Chapter 1973 - I Am Going To Kill You

Chapter 1973 - I Am Going To Kill You


Sure enough, the crowd that had ganged up upon Zhao Yu to beat him to death suddenly started to rapidly disperse like a crowd of startled birds.

When the crowd dispersed, many people revealed expressions of fear.

Upon closer inspection, the people who didn’t know what had happened were all startled.

At this moment, Zhao Yu was lying on the floor. His clothes were all gone; he was completely naked. He had a swollen face, a bloody nose and a body filled with blood. Zhao Yu had died.

“Why would this happen? Why, why… why would he die like that?”

At this moment, many of the people that were beating Zhao Yu up were deeply frightened. They had clearly not used much strength to beat up Zhao Yu. Thus, why would Zhao Yu, a rank six Martial Emperor, die just like that?

However, they didn’t know that although Zhao Yu appeared to be completely fine, he was actually filled with serious injuries. He was already in a state where he would not be able to withstand the beating of a rank one Martial Emperor. As such, when his attackers were rank three, rank four, rank five and even rank six Martial Emperors, how could he possibly withstanding their beatings?

It would instead be strange if he hadn’t died.

At this moment, Chu Feng was sneering. He had actually completely controlled Zhao Yu and had totally been capable of making Zhao Yu commit suicide. However, Chu Feng did not do that. The reason for that was because he wanted Zhao Yu to be beaten to death by others.

For Zhao Yu to be beaten to death before all these people, not only would this cast all responsibility away from Chu Feng, it would also establish enemies for the Heavenly Law Palace. After all, the bunch of old monsters who had attacked Zhao Yu earlier were not people with strength that could be neglected.

They were people with a lot of personal strength, and lifespans close to their end. As such, as they were people who were about to die anyways, they would not fear many things.

What sort of people were the scariest? That would have to be those that were not afraid of death.

At this moment, an Heavenly Law Palace’s elder suddenly shouted, “Who was it? Who killed our Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Zhao Yu?!!!!”

No matter what, Zhao Yu was their Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder. To have their management elder beaten to death by others, it was impossible for them to not be concerned about it.

However, of the Heavenly Law Palace’s experts present, the strongest expert, Elder Yue Ling, did not say anything. He was still harboring hard feelings toward the insults that Zhao Yu had said to him earlier.

Of course… he didn’t know that those words were actually not spoken by Zhao Yu, and were instead spoken by Chu Feng.

If he were to know that, he would likely become even more enraged. Unfortunately, he would never come to know the truth.

“Humph, with how greedy he is, with how he consumed over a thousand Immortality Peaches himself, even his death will not be able to wipe away his crimes.”

“That’s right. Ordinary people will die after consuming ten Immortality Peaches. Yet he consumed over a thousand by himself. It would instead be strange if he didn’t die. The way I see it, he didn’t die from the beating. Instead, he died from the poison from eating too many Immortality Peaches.”

“That’s right. Even if he possessed the map, it would be impossible for a single person to consume over a thousand Immortality peaches and be fine. We have all seen it with our own eyes. From that Zhao Yu’s arrogant, conceited, delirious and abnormal behavior, it is clear that he was already poisoned. At that point, he was just waiting to die.”

At that moment, the people who were beating Zhao Yu earlier all began to shift responsibility from themselves. They had decided to place the blame of Zhao Yu’s death onto his overconsumption of Immortality Peaches.

At that moment, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were at a loss as to what to do. Practically all of the grand characters present had attacked Zhao Yu. As such, even if they wanted to look into the matter of who killed Zhao Yu, there was no way for them to determine it. Instead, they would end up offending those old monsters. Was there really a need for them to offend all those old monsters for a single person who was already dead?

At that moment, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace didn’t know what to do.

“Ser, ser, serves him ri, ri, right. His de, de, dea, dea, death is well justified,” Wang Qiang spit out a mouthful of saliva. He was joyous over Zhao Yu’s death.

“What did you say?” Hearing those words, the depressed people from the Heavenly Law Palace immediately turned their furious gazes to Wang Qiang.

“Is what he said not correct? Such a despicable person, if he were to continue to live, he would only bring harm to the world.”

“You all saw what he did to me earlier. However, your Heavenly Law Palace, not only did you not plan to punish him, you instead want to avenge him now that he has died. Is this the way that the renowned Heavenly Law Palace that is said to act on behalf of the heavens does things? Pah!!!” Chu Feng said. He aimed his attacks at the Heavenly Law Palace.

“That’s right. We all saw what Zhao Yu did to little friend Chu Feng with our very own eyes. Someone like him deserved to die to begin with. For your Heavenly Law Palace to refuse to kill him and instead want to avenge him; you all have truly disappointed us,” The others also began to attack the Heavenly Law Palace.

Chu Feng was very popular with the crowd, whereas Zhao Yu’s reputation had been completely ruined. Thus, many people were extremely angry, though they didn’t have a way to unleash their anger before. But now, they had found a source, the Heavenly Law Palace, to unleash their anger at.

“You, you, you!!!” At this moment, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were at a loss as to what to do too. The reason for that was because they were indeed in the wrong here.

“Chu Feng, it is not a pity that Zhao Yu did not manage to kill you. The reason for that was because this old man will personally kill you.”

Right at this moment, a boundless surge of killing intent suddenly swept forth from the crowd. That killing intent was so powerful that it forcibly dispersed the crowd composed of many experts. In the end, it completely covered this vast area.

At that moment, a person appeared. When they saw that person, many people started to frown and immediately move aside. They withdrew themselves from that person as far as possible.

However, at that moment, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace began to reveal smiles of taking joy in someone else’s misfortune.

The reason for that was because that person that had appeared was an Ancient Era’s Elf. Furthermore, he was none other than Xian Yuyin’s uncle, that rank six Martial Emperor.

“Cra, cra, cra, crap,” Wang Qiang also managed to guess the identity of that Ancient Era’s Elf. Immediately, panic covered his face.

In fact, even the Underworld Palace’s elders that wanted to assist Chu Feng started to reveal uneasy expressions.

How powerful were the Ancient Era’s Elves? When even the Underworld Palace did not dare to provoke them, who would possibly dare to provoke them?

If it were the Heavenly Law Palace that wanted to attack Chu Feng, many people would stand up for him. However, if it was this Ancient Era’s Immortal Elf that wanted to attack Chu Feng, the crowd would not be able to help Chu Feng even though they possessed the will to do so.

“Today, I’ll kill this Chu Feng. If anyone dares to obstruct me, that person will be killed alongside Chu Feng,” Sure enough, Xian Yuyin’s uncle also knew that there were a lot of people here that wanted to help Chu Feng. Thus, he started by threatening them.

As he said those words, he cast his gaze filled with murderous intentions at the crowd. Not a single person dared to face his gaze.

“Heh…” Seeing that, the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace started to reveal cold smiles.

They thought to themselves, ‘As they say, there’s always a curb to everything. That Chu Feng is truly arrogant, and has made us suffer repeatedly. And now… there is finally someone that will take care of Chu Feng for us.’

Surprisingly, right in the moment when everyone felt that a calamity was about to befall Chu Feng, Chu Feng spoke with a smile on his face. “I spared your life once. Yet, never would I expect for you to not treasure your life, but instead actually dare to come here to throw it away.”

“Since you’ve come, I will no longer spare you this time around. You can go and accompany your disappointing nephew, Xian Yuyin.”

“What did you say?! Say it again?!!!!” Not to mention the others, even Xian Yuyin’s uncle was extremely shocked by Chu Feng’s words.

Originally, he had thought that Chu Feng would reveal an expression filled with fear after he appeared. The reason for that was because Chu Feng would not be able to escape in this place. As such, he would undoubtedly be killed.

However, that brat was actually not scared, and even said that he would kill him. Could he have misheard?

“I said that I am going to kill you,” Chu Feng repeated.

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