Chapter 1977 - The Descent Of The Crisis

Chapter 1977 - The Descent Of The Crisis

“Ask myself?” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I will not say much, and will only present you with a bit of advice. When doing things, one should consider the severity of a matter. When conducting oneself, one should know what one is capable of,” Elder Yue Ling added.

After he said those words, many of the Heavenly Law Palace’s elders began to nod to express their approval. As for the others, they grew quiet. However, Chu Feng knew that those people were most likely thinking along the same lines in their hearts.

“Although I, Chu Feng, am of the younger generation, I am not a fish on a chopping block. I will definitely not allow myself to be taken advantage of. Thus, regardless of who it might be, as long as it’s someone who tried to kill me, I will definitely not let that person get away with it.”

As Chu Feng spoke those words, coldness began to radiate all over. Instantly, the temperature in this region dropped by several degrees.

Furthermore, due to the fact that Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings were still on him, the coldness he emitted was not only frigid, but also extremely frightening.

Not to mention the others, even Elder Yue Ling, a rank six Martial Emperor, revealed a frown upon feeling Chu Feng’s cold aura.

At that moment, he felt as if he had been woken up from his dream. When even Xian Yuyin’s uncle was no match for Chu Feng, he would naturally not be a match for Chu Feng either.

When even Elder Yue Ling was acting in such a manner, the others were all drenched in cold sweat. At that time, they all realized how terrifying Chu Feng really was.

Earlier, the only thing on their minds was how powerful Xian Yuyin’s uncle’s backing was, and they had actually forgotten the frightening strength that Chu Feng himself possessed. Chu Feng was no ordinary member of the younger generation. Instead, he was a member of the younger generation who was capable of killing a rank six Martial Emperor.

Thus, after sensing the coldness emitted by Chu Feng, even Elder Yue Ling did not dare to say another word.

“Actually, I also know that everyone feels that I should not have killed Xian Yuyin’s uncle. As for the reason why everyone feels that way, it is only because you all feel that the Ancient Era’s Elves should not be trifled with.”

“However, if that is what everyone thinks, then it would mean that everyone feels from the bottom of your hearts that what I, Chu Feng, had said earlier, how the Ancient Era’s Elves were my allies and how Lord Luokong personally told me that I could kill Xian Yuyin’s uncle, were only lies. You all feel that I, Chu Feng, was lying.” Chu Feng swept his gaze over the crowd once again.

This time around, no one dared to meet Chu Feng’s gaze. Even though that was what they were thinking, none of them were daring enough to admit to it.

“Facts speak louder than words. Whether or not I, Chu Feng, was lying, everyone will come to know in the future,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the crowd all felt startled. Chu Feng had spoken those words so effortlessly. It did not seem like he was lying. Could it be that what Chu Feng said was the truth? However, if all that Chu Feng said was true, then it would truly be too frightening.

At that moment, the gazes with which the crowd looked to Chu Feng contained more than fear. There was also a completely different sort of emotion. Even those experienced old monsters that were about to reach the ends of their lifespan revealed such an expression in their gazes.

Chu Feng had forced them to have a whole new level of respect for him.

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng no longer bothered to pay attention to the crowd. Instead, he collected Xian Yuyin’s uncle’s Cosmos Sack and his Imperial Armament.

Those were all things that belonged to the Ancient Era’s Elves. Even if Chu Feng didn’t plan to keep them himself, he could not ignore them. Chu Feng was planning to return them to the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Chu Feng also collected Xian Yuyin’s uncle’s corpse. No matter what, he was still an Ancient Era’s Elf. Thus, Chu Feng planned to return his corpse to the Ancient Era’s Elves and have them take care of it.

If the Ancient Era’s Elves were to declare that Chu Feng could do as his wished to Xian Yuyin’s uncle’s corpse, it would naturally be even better. No matter what, Xian Yuyin’s uncle was a rank six Martial Emperor. As such, the source energy contained within his corpse was most definitely pretty decent. Therefore, Chu Feng would wait till Eggy awakened and have her refine his source energy.

In short, his body was very useful and valuable.

At that moment, the Underworld Palace’s Elder Huang Guan walked toward Chu Feng; he pointed at Chu Feng’s Imperial Armament and asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, that Imperial Armament in your hand, could it be the legendary Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader?”

He did so firstly to lift the tension of this awkward situation, and secondly, because he really wanted to know.

“Senior, truth be told, this is indeed the Imperial Armament senior Beast Emperor used when he was alive, the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader,” Chu Feng nodded.

Hearing those words, the expressions of the crowd all changed.

“Sss…” Even Elder Huang Guan was unable to contain himself from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Then, he asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, could it be that you’re the Beast Emperor’s successor?”

“I am not the Beast Emperor’s successor. I merely managed to obtain the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader,” Chu Feng explained.

Once Chu Feng said those words, Yue Ling, who already felt enormous envy for Chu Feng, nearly vomited blood.

He had clearly obtained the Beast Emperor’s Imperial Armament. Yet, he still declared himself to not be the Beast Emperor’s successor?

Furthermore, he even used the word ‘merely,’ to describe the Imperial Armament. That was truly too anger-inducing for Yue Ling, who did not even possess an ordinary Imperial Armament.

Chu Feng had received such an enormous fortunate opportunity to obtain the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader. Yet, he made it appear to be so insignificant. It was truly too anger-inducing.

“Little friend Chu Feng, not only do you possess exceptional talent, you are also someone blessed with great fortune. The way I see it, the Holy Land of Martialism’s next overlord is most definitely going to be you,” Elder Huang Guang said.

“Tha, tha, that’s not fo, for certain,” However, at that moment, Wang Qiang refuted him. Then, with an extremely confident expression, he said, “Al, al, al, although Chu, Chu, Chu Feng is my go, good brother, bu, bu, but this er, era’s overlo, overlord will be m, me, me, Wang Qiang.”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd all began to hiss at him. In fact, some people even began to ridicule Wang Qiang for being shameless.

“You, you, you bunch ar, are tru, truly people who po, possess dog ey, eyes and can’t jud, judge. No ma, matter what, I am sti, still Emp, Emperor Chi’s suc, suc, successor,” Wang Qiang said.

“Who are you trying to deceive?” The crowd did not believe Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang sighed. “Fa, facts speaks loud, louder than words. Wh, wh, whether or not I, Wan, Wang Qiang was ly, ly, lying, you all wi, will know later on,” Wang Qiang used what Chu Feng had said earlier.

However, when Chu Feng said those words, he had spoken with enormous confidence and gave off a very domineering aura. He had caused the crowd to feel deep veneration and fear for him.

Yet, when Wang Qiang said those words, even though they were exactly the same as Chu Feng’s, the crowd burst into loud laughter. They had to admit, even though that Wang Qiang was shameless, he was ridiculously funny.


At the moment when the crowd was laughing at Wang Qiang and arguing with him, the gate through which the crowd had entered this region suddenly closed.

Seeing that scene, the crowd were immediately stunned. They were at a complete loss.

As for Chu Feng, he started to frown.

That gate had originally been open the entire time. Thus, more and more people began to arrive in this place. Currently, there were not only several million people here. Instead, there were now more than a dozen million people here.

The fact that the gate was open the entire time earlier meant that it was meant to be open. Yet, it had now suddenly closed. This meant that something was wrong. Likely, someone was controlling the gate. As for that, it was very likely to be movement from the Dark Hall.

Suddenly, someone pointed at Wang Qiang and said, “Look, see how you continued to boast. Even the door shut itself because of your shameless boasting,”

“Hahaha!!!” After that person spoke, the crowd all burst into loud laughter.

At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Everyone, now is not the time to laugh. It is very likely that a crisis will descend upon this place.”

Once Chu Feng said that, the crowd’s expressions immediately grew tense. The reason for that was because not only did Chu Feng speak those words very loudly, he also said them with an extremely serious tone.

However, the crowd were all confused. Why would a crisis descend upon them out of nowhere?

Elder Huang Guan asked Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, what do you mean by that?”

“I’ll ask you all this first. Has everyone heard of the Dark Hall?” Chu Feng asked.

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