Chapter 1967 - Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader

Chapter 1967 - Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. Even the indestructible passageway trembled violently.

When the surging crimson gaseous flames began to dissipate, Elder Zhao Yu appeared in a badly mutilated state. He was beyond recognition, and had turned into nothing more than a humanoid-shaped blood-covered person.

He had been struck by Chu Feng’s Profound Firmament Annihilation, and was seriously injured. He no longer possessed the strength to continue fighting against Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s surprise attack had been a success. There were two reasons why it had succeeded.

Firstly, although this Elder Zhao Yu was a rank six Martial Emperor, his overall strength was inferior to the YinYang Immortal’s.

Secondly, although this Elder Zhao Yu was a Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder, he did not possess an Imperial Armament.

This was why he was unable to cut through Chu Feng’s Profound Firmament Annihilation.

However, Elder Zhao Yu had managed to survive. It was not because he was a rank six Martial Emperor that he had survived.

Rather, he possessed a defensive treasure on him. That treasure was meant to protect his life by sacrificing itself at the most crucial moment.

However, even with that being the case, his life was currently completely in the hands of Chu Feng. If Chu Feng wanted to take it, he would be able to do so easily.

Merely, it remained that Elder Zhao Yu was a Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder. Furthermore, he had entered this passageway together with Chu Feng, and had been seen to do so by a lot of people.

If he were to die just like that, Chu Feng would likely not be able to escape responsibility.

Even though the Heavenly Law Palace had been malicious towards Chu Feng the entire time, Chu Feng was still not yet capable of openly going against the Heavenly Law Palace. As such, he could not kill this Elder Zhao Yu.

After pondering for a moment, Chu Feng’s lips suddenly rose into a strange curve. He said, “You can’t die yet. At least, you can’t die by my hands.”

Then, Chu Feng began to use his world spirit techniques to disguise that Elder Zhao Yu.

That’s right, he was disguising him, and not healing his injuries. Even though Zhao Yu now appeared to be completely fine and without any injuries, his injuries were still extremely serious.

Not only were his injuries very serious, he was also unable to cure them. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had used his techniques to forbid him from healing his injuries, forcing him to continue in a state of serious injury.

In other words, while he appeared to be completely unharmed right now, Chu Feng was actually able to kill him at any time. Not only Chu Feng, any random rank one Martial Emperor would be able to easily kill him.

“You… you… what do you plan to do to me?” Elder Zhao Yu asked Chu Feng with a weak voice after being tormented by Chu Feng in such a manner, yet not killed. He didn’t know exactly what Chu Feng was planning to do to him.

“Don’t be so anxious, you’ll come to know soon,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. However, to Elder Zhao Yu, Chu Feng’s smile was very frightening.

“Don’t you do anything to me. Else… else, our Heavenly Law Palace will not let you get away with it,” Elder Zhao Yu threatened Chu Feng. This was the only thing that he could do right now.

“Haha…” As for Chu Feng, he laughed lightly, and did not answer him.

However, Chu Feng’s indifferent laughter caused Elder Zhao Yu to regret following Chu Feng into this place.

He realized that not only was Chu Feng someone who possessed outstanding talent and strength, he was also someone who was not afraid of consequences or death. Being captured by Chu Feng, he knew that what awaited him would not be good.

After traveling for some time, Chu Feng finally stopped.

After Chu Feng stopped, Elder Zhao Yu was startled. He discovered that there was nothing abnormal about the place where Chu Feng had stopped.

At this moment, he started to panic. He thought that Chu Feng was going to kill him. Thus, he immediately gathered all of his remaining strength to loudly shout, “Chu Feng, if you dare to kill me, our Heavenly Law Palace will not let you get away with it! You should consider your actions carefully!”

“Look at your craven and cowardly appearance. Are all the Heavenly Law Palace’s elders cowards like you?” Chu Feng said mockingly.

Then, Chu Feng began to carefully feel the walls.

This passageway was very special. The surrounding walls were not made out of ordinary stone. Instead, they looked more like dazzling crystals. Although they were dazzling, those crystals were indestructible.

Not to mention Chu Feng pressing his hands against the walls, even if Chu Feng were to ferociously attack the wall, he would only make them tremble, and not cause any damage.


However, after pressing the walls for some time, Chu Feng’s palm actually managed to press into a small section of the wall.

“Mn?” That Elder Zhao Yu saw all this happening. His eyes started to shine. It seemed as if he had managed to guess something.

As for Chu Feng, he had a smile on his face. Then, he took out a special title plate from his Cosmos Sack. That was the title plate that he had obtained from the Beast Emperor, the Black Dragon King.

After Chu Feng took out the title plate, he said to Elder Zhao Yu, “You wanted to know what sort of treasure is contained here? I’ll let you know what is contained here,” Then, he placed that title plate into the empty location on the wall.


Although that section of the wall did not fit his hand, it fit that title plate perfectly.

After that title plate entered the notch in the wall, a world spirit gate appeared above the passageway. Not only did Chu Feng enter that world spirit gate, he also tossed Elder Zhao Yu in with him.

After entering that world spirit gate, Chu Feng discovered that he had reached a separate space. Although that space was not huge, it was packed full with treasures.

There were cultivation resources, rare treasures, Incomplete Imperial Armaments, Natural Oddities, and countless extremely valuable Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones that were piled up in a small mountain.

This place was truly a treasure deposit. As Elder Zhao Yu looked at all these treasures, he was dazzled by the sight before him. He asked, “What sort of place is this? There’s this many treasures?! Heavens! Many of the treasures here are already extinct! They’re likely unable to be found again in the Holy Land of Martialism!”

“There are actually that many Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones? Where did all of them come from?” Elder Zhao Yu was filled with excitement. However, at the same time, he was feeling extremely bitter.

He blamed himself for not having sufficient strength. If he had been just a bit stronger, he would have been able to subdue Chu Feng and interrogate the location of this place from him. At that time, all of these treasures would have been his.

Yet, right now, all he could do was to watch the dazzling treasures and crave them without being able to actually obtain them. The reason for that was because these treasures were going to become Chu Feng’s possessions.

“You want to know who left all these treasures? In that case, have a look at this.”

Chu Feng walked to the most eye-catching location in this separate space. There was a rectangular red-colored treasure chest there. That treasure chest itself was an extremely precious treasure. However, Chu Feng knew that contained within that treasure chest was an even more precious treasure.


Chu Feng opened the treasure chest. After the treasure chest was opened, a silvery light immediately filled their surroundings. The light was so dazzling that it even blinded Chu Feng momentarily.

After a while, the dazzling silvery light began to dissipate. When the silvery light disappeared completely, a sharp weapon appeared before Chu Feng and Elder Zhao Yu.

That weapon was four meters long. It was a silver rod. However, on either end of the rod were two cold blades. One was aimed forward, the other backward. [1. It’s a dual edged scythe…]

Furthermore, on the rod itself was a coiling silver dragon. That dragon was very vivid and lifelike and extremely domineering.

Imperial Armament. It was an Imperial Armament. Furthermore, it was much more powerful than ordinary Imperial Armaments.

“Heavens, that… that Imperial Armament, could it, could it be…?”

“Could it be the legendary Beast Emperor, the Black Dragon King’s Imperial Armament, the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader?!” At this moment, Elder Zhao Yu was filled with astonishment. He was so emotional that he began to even stutter.

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