Chapter 1965 - Situation Turning Bad

Chapter 1965 - Situation Turning Bad

“Yue Ling, what little friend Chu Feng said is very reasonable. Since you have agreed to it earlier, you should apologize now.”

“Since it is still an apology, what harm is there in saying it with a louder voice?” Suddenly, another person spoke.

When this man spoke, not to mention Chu Feng, many of the bystanders were also very surprised.

This person who had spoken was not Chu Feng, nor was it Elder Huang Guang, nor was he a grand character from some other power.

Instead, he was an elder from the Heavenly Law Palace. Like Elder Yue Ling, he possessed the cultivation of a rank six Martial Emperor. Furthermore, his status was also on par with Elder Yue Ling’s.

This person’s name was Zhao Yu.

Compared to Elder Yue Ling, Elder Zhao Yu’s reputation was very well-respected. He was someone who was known to have done countless good deeds.

After Elder Zhao Yu spoke, the situation became very awkward for Elder Yue Ling. After hesitating for some time, he spoke loudly, “Little friend Wang Qiang, this old man was indeed in the wrong earlier. I hope you do not take offense.”

Even though he spoke those words very reluctantly, he had, nevertheless, apologized.

“Haha, I, I, I am a per, per, person of great mo, mo, moral stature. I will not ta, tak, tak, take offense to som, som, something com, com, committed by a per, person of low, low stature,” Wang Qiang said while laughing.

At this moment, not only was Elder Yue Ling extremely furious, the others from the Heavenly Law Palace were also filled with rage. A member of the younger generation actually dared to make things this difficult on their management elder; this was truly too excessive.

As for that Elder Zhao Yu, not only did he had an indifferent expression to all that, he also walked over to Chu Feng with a smile on his face. “As the saying goes, seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times. They all say that little friend Chu Feng’s talent is outstanding. Seeing it for myself today, your reputation is truly well-deserved.”

“Elder Zhao Yu, you are being too courteous,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and smiled at Elder Zhao Yu.

However, that was all that he did. Then, he turned to Wang Qiang and said, “Come, let’s go. There’s still a long journey ahead.”

Even though Elder Zhao Yu was someone who possessed a great reputation and appeared to be very good-natured, he did not speak to stop Elder Yue Ling when he was insulting Chu Feng. Furthermore, when they were pledging to apologize to one another, he did not say anything either.

Instead, it was only after Chu Feng broke through the spirit formation and obtained the will of the people present that he stood forth to speak on Chu Feng’s behalf.

From that sort of behavior, Chu Feng felt that Elder Zhao Yu was merely a fake good person. In the end, he was still an accomplice of Elder Yue Ling.

Compared to Elder Yue Ling, Chu Feng felt that someone like Elder Zhao Yu was much more dangerous. While he was not afraid of those who bared their fangs at him, he was on guard against those who hid daggers in their smiles.


Sure enough, facing Chu Feng’s indifferent appearance, Elder Zhao Yu chuckled lightly. However, a trace of ruthless anger flashed through his seemingly indifferent laughter.

Afterward, Chu Feng and the others continued to proceed onward. Many rare plants and herbs appeared in their path. All of those rare herbs contained treasures.

Some were treasures that could be extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation should they be refined. Some were special metals that could be used to refine weaponry.

In short, all kinds of treasures were present in this place. They truly surpassed the crowd’s imaginations and undermined their understanding of plants.

However, without any exception, none of those rare plants and herbs could be easily obtained. They were extremely powerful. Even for Chu Feng, it was the first time he was seeing such powerful rare plants and herbs.

Furthermore, whenever those rare plants and herbs were encountered, there would always be people that would rush toward them to scramble for them. However, none of them were that easily obtained. In order to obtain them, one would have to pass through all kinds of difficulties.

Thus, this led to people like Chu Feng, the experts, not being willing to go and scramble for anything that was not extremely precious. Instead, they continued to proceed onward. The reason for that was because they all understood a single thing. That was, the more precious something was, the further in the maze it would be.

As they continued to travel onward… ten different paths appeared.

According to the map, the crowd should all be taking the third path. Furthermore, that path was a correct path that would lead to the Immortality Peach Tree.

Merely, in this place, Chu Feng decided to go against the crowd. He had decided to take the seventh path.

“Little friend Chu Feng, why are you taking that path? That path appears to be extremely dangerous. I’d suggest that you not take that path,” At this moment, the Underworld Palace’s Elder Huang Guan said in a very puzzled manner.

He had spoken those words for Chu Feng’s good. What he had said was the truth. Among all the paths, the seventh path gave off the most dangerous sensation. Even without the indication of the map, the crowd would still not choose the seventh path.

However, the crowd did not know that the seventh path was actually a shortcut to the Immortality Peach Tree. And, most importantly, the seventh path would lead to the treasures left behind by the Beast Emperor.

As such, Chu Feng must take the seventh path.

“Senior, thank you for your warning. However, I feel that this path is the one that is the most challenging. Thus, I wish to attempt to go through it.”

“As for you all, it would be better for you to take the third path. Compared to this one, the third path is indeed much safer,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

The crowd were even more puzzled by Chu Feng’s words. Since he knew that the third path was safe, why did he insist on taking the seventh path instead of the third path?

However, at the same time, there were those that were astute and circumspect that revealed different expressions in their gazes.

“Heh, little friend Chu Feng, although we obtained that map very easily, what is recorded on it is true.”

“On our way here, you should have seen that we have managed to avoid numerous killing formations.”

“So many people, all of different cultivations, have entered. Yet, not a single person has died. If this was the past, something like this would be impossible. Thus, this means that the map that was spread is definitely reliable.”

“At such a time, I suggest you not think yourself to be clever and go according to the map,” Elder Yue Ling said. His words were filled with mockery toward Chu Feng.

“I have my choice, whereas you have your own choice. As for my choice, I do not need you to worry about it,” Chu Feng responded bluntly.

“You are truly unable to differentiate good from bad,” Elder Yue Ling spoke with a cold voice. After what had happened earlier, his impression of Chu Feng was growing worse and worse.

Afterwards, some of the crowd entered the third path. However, there were still others that were still worried about Chu Feng, and who continued to urge him to take the third path. However, none of them were able to make Chu Feng change his mind.

Right at this moment, that Elder Zhao Yu suddenly spoke with a smile on his face. “Little friend Chu Feng, I know that you are very strong. However, it remains that your cultivation is limited. Even though your world spirit techniques are very strong, this old man is truly unable to feel reassured in you taking the seventh path yourself.”

“In order to prevent the Holy Land of Martialism from losing a young genius, how about this old man accompany you through the seventh path?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. His impression of that Elder Zhao Yu was very bad. He did not feel that Elder Zhao Yu was planning to help him.

Furthermore, he was going to take the seventh path for the sake of the treasures. If this Elder Zhao Yu were to follow him, it would only be detrimental to him.

However, if Chu Feng were to refuse him at such a time, he would definitely not be able to stop him. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was certain that Zhao Yu wanted to follow him because he had realized something. Sure enough, that man was a cunning old fox.

In fact, Zhao Yu was not the only cunning old fox present. Chu Feng was able to notice that, other than the experts from the Three Palaces, there were also many hermetical old monsters hidden among the crowd. Those old monsters did not directly enter the third path.

Likely, those people were also skeptical of Chu Feng knowing something. They felt that Chu Feng’s decision to take the seventh path would lead to even more treasures.

Currently, they were all observing from the sidelines.

Thus, if Chu Feng were to refuse Elder Zhao Yu on the spot, he would have verified their guesses. At that time, not only would he not be able to refuse Elder Zhao Yu, those cunning old foxes would also want to follow him.

At that time, the situation would be even worse.

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