Chapter 1971 - Using Others To Kill

Chapter 1971 - Using Others To Kill

At the moment when a gate was suddenly opened and several million people rushed into this place like a tide, Zhao Yu was overjoyed.

The people that were entering this place were not only the people from the first group. There were also people from the second and third group. All of them were actually here.

Although it was unknown why all of them would be entering this area at the same time, one thing was certain; the peak experts of the Three Palaces, Four Clans, Nine Powers and the many Monstrous Beast Races were all gathered here.

In fact, the overall cultivation of these several million people were stronger than even that of the first group of people. There were no longer any Martial Lords among them. The weakest among them were Martial Kings.

As for the reason why Zhao Yu was so overjoyed, it was because the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were the ones standing at the very front of the group of several million.

‘Save me! Quickly, save me! That little bastard Chu Feng wants to kill me!’

Zhao Yu shouted loudly. However, his voice could only be heard by himself. The reason for that was because he was simply unable to utter any sound at all. It was only when Zhao Yu realized he was unable to utter a sound while the crowd were all standing there with stunned expressions, that he realized how bad the situation was.

He was no longer capable of controlling his body.

Furthermore, he appeared to be completely uninjured at this moment, while Chu Feng appeared to be the seriously injured victim.

Not only that, Chu Feng had plucked all of the Immortality Peaches. The only one that he had left was currently in Zhao Yu’s hand.

Even though he knew the truth, the crowd that had just arrived did not. As such, they would definitely think…

…that he was the one that had tied up Chu Feng.

…that he was the one that had plucked all of the Immortality Peaches.

Chu Feng had pinned all of his crimes onto him.

Most importantly, even if he wanted to defend himself, he was unable to. The reason for that was because he was simply unable to speak.

At this moment, Zhao Yu felt a chill flowing through his heart. He had finally realized Chu Feng’s scheme.

Chu Feng’s plan was to set him up and use others to kill him.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that Elder Zhao Yu and little friend Chu Feng?”

“Why is little friend Chu Feng tied up? Why is he that seriously injured? Did Elder Zhao Yu do that?”

“Everyone, look! What is that in Elder Zhao Yu’s hand? That peach! That peach tree behind him!”

“Heavens! It’s the legendary Immortality Peach that can increase one’s lifespan by a hundred years! This is great! The legendary Immortality Peach actually exists! We’ve struck it rich! We’ve struck it rich!”

“No, something’s wrong. Why is it that only the peach in Elder Zhao Yu’s hands is large? Why is it that only the Immortality Peach in his hands appears to be delicious?”

“They say that only ripe Immortality Peaches can be eaten. Could it be that Zhao Yu has plucked all of the ripe Immortality Peaches?”

Sure enough, after a short moment of surprise, the crowd burst into an uproar. The reason for that was because the two things that had appeared before them had made them enormously astonished.

The grand Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder, the reputed Elder Zhao Yu, had actually tied Chu Feng up. Not only that, he had beaten Chu Feng to such a miserable appearance.

Didn’t he say that he wanted to accompany Chu Feng to the seventh path to protect him? As such, why did he tie Chu Feng up? Why did he beat Chu Feng to such a state?

Could it be that the kind and charitable Elder Zhao Yu they knew was actually all a disguise? Could it be that Elder Zhao Yu had followed Chu Feng with malicious intentions to begin with? Could it be that Elder Zhao Yu was actually a hypocrite?!

Furthermore, that Immortality Peach Tree was before them. As such, why were all of the ripe peaches gone? Could it be that Zhao Yu had truly plucked all of them? That must be the case! After all, he had been the first to arrive in this place. Furthermore, that Immortality Peach he was holding in his hands was a ripe fruit. That was the evidence!

These two matters were placed before the crowd like ironclad evidence. Before Zhao Yu could even say a single word, he had already managed to invoke the hatred of many people and become their enemy.

“Elder Zhao Yu, what are you doing?” At this moment, the first person to speak to Elder Zhao Yu was actually that Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Yue Ling.

As Elder Yue Ling was no fool, he naturally knew how bad the situation before them was. He truly did not understand why Elder Zhao Yu would do such a stupid thing.

Even if he planned to kill Chu Feng, he should kill Chu Feng secretly. Why must he allow everyone to see him trampling upon Chu Feng?

Even if he had plucked all of the Immortality Peaches, he should have done so secretly. Why had he not left this place after plucking the Immortality Peaches, and instead decided to stay with an Immortality Peach in his hand? His actions were simply those of someone showing off, a naked flaunting.

Generally, Elder Zhao Yu was a relatively smart man. As such, why would he do such a stupid thing today? Was he a fool or what? Why would he be this stupid?


Right at this moment, Zhao Yu laughed loudly. It was a crazy and wild laughter.

In reality though, Zhao Yu was actually crying in his heart. The reason for that was because it was simply not him who had laughed like that. Instead, it was Chu Feng that had laughed like that. He had become nothing more than Chu Feng’s puppet now. There was nothing he could do; he could only allow himself to be toyed with by Chu Feng.

Furthermore, Zhao Yu had realized that Chu Feng was planning to play him to death. He truly had not expected that brat to be so sinister.

It turned out that Chu Feng had never planned to kill him to begin with. Rather, he had planned for the blades of others to kill him. If this were to continue, he would, sooner or later, be killed.

“Zhao Yu, what are you laughing about? Release little friend Chu Feng immediately!” At this moment, the Underworld Palace’s Elder Huang Guang shouted angrily.

“That’s right, release Chu Feng immediately!!!” Following that, the crowd also began to shout loudly.

“Haha, a bunch of ignorant fools actually want me to release this little bastard? What makes you all qualified to speak to me in such a manner?” Zhao Yu said with a cold voice.

“What? You… what did you say?” The crowd did not expect that Zhao Yu would suddenly say that sort of thing. Not only did he admit to tying Chu Feng up, he had also spoken to insult everyone present.

“You, you, you damn, damn, damned old fa, fart. Re, release Chu Feng im, immediately. El, el, el, else I’ll kill you,” Wang Qiang stood out from the crowd. Although he spoke with a stutter, anger filled his face.

Wang Qiang was really angry. Even Chu Feng was able to sense his intense anger. Evidently, he had been deceived by the scene before him. It was not because Wang Qiang was stupid. Rather, the show that Chu Feng had put on was simply too perfect.

“Another little bastard. Do you also wish to die?” Zhao Yu spoke coldly. However, everything he was saying was actually being said by Chu Feng, who was lying on the ground beneath him. As for the actual Zhao Yu, he was unable to even utter a single word.

“Elder Zhao Yu, what are you doing? Quickly, release little friend Chu Feng,” At this moment, Elder Yue Ling spoke.

Even though he also detested Chu Feng and wanted to kill him, he knew that he must do that sort of thing in the shadows.

With the current situation, if Elder Zhao Yu were to continue to act this stubbornly, not only would his reputation be completely ruined, he would also become the target of the crowd’s attack. He would definitely be killed. Furthermore, their Heavenly Law Palace would also be implicated. After all, he’s a management elder of their Heavenly Law Palace.

“Yue Ling, you old fool. Since when were you qualified to order me around? Even though we are both management elders of the Heavenly Law Palace, you are nothing more than a dog in my eyes; a dog that I can toy with however I want,” Elder Zhao Yu said.

“Zhao Yu, what did you say? Say it again!” Yue Ling did not expect that his good-intended advice would be met with Zhao Yu’s insults.

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