Chapter 1970 - A Great Show

Chapter 1970 - A Great Show

“Chu Feng, you, you, you…” Zhao Yu did not dare to believe his eyes when he saw Chu Feng holding that massive Immortality Peach in front of him.

Earlier, he had clearly tried to kill Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng was actually willing to give him a single Immortality Peach?

“Go ahead, take it,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Thank, thank you. Chu Feng, rest assured. From today onward, I will follow you. I will do whatever you say, and absolutely not disobey you. That old bastard Yue Ling is unable to differentiate good from bad. I will help you kill him,” After Zhao Yu received the Immortality Peach from Chu Feng, he was so emotional that the rims of his eyes started to tear up. He was feeling enormously grateful toward Chu Feng, and even made this sort of oath to Chu Feng.

However, in reality, he currently had an extremely cold and gloomy sneer in his heart. He thought to himself, ‘Chu Feng, you are still too inexperienced. You were actually deceived by my pretense. Thus… the only thing that awaits you will be death.’

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng began to wave his sleeve in succession. Then, like rope, his world spirit power began to envelope Zhao Yu. They completely covered Zhao Yu and tied him up.

“Chu Feng, wha, wha, what are you doing?” Zhao Yu, who was incomparably overjoyed earlier, became extremely alarmed.

Not only had Chu Feng restricted his power with his world spirit power, he had also restricted his movements. Zhao Yu was extremely startled by this, and started to feel very uneasy.

Wasn’t Chu Feng planning to spare him?

Wasn’t Chu Feng deceived by him?

Then, what was with the situation now?

At this moment when Zhao Yu was feeling uneasy and confused, Chu Feng continued to set up world spirit formations nonstop.

Not only was Zhao Yu unable to move at all, in the end, he was unable to even speak.

Most importantly, Chu Feng had concealed his spirit formation within Zhao Yu’s body. He had concealed it so well that it was simply undetectable. No one would be able to tell that he had been bounded by Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

As for Chu Feng, he did not bother to tell Zhao Yu what he was planning to do. Instead, he carried Zhao Yu to the Immortality Peach Tree and made him sit below it.

Of course, the massive Immortality Peach Chu Feng gave Zhao Yu was still held in his hand.

Afterward, Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to Zhao Yu anymore. Instead, he left to set up a massive spirit formation. That spirit formation was naturally set up to prevent the activation of the killing formation that was already here.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng did not know exactly how powerful that killing formation was, he set up two great layers of spirit formations. The first layer was a defensive spirit formation meant to withstand the killing formation’s attack. Its purpose was to save the people’s lives at the crucial moment.

As for the other spirit formation, it was a spirit formation meant to destroy the killing formation. That spirit formation was much more difficult to set up compared to the defensive spirit formation. The amount of time and the spirit power it required was also very significant.

Fortunately, Chu Feng had obtained a small mountain’s worth of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones from the Beast Emperor’s treasures. Chu Feng was able to use those many Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones at will.

With the assistance of the massive amount of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones and the many rare treasures, Chu Feng was able to greatly decrease the amount of time he needed to set up his spirit formations. After some time, Chu Feng finished setting up the two spirit formations.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had set those two spirit formations up so flawlessly and concealed them perfectly. Unless a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist inspected the area carefully, it would simply be impossible for one to detect the two spirit formations with their naked eyes.

“Huu… it’s finally done,” After Chu Feng finished all that, he wiped the sweat on his forehead away. At this moment, his entire body was drenched in sweat, his complexion was very pale, and his lips were completely dry. Chu Feng had exhausted a lot of energy to set up those two spirit formations.

Not only had Chu Feng exhausted a great amount of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones and rare treasures, he had also nearly exhausted all of his world spirit energy.

The reason for that was because his two spirit formations were not only meant to protect the lives of the people that were going to enter this place, it also concerned the lives of all living things in the Holy Land of Martialism. Chu Feng truly did not dare to be careless, and had to go all-out.

After Chu Feng finished setting up his spirit formation, he looked to Zhao Yu. Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze started to shine. Then, Zhao Yu raised his hands and ‘paa, paa,’ ruthlessly slapped his aged cheeks twice.

At this moment, Zhao Yu started to panic. He clearly had not moved. So, why had his body suddenly moved? Furthermore, he even gave himself two ruthless slaps to his face?

“Don’t think about it anymore. I was the one who did that. I am able to control your body with my thoughts,” Chu Feng said to Zhao Yu. His narrowed eyes were filled with a desire to toy with Zhao Yu.

“What?” Hearing those words, Zhao Yu’s heart started to tighten, ‘That brat’s world spirit techniques are actually that powerful? He was able to control my body with his thoughts?’

“You really want to know what I’m doing here, right?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

Even though Zhao Yu was unable to speak, his gaze was fixed on Chu Feng the entire time. His gaze was extremely pitiful, and filled with unease, panic and fear.

It was as if he was saying with his gaze ‘Chu Feng, what are you planning to do? Stop toying with me and spare me, please.’

Chu Feng smiled lightly. He said, “Don’t be so anxious. It’s just a bit longer.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to set up spirit formations again. They were two spirit formations. Those two spirit formations were linked to one another. However, when Chu Feng finished setting them up, they turned into two bodies of light.

Chu Feng placed the first body of light into his own heart. As for the other body of light, he forced it down Zhao Yu’s mouth. Then, Chu Feng began to form hand seals and lightly shouted, “Fuse.”

Then, that body of light fused with Zhao Yu’s mouth and throat.

“You want to know what I plan to do, right? Here, I’ll demonstrate it for you right now,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he suddenly said, “Zhao Yu is an old bastard.”

Once those words were heard, Zhao Yu was immediately drenched in cold sweat.

Those words were clearly said by Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng’s mouth had not moved at all.

Instead, it was Zhao Yu’s mouth that had moved. Not only had his mouth moved, his voice had also emitted from his mouth.

In other words, that ‘Zhao Yu is an old bastard,’ was said by Chu Feng, but came from Zhao Yu’s mouth, with Zhao Yu’s voice.

‘Crap! Not only is that little bastard able to control my movements, he is also able to control my speech. Exactly what is he planning to do?!’

At this moment, Zhao Yu was completely panicking. Chu Feng was able to control his entire body without even moving, whereas he was unable to move his body. It was as if he had become Chu Feng’s puppet.

If Chu Feng were to use his body to provoke others, it would definitely be thought to have been done by him. At that time, he would suffer enormously.

That said, even though Zhao Yu realized that the situation was very bad, he did not know exactly how enormously bad it actually was.

As for Chu Feng, after he finished tormenting Zhao Yu, he began to disguise himself. He disguised himself to be someone who was filled with wounds and tied up by a special rope. Then, he lay underneath Zhao Yu’s feet.

‘Fuck! Exactly what is this little bastard trying to do?!’ Zhao Yu was truly unable to guess what Chu Feng was planning. However, he was feeling more and more uneasy.

He was simply akin to Chu Feng’s puppet right now. Both his movements and speech were restrained by Chu Feng.

‘Exactly what is Chu Feng planning to do? Why did he make me sit here holding the Immortality Peach in my hand? Why did he disguise himself to the appearance of an injured victim? Could it be that he’s planning to put on a show?’

Zhao Yu had managed to successfully guess half of it. He thought that Chu Feng was planning to put on a show for someone. However, the truth was that Chu Feng was planning to put on a great show for everyone.

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