Chapter 1969 - Immortality Peach Tree

Chapter 1969 - Immortality Peach Tree

“That’s right. I am snatching your possessions. What are you going to do about it?” Chu Feng said with a disapproving expression.

“Karma will get you. Our Heavenly Law Palace will definitely not let you get away with this,” Zhao Yu threatened ferociously.

“Are you implying that your Heavenly Law Palace will let me get away should I not do this?”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that my strength surpassed your own, the current me would’ve most likely been killed by you, no?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

Hearing those words, Zhao Yu grew quiet. What Chu Feng had said was the truth.

“Furthermore, your Heavenly Law Palace already possesses such deep hostility towards me, Chu Feng. Even if you didn’t kill me, there would be others that would try to kill me. Isn’t that right?”

“While I do not know how I managed to offend your Heavenly Law Palace, I am able to tell that your Heavenly Law Palace views me as a threat,” As he said those words, Chu Feng suddenly grabbed Elder Zhao Yu by the lapel and lifted him up.

At this moment, Chu Feng lost his smile. With a cold glint in his eyes, he fixed his gaze onto Zhao Yu, “Thus, do not speak threatening words like that to me. The reason for that is because regardless of whether or not your Heavenly Law Palace will let me off, I will not let you all off.”


After saying those words, Chu Feng threw Elder Zhao Yu to the floor.

Although Chu Feng’s throw did not cause Elder Zhao Yu much pain, Elder Zhao Yu felt as if a chilly sensation had filled his entire body, and he started to shiver.

He was able to to sense that Chu Feng was not joking when he said those things. It was true that Chu Feng would not let their Heavenly Law Palace off.

Afterwards, Chu Feng left the hidden space. Following the seventh path, Chu Feng soon reached the end.

“Chu Feng, it’s a dead end. Let’s go back.”

“Spare me and I’ll pretend that nothing happened. I guarantee that I will not mention what happened here to anyone,” At this moment, Elder Zhao Yu no longer dared to threaten Chu Feng anymore. Instead, he began to try to reconcile with Chu Feng.

“Why are you in such a rush to leave? There are still more treasures. Do you not wish to see them?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“More treasures?” Elder Zhao Yu was startled by those words. He immediately revealed a marvelous gaze.

Even though this Elder Zhao Yu possessed a decent reputation of being kind and charitable, those that knew him well all knew that he was actually a true cheapskate. When it came to actual treasures, he was extremely stingy.

Furthermore, he was someone whose eyes would open wide at the sight of profit. Upon hearing the word ‘treasure,’ he immediately forgot about his current situation.

Being viewed by Elder Zhao Yu’s extremely curious gaze, Chu Feng took out the map that the Compass Immortal had given him.

He placed that map on the wall of the dead end. Then, the map actually started to emit a bright light. Next, a gate opened.

Chu Feng passed through that gate with Zhao Yu. After passing through it, the gate quickly closed back up. The area returned to the dead end from before. However, at this moment, Zhao Yu’s eyes were fixed ahead motionlessly in a very stunned manner.

It was not only him, Chu Feng also had a pleasantly surprised expression on his face. He then revealed a joyous smile on his face.

At this moment, Chu Feng and Zhao Yu were in a very vast area. How vast was this place? It was simply capable of containing several hundred million people.

Not only was this place vast, it was also filled with beautiful scenery. Green grass that sparkled and glimmered covered the ground.

However, there was not a single flower to be seen. The reason for that was because all of the green grass in this place was only here to set off a single item. As for that item, it was the Immortality Peach Tree.

The Immortality Peach Tree was emitting a brilliant light. Its appearance was very similar to that enormous tree in the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Remnants. Just by looking at it, one could tell right away that it was an extraordinary item.

Merely, the tree before him was emitting a pink brilliance. The pink light was not emitted by the tree. Rather, it was coming from the flowers blossoming on the tree.

Other than the peach flowers, there were also fruits on the tree. The size of those fruits was about that of a palm. They were the legendary Immortality Peaches.

“Immortality Peaches, they’re the legendary Immortality Peaches!”

“Eating a single one will be able to increase one’s lifespan by a hundred years. Moreover… there are a total of five hundred and forty-eight ripe Immortality Peaches.”

“We’ve struck it rich! We’ve struck it rich! A single Immortality Peach would be extremely valuable. Yet, there are this many here. We’ve definitely struck it rich!” Elder Zhao Yu shouted with a loud voice. He was extremely excited. His appearance simply did not appear like the appearance of an old man.

“You’re mistaken. It’s not that we’ve struck it rich. Rather, it is I who has struck it rich,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Chu Feng’s words immediately jolted Elder Zhao Yu from his dreams. From paradise, Elder Zhao Yu was thrown into the underworld. His extremely splendid expression turned into one of endless despair and grief.


Suddenly, Zhao Yu kneeled before Chu Feng. He grabbed Chu Feng’s thigh and began to plead, “Little friend Chu Feng, I was wrong. It was all my fault earlier. Please, please give me another chance. Please, can you give me a chance to turn over a new leaf?”

“From today onward, I will follow you. I will withdraw from the Heavenly Law Palace and become your attendant. If you are to say one thing, I will definitely not dare to say another.”

“Please, I beg of you. Share some of those Immortality Peaches with me. I don’t want a lot. A hundred, a hundred would be enough.”

“No, no, no, I don’t need a hundred. Ten.. ten would be enough.”

“Please, I beg of you, I have lived for close to ten thousand years now. I am close to the limit of my lifespan, and will not be able to live for much longer.”

“But, but those Immortality Peaches would be able to save my life. I beg of you, please give me a chance, please, please save me.”

At this moment, aged tears filled Zhao Yu’s face. His appearance was truly pitiful. If it were someone else, Chu Feng might feel sympathy and give them ten Immortality Peaches.

However, this Zhao Yu was someone that had wanted to kill him earlier. If Chu Feng were to feel sympathy for him, it would mean that something was wrong with Chu Feng’s mind.

Thus, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked. “Bang,” Zhao Yu was kicked flying. Then, he said, “Scram, scram as far as you can.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to harvest the Immortality Peaches. After Chu Feng finished plucking the Immortality Peaches, he discovered that Zhao Yu was actually quite amazing. He had actually managed to accurately count all of the Immortality Peaches in this blink of an eye.

Five hundred and forty-eight. Not one more, not one less.

Merely, at this moment, all of those Immortality Peaches had ended up in Chu Feng’s hands.

Actually, other than these ripe Immortality Peaches, there were also some unripe Immortality Peaches. As those unripe Immortality Peaches had already become fruits, they were actually also capable of increasing one’s lifespan should they be eaten.

However, even though Chu Feng wanted to pluck them, he discovered that he was unable to do so. No matter what sort of method he tried to use to pluck them, he was still unable to pluck them.

Perhaps that was the profoundness of the Immortality Peach Tree. Only the ripe Immortality Peaches were capable of being plucked. As for the unripe ones… they were simply impossible to be plucked.

If anyone thought about moving the Immortality Peach Tree itself, they would be indulging in an even wilder fantasy.

“Enough. What you’re doing right now is simply tormenting me. It’s better that you kill me.”

At this moment, Elder Zhao Yu’s face was filled with his aged tears. His appearance was truly one of grief. This time around, he was not pretending. Rather, he was truly heartbroken with grief.

He had not lied to Chu Feng earlier. He was near the end of his lifespan and would, at the very most, be able to live for two hundred more years. After those two hundred years, he would definitely die. None of the treasures in the Holy Land of martialism would be able to save him. The only things capable of prolonging his life were the Immortality Peaches.

However, even with all these Immortality Peaches before him, Zhao Yu was unable to obtain a single one. As such, he was torn with grief and in so much pain that he wished to die.

“Seeing how pitiful you are, I’ll give you one,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing those words, Zhao Yu was startled. Then, he raised his head and saw that Chu Feng was standing before him. Not only was Chu Feng standing before him, he was also holding a massive Immortality Peach in his hand. Furthermore, he had placed that massive Immortality Peach before him.

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