew that I woulr not be able to successfully urge everyone to leave, why would I attempt to do so?”

“Why would I not wait to prove myself to everyone, wait until a time when I could do so?” Chu Feng asked.

The crowd did not answer. The reason for that was because they also knew that it would have been useless for Chu Feng to have advised them at that time.

At that moment, the people who had entered the seventh path earlier and then stepped right back out revealed expressions of self-blame.

“In that case, are you all willing to follow me out of here now?” Chu Feng asked.

Right after Chu Feng said those words, Elder Yue Ling added, “Everyone, you must carefully think this over. This Moonlight Maze is a place filled with countless treasures,”

Originally, a lot of people were tempted to leave after Chu Feng finished asking his question. However, after Elder Yue Ling said those words, many of the people who were tempted to leave began to hesitate.

In the end, only over ten thousand people stood forth. Although ten thousand people was not a small amount, it was very few when compared to over ten million people.

It would appear that Chu Feng’s surefire method of saving the crowd would be destined to fail.

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