Chapter 1964 - Breaking Apart The Formation With A Single Move

Chapter 1964 - Breaking Apart The Formation With A Single Move

“Look, this many people can bear witness to it. You cannot refuse to admit what you said. Thus… if little friend Chu Feng is really able to break apart that spirit formation, even if you are not to eat feces, you should still apologize.”

“Everyone, am I right?” Elder Huang Guang asked the crowd.

“Right!” The crowd shouted in unison. Their voices were even more resounding than before.

Seeing this scene, Elder Yue Ling’s expression turned green and ugly.

No matter what, he was still a grand management elder of the Heavenly Law Palace. As for Chu Feng, no matter how talented he was, he was still only a member of the younger generation.

To apologize to Chu Feng for a mere remark, it would be unacceptable and impossible for him to accomplish.

“El, el, elder Huang Gu, Guan’s reasoning is the more reasonable one. Yo, you are mu, much be, be, better than tha, that ol, old fa, fa, fart,” As for Wang Qiang, he ran over to Elder Huang Guan and began to praise him. As he praised Elder Huang Guan, he did not forget to mock Elder Yue Ling.

Hearing Wang Qiang addressing him as ‘old fart’ the entire time while addressing the Underworld Palace’s Huang Guan as ‘Elder,’ Elder Yue Ling felt even more displeased.

“Very well. If little friend Chu Feng is able to break that spirit formation, this old man will publicly apologize to little friend Chu Feng,” For the sake of his face and reputation, Elder Yue Ling agreed to the demand.

However, right after he finished saying those words, he added while pointing at Wang Qiang, “However, if little friend Chu Feng is unable to break this spirit formation, I insist on that little bastard kneeling and apologizing to me.”

“S, su, sure! I, I, I’ll apologize. It’s no, no, not like I’m af, af, af, afraid of you,” Wang Qiang was completely indifferent to the demand.

“Elder Yue Ling, you do not have to apologize to me. However, if I am able to accomplish this task, you must apologize to my friend,” Chu Feng said.

“Why should I?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Elder Yue Ling started to frown deeply.

It was not only him. Many of the other people present were also confused. Earlier, Elder Yue Ling had indeed spoken ill remarks of Chu Feng. As such, if he were to apologize, it should be to Chu Feng. However, why would Chu Feng suddenly make a request for him to apologize to Wang Qiang?

“Wang Qiang is still only a member of the younger generation. He is still very young. Even if he blabs nonsense, you, as a senior, should be able to reach an understanding and overlook it.”

“Yet, you, a Heavenly Law Palace’s elder, actually addressed a member of the younger generation as ‘little bastard.’ I feel that you should not have done so, for that is an insult to the younger generation. Your actions are truly unbefitting of a senior,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, the crowd came to a sudden realization. At the same time, the admiration which they felt for Chu Feng increased even more. They did not expect Chu Feng to be someone who cared about his friends so much.

As for Wang Qiang, he was so moved that he was on the verge of crying. At this moment, he was acting as if he was wiping away the his tears and snot with great force. However, he did not actually cry, nor did he have a runny nose. This fellow was merely putting on an act as usual.

“Well spoken. What little friend Chu Feng said is very true,” Elder Huang Guan began to clap his hand in applause once again. After he said those words, many other people also began to clap for Chu Feng too. From Chu Feng’s actions, they felt a whole new level of respect for him.

At that moment, Elder Yue Ling’s complexion turned ashen, and his expression became extremely ugly. He truly did not expect a member of the younger generation like Chu Feng to possess such enormous rallying power.

Normally, there would be countless people trying to flatter him wherever he went. As long as he said one thing, no one would dare to say another.

Yet, today, he had actually lost to Chu Feng in terms of the support of the masses. This made him feel extremely unreconciled.

“Little friend Chu Feng, since you wish to stick up for your friend, I will give you face and do as you say.”

“Merely… I fear that you will not be able to accomplish it, and instead cause your friend to suffer.” In the end, Elder Yue Ling accepted the conditions. However, he accepted them in a very fierce and ruthless manner.

Actually, the reason he had refused to accept earlier was because he had not wished to yield to a person of the younger generation. He felt that it would be a very shameful thing to do.

However, he truly looked down on Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques. Thus, in the end, he had decided to accept the conditions. He did so because he wanted to humiliate Chu Feng and make those who thought highly of Chu Feng know that Chu Feng was not as strong as they had envisioned.

Furthermore, he also wanted Wang Qiang to kneel and apologize to him before the crowd. He wanted to let the crowd know that Wang Qiang’s kneeling and apology to him was all caused by Chu Feng’s conceit.

“It would seem that… I will have to disappoint Elder Yue Ling,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, with a flip of his palm and a ‘woosh’, a ray of light shot into the spirit formation ahead like a sharp arrow.


That indestructible world spirit formation started to shake violently. Then, it began to dissipate. In the blink of an eye, it had disappeared from before the crowd.

Success. Even though many people felt that Chu Feng would be able to successfully undo that spirit formation, they did not expect that Chu Feng would be able to do so instantly.

Not to mention Elder Yue Ling, practically everyone present was stunned.

They had all personally experienced how powerful that world spirit formation was. It was simply indestructible.

Yet, before Chu Feng, he merely needed to raise his hand to undo that spirit formation. Could this be the strength of a world spiritist?


After a moment of shock, cheering noises began to rise from the crowd. The younger generation from the Underworld Palace all rushed out. They gathered around Chu Feng and began to throw him into the air while cheering.

“Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng!


At the same time, the others also joined in the cheering. At that moment, the name ‘Chu Feng’ began to resonate in this region of the Moonlight Maze.

The crowd were overjoyed. After all, to them, being able to break apart that spirit formation was only beneficial and not detrimental.

It must be said that Chu Feng had presented them with an enormously pleasant surprise.

At this moment, Chu Feng was the only one who knew how he was able to undo that seal.

At the moment when Wang Qiang was bickering with Elder Yue Ling, Chu Feng was already setting up his spirit formation to undo that spirit formation within his palm. That was how he was able to accomplish the magnificent feat of undoing that spirit formation simply by raising his hand.

After a series of cheering, Chu Feng said to Elder Yue Ling, “Elder Yue Ling, you should honor your promise, no?”

Suddenly, the several million gazes of the crowd were all fixed onto Elder Yue Ling.

In that moment, Elder Yue Ling felt an enormous pressure. Even though he was very unwilling, in the end, he still said with a soft voice, “Little friend Wang Qiang, I’m sorry.”

“Wh, wh, what di, did you say? I can’t he, hear you,” Wang Qiang cupped his ear and spoke loudly.

“You… you are being too excessive here!” Elder Yue Ling immediately stared at Wang Qiang with glaring eyes. He was on the verge of erupting from anger. It was true that his apology had been spoken very softly. However, he dared to guarantee that Wang Qiang had heard it.

“Elder Yue Ling, you spoke too softly earlier. Not to mention Wang Qiang not hearing it, even I was unable to hear it.”

“Since it’s an apology, I feel that Elder Yue Ling should put forth some sincerity. Everyone, what do you all think?” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right!” The crowd responded with resonating voices.

After Chu Feng had undone the spirit formation, practically all of the crowd, other than those from the Heavenly Law Palace, were standing on Chu Feng’s side.

Even the old monsters who had secluded themselves in the Holy Land of Martialism for years began to cheer for and support Chu Feng.

“You!!!” Elder Yue Ling was so enraged that his hands were shaking in anger.

No matter what, he was a management elder of the Heavenly Law Palace. How could the crowd treat him like this?

How could they possibly have the nerve to make him yield to a person of the younger generation?

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