Chapter 1966 - Unmasking

Chapter 1966 - Unmasking

“Since Elder Zhao Yu is willing to accompany this Chu Feng, it would naturally be great,” Thus, Chu Feng did not refuse, and instead straightforwardly agreed to it.

Seeing how Chu Feng had agreed to it this straightforwardly, Elder Zhao Yu’s expression changed. He felt as if he had guessed wrong.

At this moment, those old monsters also began to enter the third path. They also felt that they had guessed wrong. As such, there was no reason for them to linger here. It was better that they hasten their journey along the third path.

Even though Elder Zhao Yu regretted his decision, he could not go back upon his word. As matters stood, he could only brace himself and accompany Chu Feng into the seventh path.

“El, el, el, elder Zhao Yu, goo, goo, goo, good lu, luck,” With a smile on his face, Wang Qiang clasped his fist at Elder Zhao Yu.

Many people were baffled by Wang Qiang’s words. That said, Chu Feng already had a whole new level of respect for Wang Qiang.

At the moment when everyone was unable to urge Chu Feng against choosing the seventh path, Wang Qiang, he who had been standing beside Chu Feng the entire time, was the only person who did not try to urge Chu Feng against it.

Furthermore, at this moment, he was saying those sorts of words to Elder Zhao Yu. Furthermore, he had said them with a mischievous smile on his face. It made him appear to be even more profound.

That Wang Qiang, it seemed that he knew.

Afterward, everyone entered the third path. As for Chu Feng, he entered the seventh path with Elder Zhao Yu.

After entering the seventh path, Elder Zhao Yu appeared extremely cautious. He was afraid of encountering dangers on the seventh path. After all, the Moonlight Maze’s reputation as the second most dangerous Forbidden Area in the Holy Land of Martialism was not without reason. Indeed, it was very dangerous.

However, when he discovered that even the dangerous aura of the seventh path was growing stronger and stronger, even though he had yet to encounter any real danger, he seemed to have realized something.

This seventh path was not actually dangerous. It was only a scam.


Suddenly, a boundless killing intent surged toward Chu Feng and completely engulfed him.

Chu Feng turned around. It was Elder Zhao Yu. That enormous killing intent was emitted by Elder Zhao Yu. Not only had he emitted his killing intent, he had also emitted his oppressive might. As such, he had sealed Chu Feng’s escape.

“You’ve finally revealed your true appearance?” Chu Feng had already anticipated such a thing happening. Thus, he appeared very calm, and even had a smile on his face.

“Chu Feng, it seems that you had managed to guess my intentions. You are truly quite smart.”

“However, not only are you smart, you are also extremely arrogant. Even though you knew the reason why I followed you, you still dared to journey together with me. You are truly courageous. Are you not afraid of death?” Elder Zhao Yu spoke with a cold voice.

Chu Feng’s neglect toward him earlier had caused him to feel extremely displeased. As there was currently no one else here, he would no longer act courteously toward Chu Feng.

“No, it’s not arrogance. Instead, it’s confidence,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Enough rubbish. Tell me exactly what sort of treasure is here. If you do, I can spare your life,” Elder Zhao Yu said.

“Do you take me to be a three-year-old child? Do you think that I am that easily deceived?” Chu Feng sneered and refused.

“You are truly one who doesn’t shed tears until you see your own coffin.”

Suddenly, Elder Zhao Yu unleashed his attack. As a rank six Martial Emperor, he immediately used an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. The might of his attack was truly shocking. It was clear that he planned to kill Chu Feng.

“You are not qualified to declare yourself to be my coffin.”

As for Chu Feng, he was not afraid in the slightest. He unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, and his aura instantly increased from rank one Martial Emperor to rank three Martial Emperor.

After his cultivation increased, Chu Feng directly unleashed his Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash. The nine slashes were all shot forth in succession.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash was stronger than Elder Zhao Yu’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill to begin with. Furthermore, Chu Feng’s comprehension of martial skills caused his Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s might to increase even further.

In this confrontation of two Earthen Taboo Martial Skills, not only was Chu Feng not at a disadvantage, he even forced Elder Zhao Yu back repeatedly.

“Brat, you actually possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation?!” At this moment, Elder Zhao Yu was extremely shocked.

The reason for that was because what Chu Feng had displayed was truly unbelievable. Ordinary Martial Emperors only possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. In the Holy Land of Martialism, there were currently only two people that possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. As for them, they were Chu Feng and the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Little Princess. [1. Keep in mind, no one knows that Leng Yue possesses that too.]

Yet, at this moment, Chu Feng actually revealed that he possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation. This was truly too extraordinary. After Chu Feng revealed his extraordinary strength, even Elder Zhao Yu revealed a frightened expression on his aged face.

“Do you know whether I’m confident or arrogant now?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

After the earlier confrontation, Chu Feng had discovered that even though this Elder Zhao Yu was also a rank six Martial Emperor like the YinYang Immortal, his strength was not as powerful as the YinYang Immortal.

Originally, Chu Feng had planned to use his Qilin Arrow to kill this Elder Zhao Yu at the crucial moment. However, looking at it now, he might not have to use the Qilin Arrow to defeat this fellow after all.

“Even if that is the case, your actual battle power is only on par with rank five Martial Emperors. This old man is a rank six Martial Emperor. What makes you think that you can contend against me?”

Even though Elder Zhao Yu spoke those words arrogantly, he had taken out his Incomplete Imperial Armament, and began to unleash a flurry of violent attacks at Chu Feng with it. After the confrontation against Chu Feng earlier, he did not dare to underestimate Chu Feng anymore.

“In that case, give it a try.”

As for Chu Feng, not only did he take out his Incomplete Imperial Armament, the Heavenly Immortal Sword, he had also unleashed the Four Great Supreme Secret Skills all at once.


Chu Feng’s Four Great Supreme Secret Skills were all fully unleashed. Accompanying the overwhelming righteous aura of the Heavenly Immortal Sword, Chu Feng’s might was truly unparalleled.

“Brat, you?!”

At this moment, Elder Zhao Yu was shocked once again. He was not only shocked by how skillful Chu Feng’s Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique was, but more importantly, upon seeing those four huge Divine Beast-like monsters, he was extremely shocked. Those four Divine Beasts were truly too frightening.

Secret Skill. Those four Divine Beasts were all Secret Skills. But, why would those Secret Skills be that powerful? And, why would their appearance be that familiar?

At the moment when Elder Zhao Yu was shocked by Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s attack arrived in front of him. The two fighters collided with their Incomplete Imperial Armaments, and were equally matched in the fight.

“Could it be, those are Emperor Qing’s four guardian beasts?” After a series of blows, Elder Zhao Yu came to a sudden realization. He recalled the legendary appearance of Emperor Qing’s four guardian beasts. Their appearance seemed to be the same as the appearance of Chu Feng’s Four Great Supreme Secret Skills.

“You have quite a keen observation,” Chu Feng sneered and indirectly admitted to it.

“Exactly who are you? Could it be that… you are Emperor Qing’s successor?” Elder Zhao Yu asked. At this moment, his voice had become slightly hoarse. Evidently, he was unable to accept this.

“What you should concerned about right now should not be this. Instead, you should be concerned about your life,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What did you say?” Elder Zhao Yu revealed a puzzled expression. He was confused by Chu Feng’s words.

Right at this moment, a crimson aura suddenly emitted from Chu Feng’s body. He pointed his Heavenly Immortal Sword at Elder Zhao Yu. With a cold voice, he uttered, “Profound Firmament Annihilation.”


Once the Profound Firmament Annihilation was unleashed, a dangerous aura immediately enveloped Elder Zhao Yu.

“Darn!” Elder Zhao Yu realized that the situation was bad. However, Chu Feng did not present him the opportunity to escape.

“Die!!!” As Chu Feng said that word, all of the killing intent contained within that crimson aura rushed at Elder Zhao Yu.

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