Chapter 1963 - Apologize By Eating Feces

Chapter 1963 - Apologize By Eating Feces

“Chu Feng?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd immediately became excited. Many among them even began to cheer his name. Some were so excited that their eyes started to tear up. Others were so excited that they were trembling in excitement.

Chu Feng was the most famous person in the Holy Land of Martialism right now.

After witnessing or hearing about all the various events concerning Chu Feng, many people felt that Chu Feng was the person who had the greatest possibility of becoming this era’s overlord.

As such, Chu Feng’s popularity in the Holy Land of Martialism was extremely fiery.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans revealed unpleasant expressions. However, in terms of unpleasant expressions, the ones with the most unpleasant expressions would be the ones from the Heavenly Law Palace. As one of the human race’s strongest powers, they deeply detested others seizing their limelight.

“Ol, old br, bro Chu, Chu, Chu Feng, I mi, mi, missed you to, to, to, to death,” At that moment, Wang Qiang rushed forward to Chu Feng’s side. He extended his arms and gave Chu Feng a bear hug.

Chu Feng did not evade his bear hug. Instead, he allowed Wang Qiang to hug him.

Why didn’t he avoid the hug? It was because Chu Feng also missed Wang Qiang after not seeing him for so long.

In Chu Feng’s heart, Wang Qiang was his brother. It is only natural to hug a brother after seeing him again after so long.

“Come, come, come, giv, giv, give me a kiss,” However, that Wang Qiang was truly disgusting. He actually puckered his saliva-filled giant donkey-like lips toward Chu Feng’s cheek.

“Scram!” While smiling, Chu Feng unleashed a slap at Wang Qiang’s face and forced him away.

“Old bro Chu Feng, why, why, why, why are yo, yo, you treating me li, like this?” Wang Qiang covered his cheek with his palm. He had a depressed expression on his face. However, he was not actually angered, Instead, he appeared a bit shy. This caused Chu Feng to have black lines running down his forehead.

“Who was it who said that he defeated me at the Sealing Ancient Village?” Chu Feng said to Wang Qiang with a beaming smile on his face.

That fellow had boasted a lot. His boasting included inverting right from wrong. He had turned the truth of Chu Feng defeating him to him defeating Chu Feng.


“I mi, mi, missed you. Tha, tha, that’s why I jo, joked around. It, it, it was so that I could lur, lure you out,” Wang Qiang said with a mischievous laughter.

Hearing those words, the crowd were unable to contain themselves, and started to curse out at Wang Qiang. Sure enough, Wang Qiang’s claim of defeating Chu Feng was merely boasting.

Even though they already knew that that should be the case, Wang Qiang had actually admitted to it with such indifference. As such, the crowd were truly unable to tolerate his thick skin and shamelessness. If they were to not curse out at Wang Qiang, they would instead feel uncomfortable.

However, from Chu Feng and Wang Qiang’s appearance, it seemed that the two of them really did know one another. Furthermore, they were actually friends? Why would Chu Feng have a friend like him?

The crowd felt confused. They were all wondering why Chu Feng would befriend such a person.

Wang Qiang completely ignored the cursing from the others. He arrived before Chu Feng again and asked with a low voice, “Ol, old bro Chu Feng, are, are you certain that yo, you can bre, break open that spi, spirit formation?”

“About ninety percent certain,” Chu Feng said.

“Goo, goo, good!” Hearing those words, Wang Qiang was overjoyed. Then, he turned his gaze to that Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Yue Ling and spoke loudly, “Ol, ol, old fart, ea, ear, earlier you dar,dared to boast sh, shamelessly that my ol, old bro Chu, Chu Feng w, would b, b, be unable to br, br, break through that sp, spirit formation.”

“Ho, however, if he ca, can break thr, through that sp, spi, spir, spirit formation, wh, wh, what are you go, going to do? Shoul, shouldn’t you ap, ap, apo, apol, apologize?”

Once Wang Qiang said those words, the crowd started to frown. No matter what, Elder Yue Ling was a grand character in the Holy Land of Martialism. Yet, this unknown fellow actually dared to speak to him like this? Could it be that he had grown tired of living?

“Watch the way you speak! Are you trying to die?!” Sure enough, the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace all drew their weapons. They had the appearance of planning to attack Wang Qiang.

However that Elder Yue Ling stopped the Heavenly Law Palace’s crowd. With a beaming smile, he asked Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, is that ignorant little bastard really your friend?”

His intention was very clear. If Wang Qiang was Chu Feng’s friend, he would give Chu Feng face and not bicker with Wang Qiang. However, if he wasn’t, he would teach Wang Qiang a lesson.

Merely, even though he was planning to give Chu Feng face, he was very unwilling in doing so. The words ‘little bastard’ had already betrayed him.

“Ol, old bro Chu, Chu Feng, I, I, I’m not afraid of that o, o, old fart. No, no, no ma, ma, matter what, I am Em, Emperor Chi’s suc, successor.”

“Bu, but, in my, my heart, you, Chu Feng, are my br, br, bro, bro, brother. I wonder, wh, what do you con, consider me to be in yo, your heart? You can ju, just tell the tr, truth.”

Even though Wang Qiang said that he was not afraid of Elder Yue Ling, he had a pitiful expression when he said those words to Chu Feng. Furthermore, there were actually glistening tears in his eyes. He was simply on the verge of crying.

It was evident that he wanted Chu Feng to admit that he was his friend.

Seeing Wang Qiang acting like this, Chu Feng shook his head with a smile. Even though he had not seen Wang Qiang for quite some time, Wang Qiang remained completely the same. Thus, Chu Feng said to Elder Yue Ling, “It is true, Wang Qiang is my friend.”

“Since that’s the case, this old man will not bicker with him about how rude he was toward me. However, little friend Chu Feng, since he is your friend, you should teach him some manners. If he continues to act like that, sooner or later, he will end up suffering.”

“After all, not everyone is as broad-hearted as me, who is choosing not to bicker with a little bastard like him,” Elder Yue Ling said.

“It is true that Wang Qiang is my friend. However, his manner of conduct is his own matter. I, Chu Feng, will not control him, nor do I have the ability to do so,” Chu Feng said.

Even though that Elder Yue Ling was acting like the good guy now, he had indeed spoken ill of Chu Feng before Chu Feng had revealed himself. Chu Feng actually deeply detested people like him.

“Well spoken. Little friend Chu Feng, what you said is truly well spoken,” At that moment, a yellow-haired Underworld Palace’s Elder began to applaud Chu Feng.

Even though this old man’s appearance was very fierce and tough, his strength was very strong. Like Elder Yue Ling, he was also a rank six Martial Emperor. Without even thinking too much about it, Chu Feng knew that this man was definitely an Underworld Palace’s management elder.

From the sounds of discussion from the crowd, Chu Feng found out that the yellow-haired Underworld Palace’s elder’s name was Huang Guan. Furthermore, he was indeed one of the Underworld Palace’s management elders. However, he possessed a nickname: the Yellow-haired Demon.

“Humph,” Seeing that the Underworld Palace’s Elder Huang Guan had begun to applaud Chu Feng, that Elder Yue Ling snorted coldly. Without concealing anything, he revealed an extremely displeased expression.

At that moment, Wang Qiang asked again. “Ol, old fa, fart! I’m ask, asking you here! If my old br, bro Chu Feng is ab, ab, able to bre, break tha, that spirit formation, are you wi, willing to eat shit as an ap, ap, apology?”

“Have you grown tired of living?” Seeing that Wang Qiang actually dared to speak to him in such a manner, Elder Yue Ling was immediately enraged.

“Yue Ling, even though that little friend Wang Qiang’s words might be a bit vulgar, I do not feel that they are without justification.”

“Earlier, you had indeed declared that little friend Chu Feng would not be able to undo that spirit formation. Everyone present heard it, right?” Elder Huang Guan said.

“Right!” The crowd from the Underworld Palace was the first to respond. Other than the people from the Underworld Palace, many others also voiced their agreement.

Currently, Chu Feng’s reputation in the Holy Land of Martialism was superb. He could be said to be extremely popular with the masses. As such, those that were fearless would naturally stand up and speak on his behalf.

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