Chapter 1949 - Fusion

Chapter 1949 - Fusion

“Azure Dragon Dashing Technique.”

At that moment, Chu Feng attempted to use the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique.

It was actually a success this time around. After the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique was successfully unleashed, Chu Feng stepped onto the Azure Dragon and began to rapidly fly towards the direction from which he had entered this place .

At this moment, Chu Feng was feeling very joyous. After spending an entire year and two months, he had finally succeeded. This sort of feeling was something that only Chu Feng could know.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble~~~”

However, at this time when Chu Feng was feeling extremely happy, strange explosions began to sound from all directions.

“Crap! This place is about to collapse! I must leave here before it collapses.”

Chu Feng realized how dire the situation was. He gritted his teeth and concentrated all of his power to hasten the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique so that he could escape this place with the fastest speed possible.

This place was an isolated space. Even though Chu Feng did not know who had created this space, Chu Feng knew that its creator was very powerful.

Most importantly, if Chu Feng failed to escape this space before it collapsed, he would be attacked by the power of the spatial collapse.

Furthermore, the more powerful the creator of the space was, the stronger the power from its collapse would be. Thus, not to mention injuries, even death was possible.

Fortunately, after putting forth great effort to rapidly escape, Chu Feng finally arrived at the gate that he had passed through to enter this place.

Chu Feng felt extremely complicated when he saw that gate again. The reason for that was because he had deeply longed to see that gate again.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Feng charged through the gate.

When Chu Feng rushed out from that collapsing space, and saw the familiar scene and familiar faces in front of him, he felt as if everything before him had become clear.

“Chu Feng, are you alright?”

Chu Feng’s return caused the expressions of Baili Xuankong, Nangong Longjian and the others to change. One by one, they rushed over to Chu Feng and began to carefully inspect him with worried expressions on their faces. Lord Lianghua even handed Chu Feng an injury-recovering medicinal pellet.

As for Chu Feng, when he saw those familiar faces, he was startled.

After an entire year and two months had passed, why was there no change to these people from the time when he entered the gate?

In fact, the scenery was also exactly the same. Yet, an entire year and two months had passed. How could there be no change at all?

No, something was wrong. During the year and two months he had spent in that other place, a beard had grown on Chu Feng’s face, and his hair had become very messy.

However, although his hair was still messy right now, he felt no beard when he touched his chin.

His beard had already grown in that other place, and he had not shaved. As such, how could it have disappeared?

Therefore, there was absolutely something fishy regarding this, Could it be that all Chu Feng had experienced had merely been an illusion?

After sensing that the situation was amiss, Chu Feng asked the crowd, “How long was I in there?”

“Ah?” When Chu Feng asked that question, Nangong Longjian and the others were confused.

“You don’t have to question it anymore. You were not in there for long. It’s merely been a split second,” Long Lin said.

“A split second?” Chu Feng was startled to hear that.

As Chu Feng looked to Long Lin, he was startled once again.

Although Long Lin appeared to be the same on the surface, his gaze, his state of mind and his entire aura had changed.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt the aura of the Long Lin he had seen in that space in the current Long Lin.

Chu Feng knew that the two Long Lin’s had fused.

To be exact, the current Long Ling was the complete Long Lin, the real Long Lin.

“I understand now,” Chu Feng smiled. He truly understood what had happened.

It turned out that the space he was in before was even more powerful than he had imagined it to be.

Not only was it an isolated world, it was also capable of changing time.

Even though Chu Feng had spent a total of a year and two months inside, he had only been in there for a split second. As for that year and two months, it had only happened in that isolated space, and was not at all related to the real world.

As such, even though Chu Feng did not understand the principle behind that space, did not understand whether he had entered there with his awareness or his actual self, it was still an enormously stunning thing.

A space that could alter time, oh how powerful was that?

Someone could train in that space for hundreds or thousands of years.

Then, after coming out, only a few years or a few days would have passed.

That would truly be too powerful. That space was truly too extraordinary. Not to mention for ordinary people, it would be extremely useful for even Chu Feng. Chu Feng would be able to enter that space and train his martial skills there. With his talent, even if he were to spend several years in that space to master a martial skill, only a split second would have passed in the real world after he returned.

If one could master a martial skill that would normally take several years to master in a split second, oh how powerful would that be?

“What’s going on? Why is that tree wilting? It was perfectly fine earlier,” Suddenly, Yao’er spoke with astonishment. She even gently caressed that giant tree in a very loving manner.

It turned out that the giant tree was currently withering.

“Uncle Long Lin, quickly, you must do something. That tree is about to die,” Yao’er was so anxious that she actually started to tear up. Her cultivation had only been able to make progress because of that giant tree’s power. Thus, she possessed a very deep affection for the giant tree.

“Yao’er, I am unable to save it. Not only am I incapable of saving it, no one can save it,” Long Lin said. He did not feel the slightest bit of regret for the death of that tree.

“Is it really destroyed?” Seeing that, Chu Feng started to faintly frown.

It was over. Chu Feng’s thoughts of entering that space again to train were destined to be impossible to accomplish.

That space seemed to have been linked with that giant tree. After the space collapsed, the giant tree started to wilt.

It seemed that the giant tree would inevitably die, and that space would inevitably be destroyed. With the death of the tree, the space would also be gone.

Most importantly, even Long Lin was unable to prevent the destruction of that space. This meant that what Chu Feng had thought of earlier, the idea of training in that space, was unachievable.

At that moment, even though Chu Feng felt some regret, he was not feeling sadness. The reason for that was because while that space was fine, it possessed enormous pressure.

Upon thinking about it, it was very possible that others would die upon entering that space.

In short, that space should not be a place that people could easily enter. Else, why would Long Lin ignore all those experts before him and instead insist on Chu Feng’s help?

“Senior, it seems that I have successfully accomplished your task,” Chu Feng said to Long Lin.

“What? Accomplished? Didn’t Chu Feng come out right after entering? Exactly what did he do?”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Baili Xuankong and the others all revealed puzzled expressions.

Even though Chu Feng had spent a total of a year and two months in that space, the actual amount of time that had passed in the real world was only a split second.

Thus, to Baili Xuankong and the others, Chu Feng had just entered that gate and come right back out. When Chu Feng came out, his hair was in a mess, and his complexion was pale. It was as if he had experienced an enormous trial. That was why they were worried about Chu Feng.

However, they never expected that Chu Feng would have accomplished the task Long Lin gave him in a split second after entering the gate. Did he really accomplish that task? Baili Xuankong and the others were all extremely shocked.

“Yes, you’ve accomplished it. Not only did you accomplish it, you accomplished the task beautifully. Yao’er is free now,” Long Lin said with a nod. As he spoke, he took out a book and handed it to Chu Feng.

“You’ve helped me. I will not have you help me for free. This here is a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. It suits the current you very well,” Long Lin said.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng did not refuse the book. A Heaven Taboo Martial Skill was an item of considerable value.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Heaven Taboo Martial Skill Long Lin had handed to him was a complete one. Not only was he able to learn it, the others from the Cyanwood Mountain were also able to learn it. A Heaven Taboo Martial Skill like that would be even more valuable.

Since Long Lin was willing to give it to him, there was no reason for Chu Feng to refuse it. After all, Chu Feng had indeed gone through a lot to help Long Lin obtain his freedom.