Chapter 1972 - Toyed To Death

 Chapter 1972 - Toyed To Death

“I said, you are nothing more than a dog,” Zhao Yu said once more.

“You, you, you!!!” Elder Yue Ling was stunned. He pointed at Zhao Yu with a shivering finger. He was actually so enraged that he became unable to speak.

“Forget about it. No matter what, we are both elders of the Heavenly Law Palace. I’ll take you, dog, into consideration and spare this little bastard Chu Feng,” As Zhao Yu spoke, he abruptly stood up, grabbed Chu Feng and threw him to Wang Qiang.

After Wang Qiang caught Chu Feng, he immediately untied the rope that had held Chu Feng and removed the cloth that had been tied over his mouth. In fact, he even took out an extremely precious medicinal pellet to feed to Chu Feng so as to help him heal his injuries.

Chu Feng had truly never expected Wang Qiang to be someone that could be counted on this well during crucial moments.

In fact, it was not only Wang Qiang that took out a medicinal pellet to heal Chu feng’s injuries. Elder Huang Guan, the many other Underworld Palace’s elders, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders, the many elders of the Nine Powers, and the various Monstrous Beast Races’ elders, as well as many unknown experts, also took out healing medicinal pellets to hand to Chu Feng.

From this, it could be seen that Chu Feng possessed quite a decent relationship with many people. Even though a portion of the people present were most definitely pretentious individuals, it remained that many of them, like Elder Huang Guan and the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders, as well as the Nine Powers’ experts, were truly concerned for Chu Feng’s well-being.

“Everyone, there’s no need for that. My injuries are not that serious. I do not have to take healing medicinal pellets,” Even though Chu Feng spoke bravely, blood was flowing from his mouth. He was deliberately continuing his performance.

“Lo, lo, lo, loo, look at your ap, app, appearance. Sto, sto, sto, stop trying to sho, show off,” Wang Qiang forcibly fed Chu Feng his precious medicinal pellet.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your injuries are extremely serious. This can help you, eat it quickly,” Elder Huang Guan and the others also began to forcibly push their medicinal pellets into Chu Feng’s hands.

After receiving the medicinal pellets from the crowd, Chu Feng revealed a grateful expression. Then, he turned to Elder Zhao Yu, who was still standing beneath the Immortality Peach Tree, and shouted angrily, “Zhao Yu, I considered you to be my senior. Yet, never would I have imagined that you were actually so despicable. You actually poisoned the water. Do you not even have the courage to face me head-on?”

“Hahahahaha!!!” Zhao Yu laughed loudly. His laughter was one of disapproval. Then, he said, “As the saying goes, a great man has to be ruthless like poison. This is what is meant by tricks. Chu Feng, you are still too inexperienced. You should take your time and learn from me.”

The crowd were startled by those words. Then, they revealed angry gazes toward Elder Zhao Yu. None of them expected that Zhao Yu had actually not only attacked Chu Feng, but had even used such a despicable method to subdue Chu Feng.

At this moment, the impression that the crowd had of Zhao Yu took a complete reversal. The reason for that was because the crowd hated despicable people like Zhao Yu the most.

However… they did not know that it was actually not Zhao Yu that had said those words. Instead, his every movement, his every word, were all manipulated by Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, exactly what happened?

“Why did Zhao Yu attack you? How did you all manage to reach this place? What happened to those ripe Immortality Peaches?” At this moment, the crowd turned to question Chu Feng out of curiosity. They all wished to know what had happened.

Chu Feng began to narrate to the crowd what had happened. Elder Zhao Yu and him had entered the seventh path together. Elder Zhao Yu demanded that he lead the way. Thus, Chu Feng ended up walking in the front. Surprisingly, they discovered a treasure map. Furthermore, they discovered that the treasure map led directly to the Immortality Peach Tree.

Originally, Chu Feng had been overjoyed. He had agreed to share the Immortality Peaches there together with Elder Zhao Yu. However, to his surprise, Elder Zhao Yu was extremely greedy, and had actually poisoned Chu Feng’s water on their way here. After Chu Feng became dizzy from the poison, he had snatched away the treasure map, tied him up and even gave him a beating.

Afterward, Elder Zhao Yu arrived at this place and discovered that there were over a thousand Immortality Peaches here. For the sake of angering Chu Feng, he did not kill him. Instead, he plucked the thousand-plus Immortality Peaches right before Chu Feng’s eyes. Then, he began to eat them with big mouthfuls right before Chu Feng’s eyes.

“What? You’re saying that Zhao Yu ate all of the ripe Immortality Peaches?”

After hearing Chu Feng’s story, some of the old monsters that were about to reach the end of their lifespan immediately revealed glowering gazes. They were so enraged that they were simply about to shoot flames from their eyes.

They had not come here for any treasures. Rather, their goal had only been to prolong their lifespan; their goal had only been to obtain the legendary Immortality Peaches.

To their enormously pleasant surprise, they had actually managed to discover the Immortality Peach Tree. However, unfortunately, all of the ripe fruits, all of the edible Immortality Peaches that could be used to prolong their lives, had been eaten by Zhao Yu. What were they to do about this?!

“That’s right. Zhao Yu ate all of the Immortality Peaches,” Chu Feng nodded.

Hearing those words, the actual Zhao Yu was on the verge of crying. All of the Immortality Peaches were clearly plucked and then put away by Chu Feng. Even though he was holding an Immortality Peach, he had not even managed to take a single bite of it.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually saying that he had eaten all of the Immortality Peaches. How was he to reason with that? Thus, he felt extremely wronged.

Even though he felt extremely wronged in his heart, Zhao Yu was unable to express his actual state of mind with his body. The expression that he actually had on his face right now was a smile of complacence. It was a smile that drove the crowd mad and caused them to want to tear him apart alive.

“But, didn’t they say that one could only eat ten Immortality Peaches, that one would die should one eat more than ten?” Someone suddenly asked. There was indeed such a legend regarding the Immortality Peaches.

“The map that we obtained from the seventh path not only lead to this place, it also stated that one could eat as many Immortality Peaches as they liked after dissolving the map in water and drinking said map. One would only be able to increase one’s lifespan, and not die from being poisoned due to eating too many Immortality Peaches.”

“However, it is clear that eating too many Immortality Peaches still possesses a side effect. Everyone, look at how stimulated Zhao Yu is right now. It should be a consequence from eating over a thousand Immortality Peaches,” Chu Feng said.

“Wahahahaha, a bunch of ants actually dare to look upon my Immortality Peach?” At this moment, Zhao Yu was laughing loudly. As he spoke, he proceeded to take a bite of the Immortality Peach in his hand.

“That peach is mine!!!!!” Seeing this scene, an old monster revealed his aura explosively and flew toward Zhao Yu. He planned to snatch the Immortality Peach from Zhao Yu’s hand. A rank five Martial Emperor; he was actually a rank five Martial Emperor.

“The Immortality Peach is mine!!!!!” Following that, all of the experts present rushed forth. Some rushed directly to the Immortality Peach Tree with the intention of plucking the unripened peaches. Others rushed to snatch the Immortality Peach in Zhao Yu’s hand.

“A group of ants dare to attempt to snatch my Immortality Peach? Watch as I crush you all to death,” Faced with the incoming crowd, Zhao Yu was not afraid in the slightest, and even made a provocative gesture.

However, Zhao Yu was actually completely powerless. He did not even have the strength to truss a chicken. As the scramble for the Immortality Peach continued, not only was Zhao Yu unable to keep his Immortality Peach, his face was also struck by a fist. The strength of that fist was no small matter. It left Zhao Yu with a bloody nose, and knocked him flying several meters away. Furthermore, it had also knocked out three of his teeth.

“Motherfucker! You dare hit me!? Watch as I kill you,” Zhao Yu got back up and charged into the crowd.

However, Zhao Yu’s actions were actually all being manipulated by Chu Feng. The actual Zhao Yu was currently weeping in his heart. He knew that he would undoubtedly be killed today, that he would be toyed to death by Chu Feng.

“Zhao Yu, you actually dared to eat over a thousand Immortality Peaches by yourself. Your sins are beyond repair. Immediately vomit those Immortality Peaches out for me!”

“That’s right, beat that Zhao Yu up. He has most definitely hidden more Immortality Peaches on him. Everyone, search his body for the Immortality Peaches.”

When the crowd discovered that it was impossible to pluck the Immortality Peaches on the Immortality Peach Tree, they all turned their gazes to Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu simply did not have to rush into the crowd at all, as he was already drowned by the crowd.

“A bunch of ants dare to scramble for my Immortality Peach? Watch as I suffocate you all to death with my fart,” Zhao Yu shouted loudly and cursed at the crowd.

Of course, all of this was done by Chu Feng’s manipulation. Suddenly, Chu Feng discovered that he was unable to control Zhao Yu anymore.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng was not nervous at all. Instead, he revealed a cold smile. He knew that it was not that the spirit formation that he had placed onto Zhao Yu had failed. Instead, it was because Zhao Yu had been killed by the crowd.

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