Chapter 1976 - Must Kill

Chapter 1976 - Must Kill

“I am ridiculous?” Hearing those words, Xian Yuyin’s uncle was startled. From his expression, it could be seen that he truly did not understand what Chu Feng meant by those words.

It was only after a moment that he realized that it was most likely because Chu Feng did not know the strength of their Ancient Era’s Elves, and thus did not believe his threats.

Thus, he added, “Chu Feng, you must not look down upon us Ancient Era’s Elves. The strength of our Ancient Era’s Elves absolutely surpasses your imagination.”

“Heh…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng laughed once again. Then, he said, “I know the strength of the Ancient Era’s Elves extremely well. However, there is one thing that you seem to definitely not know about.”

“Wha… what is it?” Xian Yuyin’s uncle asked with a voice trembling with fear. From Chu Feng’s confident appearance, he was able to realize that something was wrong. As such, he began to feel worry and unease from the bottom of his heart.

“I have already acted on behalf of the Cyanwood Mountain and entered an alliance with your Ancient Era’s Elves. Furthermore, the alliance is something that your Ancient Era’s Elves’ Majesty, the Elf King, personally suggested,” Chu Feng said.

“Wha… what did you say?!” Hearing those words, Xian Yuyin was immediately alarmed. He was so shocked that he did not dare to believe his own ears.

When even he was acting in such a manner, the expressions of the others present were even more marvelous.

Chu Feng had actually entered into an alliance with the Ancient Era’s Elves? Furthermore, the one who suggested the alliance was the Elf King?!!!

Was that for real? If it was real, it would truly be unimaginable. Chu Feng himself was already this powerful. If the Ancient Era’s Elves were to stand behind him, who would dare to oppose Chu Feng in the Holy Land of Martialism?

“Furthermore, before entering the Moonlight Maze, I met with your Ancient Era’s Elves’ Lord Luokong.”

“Not only does he know that I killed Xian Yuyin, he also told me that if I were to encounter you again, I was authorized to act on behalf of the Ancient Era’s Elves and kill you,” Chu Feng said.

What Chu Feng said was the truth. Before he left for the Moonlight Maze, Lord Luokong had especially mentioned to Chu Feng that they would not look into Xian Yuyin’s death. He told Chu Feng to not take that matter to heart.

Furthermore, he mentioned that they would assassinate Xian Yuyin’s uncle in the future.

The reason for that was because Xian Yuyin’s uncle was a sinner to their Ancient Era’s Elves. He had been fleeing from them for years. The only reason why he was still alive was because the Elf King was merciful, and had not deliberately tried to kill him.

Else, with the capabilities that they, the Ancient Era’s Elves, possessed, how could they possibly not capture Xian Yuyin’s uncle? However, the Elf King had personally mentioned to Lord Luokong that Chu Feng’s importance was greater than the lives of their Ancient Era’s Elves. As such, now that Xian Yuyin’s uncle had actually attempted to kill Chu Feng, Lord Luokong had made the prompt decision to eliminate him.

As Lord Luokong was one of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Grand Elders, he possessed the authority to make such a decision.

Chu Feng had personally asked Lord Luokong whether or not he could kill Xian Yuyin’s uncle should he encounter him. The answer he received from Lord Luokong was ‘Absolutely.’

Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng was truly planning to kill Xian Yuyin’s uncle. He was not joking around.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng wanted to demonstrate his might before the crowd. He wanted to let everyone know that, regardless of who they were, he would not spare them should they go against him.

“Wha, what kind joke are you playing here?! You are merely a human, why would our Ancient Era’s Elves allow you to kill me?!” Xian Yuyin’s uncle spoke those words with a very unyielding tone. However, he was actually panicking.

Firstly, he had managed to sense an enormous killing intent from Chu Feng’s gaze. Chu Feng was determined to kill him. He knew that he would not be able to escape death.

Furthermore, he also knew his own status very well. Although he might appear to be a grand Ancient Era’s Elf, he was actually a sinner to the Ancient Era’s Elves.

He had been fleeing from the pursuit by the Ancient Era’s Elves the entire time. To speak it plainly, he could no longer be considered to be a real member of the Ancient Era’s Elves anymore.

However, even with all that, he truly did not believe Chu Feng’s words. No matter what, he was still an Ancient Era’s Elf. Even if he would be punished should he be captured, his crimes should not be enough to be punished with death.

As such, what made Chu Feng, a mere human, qualified to kill him? Furthermore, the Ancient Era’s Elves had allowed him to do so? How could that possibly be true?

Chu Feng was the person who had killed Xian Yuyin. There were a lot of people that saw him doing that. There was irrefutable evidence of him killing Xian Yuyin.

Even if he was a sinner, Xian Yuyin was not a sinner. Instead, he was one of the future pillars of the Ancient Era’s Elves. Before Xian Miaomiao had appeared, he used to be the strongest among the Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation. Furthermore, the Four Grand Elders had even deduced that Xian Yuyin’s future accomplishments would likely not be inferior to those of the Elf King.

Xian Yuyin was an outstanding talent that the Ancient Era’s Elves had originally planned to nurture emphatically. In fact, he had helped Xian Yuyin take care of Zhang Tianyi and his father because he thought highly of Xian Yuyin’s status among the Ancient Era’s Elves. He had wanted to have Xian Yuyin help him remove his pursuit by the Ancient Era’s Elves after he emerged in power in the future. As such, he would be able to regain his status.

However, Xian Yuyin was killed by Chu Feng, a mere human. As such, it would already be merciful should the Ancient Era’s Elves not dismember Chu Feng’s body into ten thousand pieces; how could they possibly spare him, and even give him permission to kill Xian Yuyin’s uncle?

Xian Yuyin’s uncle did not believe Chu Feng. He really did not believe Chu Feng. Even if he were to be beaten to death, he would absolutely refuse to believe that sort of thing.

“As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. After all, I insist on killing you.”


As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly waved the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader that he held in his hand. As a silvery light streaked through the air, a ray of blood began to spray forth. Chu Feng had sliced through Xian Yuyin’s uncle’s dantian.


Then, the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader that Chu Feng held in his hand was waved once more. Another silvery light streaked across, and another ray of blood surged forth, forming an arc in the air.

The very next moment, everybody present was completely stunned. Even the extremely talkative Wang Qiang had his mouth wide open as he stood there petrified.

Xian Yuyin’s uncle had died. He had been killed by Chu Feng. Not only did Chu Feng take his life, he even hacked him in half through the middle. He had died without an intact corpse.

After being stunned momentarily, the gazes with which the crowd looked to Chu Feng all changed. Chu Feng had truly killed Xian Yuyin’s uncle, killed a rank six Martial Emperor. Could it be that Chu Feng had gone mad?

Chu Feng was truly too daring. Could it be that he really planned to go against the Ancient Era’s Elves?

The reason why the crowd thought this way was because they, like Xian Yuyin’s uncle, did not believe what Chu Feng had said. They all felt that Chu Feng had provoked an enormous disaster by killing Xian Yuyin’s uncle.


However, upon closer inspection, the crowd were all startled. Chu Feng’s expression actually did not change in the slightest after killing Xian Yuyin’s uncle. It was as if he had only done what he should do.

This youth’s nature was truly too vicious.

“Say, say, Chu, Chu Feng, aren’t you a, a bit too dar, dar, daring? He is an An, An, Ancient Era’s Elf. You rea, really killed him like that?” Wang Qiang walked over to Chu Feng.

“He wanted to kill me. Why am I not allowed to kill him?” Chu Feng asked instead of answering.

“Ye, yea, yeah, he de, de, deserves to die. Bu, bu, but, he is an An, Ancient Er, Era’s Elf, and a ran, rank six Ma, Martial Emperor on to, top of that. His st, sta, sta, status should be pretty h, high,” Wang Qiang said.

Chu Feng did not immediately answer Wang Qiang. Instead, he surveyed his surroundings, and discovered that the crowd mostly possessed the same sort of reaction as Wang Qiang. In fact, their expressions were even more exaggerated than Wang Qiang’s. It was as if they were saying that it would be fine for Xian Yuyin’s uncle to kill Chu Feng, but it would definitely not be fine for Chu Feng to kill Xian Yuyin’s uncle.

“Everyone, could it be that you all felt that I should not have killed him?” Chu Feng asked the crowd.

“Eh…” No one answered Chu Feng. Even though the Ancient Era’s Elves should not be provoked, it was clear that Chu Feng was not someone to be provoked either. As such, they did not wish to offend Chu Feng.

“You should not be asking us that question. Instead, you should be asking yourself,” At this moment, Elder Yue Ling spoke. He spoke those words with a tone filled with mockery.

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