Chapter 1979 - Meaning Of Brother

Chapter 1979 - Meaning Of Brother

“Very well. I thank all the friends that believe in me. Since you have all believed in me, I will absolutely guarantee your safety,” Chu Feng said to the people who had entered the seventh path.

Then, he turned to Elder Huang Guan and Wang Qiang, “Elder Huang Guan, brother Wang Qiang, please bring those people out of the Moonlight Maze for me. You merely need to return via the same path you came in. Even though this seventh path gives off an extremely dangerous aura, it is actually completely safe.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, do you not plan to leave with us?” Elder Huang Guan asked.

“Even though they do not believe me, I cannot ignore them and let them die,” Chu Feng said.

“But, if that killing formation really exists, it would be useless even if you are to remain,” Elder Huang Guan said.

“I have another way to deal with it. Merely, I do not dare to guarantee whether or not that method will work for certain. However, it remains that I must give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu, Chu Feng, they all do, do no, not believe in you. Th, there is sim, simply no an, antidote for th, their foo, foolishness. Ev, even if they are to di, die, it w, would on, only be w, what they deserve.”

“Yo, you sh, should just le, let them die. Wh, why bother with them?” Wang Qiang said. He spoke those words extremely loudly. He did so deliberately to insult those that had decided to stay.

At that moment, the people who remained revealed very ugly expressions. They also felt that they were letting down Chu Feng’s good intentions by refusing to listen to him. However, there was nothing they could do about it, as they did not wish to return empty-handed. After all, all of them were people that possessed selfish desires.

“It is fine for them to not believe in me. However, I absolutely cannot abandon them. The reason for that is because that is my responsibility,” Chu Feng said with a smile. He was not angry. It was as if this was something that he already anticipated happening.

Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, the crowd grew even more ashamed...

“Responsibility? What a joke. You have clearly been caught red-handed by me. That’s why you decided to stay instead of leaving. You are still unwilling to part with the treasures here.”

“Thus, everyone, do not be deceived by that Chu Feng,” Seeing that the crowd were feeling ashamed, Elder Yue Ling began to sow dissension again.


Right after Elder Yue Ling finished saying those words, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed through the air. Like a ghost, Chu Feng appeared before Elder Yue Ling. Both Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings were on display. At that moment, Chu Feng was covered in lightning.

Not only that, Chu Feng was emitting a very fierce oppressive might. His oppressive might caused Elder Yue Ling to back away from him repeatedly.

Sensing Chu Feng’s killing intent, Elder Yue Ling flipped his palm and took out an Incomplete Imperial Armament. He was planning to take the initiative by striking first. As such, he unleashed an attack at Chu Feng.



However, right after Elder Yue Ling raised his Incomplete Imperial Armament, a silvery light flashed past him. Chu Feng’s Furious Coiling Dragon beheader had hacked Elder Yue Ling’s Incomplete Imperial Armament in two. After the pieces of Elder Yue Ling’s Incomplete Imperial Armament rapidly spun through the air, they fell to the ground.

Suddenly, Elder Yue Ling had a completely ashen expression on his face. He stood there in a stunned, petrified manner. He was completely motionless, with cold sweat rushing forth from his body and down from his aged face.

From the instant clash earlier, he had sensed how enormous the gap between him and Chu Feng was. If Chu Feng wanted to kill him, he would definitely die. He simply did not even possess the strength to resist Chu Feng.

“Impudent! You dare act this rude toward Lord Elder! Are you planning to go against our Heavenly Law Palace?!” The crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace immediately drew their weapons and aimed them toward Chu Feng.

“And what if I am?” Chu Feng swept his gaze across them and said with a cold voice.

After seeing Chu Feng’s gaze, those people from the Heavenly Law Palace who had been eager to attack Chu Feng began to back away from him. In fact, many among them even started to shiver, with cold sweat rolling down their faces. There were even some among them who were so terrified of Chu Feng that they ended up sitting down on the ground in a paralyzed manner.

Killing intent. Before Chu Feng’s intense killing intent, they suddenly felt themselves to be ridiculous.

When even their strongest Elder Yue Ling was no match for Chu Feng, what could they possibly do? If they were to attack Chu Feng, they would only be throwing their lives away.

After all, they all understood the logic that before an actual expert, regardless of how many people you had, it would all be useless. As for Chu Feng, he was one such expert.

“Chu Feng, if you are to kill me, it would prove that you possess a guilty conscience. Even if I am to die, our Heavenly Law Palace would not let you get away with it,” Elder Yue Ling threatened Chu Feng.

“Did you think that I would not dare to kill you?” Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. He was not afraid in the slightest. At the same time, the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader in Chu Feng’s hand grew closer and closer to Elder Yue Ling.

“You, you, you…” Elder Yue Ling grew so nervous that he became unable to speak properly. At that moment, his entire body was drenched in sweat. He was truly afraid of death.

“If I wanted to kill you, it would be as easy as a single slash of my weapon. However, I will not kill you, because killing you will only dirty my hand.”

“As for what we both said to the crowd, the truth will come to light as to which one of us was speaking the truth and which one was lying. As I possess a clear conscience, I am not afraid of waiting.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he removed his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, walked over to the Immortality Peach Tree, sat down in a cross-legged manner and closed his eyes.

As for Elder Yue Ling, he was panting for breath and started to wipe away the cold sweat on his face nonstop. He felt as if he had just escaped from the gates of hell. However, at that moment, he was extremely exhausted and on the verge of collapse.


Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes. The reason for that was because someone had sat beside him. Upon looking, he discovered that Wang Qiang was actually smiling foolishly at him with his teeth widely shown.

A mouthful of bad breath assailed Chu Feng’s face.

“Why did you come back?” Chu Feng asked.

“You’re n, not going. So I, I’m not g, go, going either. Af, after all, we, we’re brothers,” Wang Qiang said with a smile on his face.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to smile too. He did not say anything. Wang Qiang’s mention of the word ‘brothers’ was already enough for him.

What did he mean by brothers? A brother was someone willing to undergo trials and tribulations together with you during moments of crisis!!!

“Little friend Chu Feng, as you’re not leaving, this old man will also stay,” Right at this moment, the Underworld Palace’s Elder Huang Guan also returned. Following him, the others from the Underworld Palace also returned. They all sat around Chu Feng.

In the end, everyone returned. However, those people who returned all sat beside Chu Feng like the people from the Underworld Palace.

Soon, the seventh path’s gate closed up. At that moment, the crowd that remained in this place were separated into two groups.

The first group were people who believed in Chu Feng.

The other group were people who didn’t believe in Chu Feng.

This sort of scene caused those who did not believe in Chu Feng to possess an even greater guilty conscience and feel even more ashamed.

“Everyone, if you feel that there are treasures here, you can go right ahead and carefully look around to search for the treasures. There is no need to act this restrained,” Elder Huang Guan said with a smile. He was unable to continue watching the way those who did not believe in Chu Feng acted. Thus, he spoke those words to mock them.

Suddenly, a white-haired old man said to Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, if what you said is the truth, this old man will kneel to you and admit his mistake before his death.”

This old man’s face was covered with scars. On his back was a giant blade wrapped in cloth. That blade was called the Snow Blade. It was an Incomplete Imperial Armament that that old man had reached a superb level of achievement with.

This old man was known as the Snow Blade Mad Demon. This Snow Blade Mad Demon was a rank six Martial Emperor, an old monster.

His name was even more renowned than that of Elder Yue Ling and Elder Huang Guan. He was someone who possessed a lot of prestige. Merely… he was near the end of his lifespan.

After the Snow Blade Mad Demon, many other people began to express their apologies to Chu Feng.

At the beginning, it was only the old monsters who expressed their apologies to Chu Feng, but later on, close to half of the ten million plus people had voiced their apologies to Chu Feng.

“Elder Yue Ling, as the person who distrusted little friend Chu feng the most, you should make an apology yourself, no?” Elder Huang Guan said to Elder Yue Ling.

“Sure, I’ll express myself. If I have wrongly accused little friend Chu Feng, I will definitely compensate little friend Chu Feng accordingly, “ Elder Yue Ling vowed. Even though he said those words unwillingly, he was actually admitting defeat to Chu Feng.

He did not dare to not do so. When Chu Feng had attacked him earlier, Chu Feng had made him realize the disparity between them. He was truly afraid that Chu Feng would kill him.

“Haha…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng chuckled.

Elder Yue Ling wiped away his cold sweat and then asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, what are you laughing about?” At this moment, he was truly terrified of Chu Feng.

“Compensation? What sort of compensation could you possibly provide? Are you capable of taking out anything more precious than this?” Chu Feng raised his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader.

“I…” Elder Yue Ling became speechless.

“If, if you ha, ha, have wr, wrongly acc, accused Chu Feng, you sh, should apologize wi, with your life,” Wang Qiang interrupted.

“What?” Hearing those words, Elder Yue Ling’s mind grew tense, and his expression changed.

“You d, don’t dare? In th, that case, it means that you po, possess a guilty conscience. Yo, you’ve in, in, indirectly ad, admitted that you were wr, wrongly accusing Chu, Chu Feng,” Wang Qiang said.

After Wang Qiang said those words, the gazes of over ten million individuals turned to Elder Yue Ling. Among them, many of the gazes were incomparably ice-cold.

The reason why the crowd felt that guilty and ashamed toward Chu Feng was all because of Elder Yue Ling. If Elder Yue Ling had truly wrongly accused Chu Feng, then, without even Chu Feng doing anything, those people would tear him apart on the spot.

Being faced with this sort of oppression, Elder Yue Ling felt that his hairs were all standing on end. With a heart filled with terror, he could only brace himself to say, “If what little friend Chu Feng said was true, I will kill myself on the spot. I will return little friend Chu Feng’s innocence with my death.”


Right after Elder Yue Ling said those words, the area they were in started to shake violently.

As the violent quakes began to fill the place, the surrounding walls started to emit crimson rays. The crimson rays criss-crossed with one another and formed an enormous net.

At that moment, other than Chu Feng, the expressions of everyone present changed.

The reason for that was because they sensed a fatal killing intent from the crimson net.

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