Chapter 1948 - Heavenly Bloodline

Chapter 1948 - Heavenly Bloodline

After Chu Feng passed through that gate, his line of sight became blurry.

When his sight returned to normal, Chu Feng discovered that he had arrived at another space.

This place was an isolated world. It was vast; much bigger than Chu Feng had anticipated it to be.

Merely, this vast space was filled with vines. The vines had completely covered Chu Feng’s path.

Furthermore, talismans filled the area beneath the vines. Those talismans were currently glimmering with flickering light.

Those talismans made the vines even more extraordinary and even stronger.

Most importantly, the moment Chu Feng stepped foot into this place, he felt an extremely powerful pressure.

Not only was that pressure stressing his body, it was even stressing his dantian and soul. Before that pressure, even breathing became very difficult for Chu Feng. Being in this place, Chu Feng’s strength was greatly restricted. Not only was he unable to fly, even walking became extremely difficult.

“Could this be a sealing formation? What is it sealing here?”

“That Long Lin said to cut off all of the vines that bound him… could it be that he is the one who is sealed here?”

As Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he was able to tell with a single glance that this place was an extraordinary sealing formation.

“So that Long Lin actually wants to use me to undo his seal.”

“But, why would he be sealed here? Isn’t this place an Ancient Era’s Remnant? Exactly how long has he been here?”

“Could it be that he is not that enormous tree, and is instead only sealed in that enormous tree?”

“Exactly what is going on? Exactly what happened in this place?” At that moment, Chu Feng started to ponder. He kept feeling that he was being exploited by that Long Lin.

In the end, he sighed, “Can’t think too much about it. For the sake of saving Yao’er, I’ll have to put my all into this task.”

Even though Chu Feng had seen through Long Lin’s intentions, even though he was filled with questions in his heart, Chu Feng had no other choice but to do what Long Lin wanted him to do. Even though he knew that Long Lin was using him to undo his seal, Chu Feng had no choice but to allow himself to be taken advantage of.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Chu Feng began to swing the sword in his hand. Using that sword, he began to cut away the vines before him.

Merely, those vines were truly too powerful. The sword’s aura was useless. Chu Feng was only capable of cutting through the vines by putting all his strength into the sword itself.

However, this place was so vast, and Chu Feng was under enormous pressure that made each step difficult to take. Thus, to cut the vines here was a very strenuous task.

However, Chu Feng had no choice but to continue onward. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to tell that even though there were a lot of vines here, they were all pointed toward one direction.

Chu Feng felt that if he were to follow that direction, he would be able to discover what Long Lin wanted him to unseal.


To Chu Feng’s helplessness, once he started, he continued to cut vines for an entire year.

To the current Chu Feng, an entire year’s worth of time was truly too long. After all, he was facing the Dark Hall, that extremely powerful enemy. In this period of a year, a lot of unforeseen events could have happened.

However, there was nothing he could do. He had to succeed. If he were to fail, he would not be able to save Yao’er. Thus, he decided to wholeheartedly continue to proceed onward.

Finally, after a year and two months passed, Chu Feng finally saw Long Lin.

Long Lin was in an enormous cage. The outside of that cage was the place where all of the vines were connected to.

“Finally found you,”

Chu Feng had cut vines for a year and two months straight. In this period of time, he did not drink a single drop of water or eat a single granule of rice. In fact, he did not even sleep for a single moment. As for the sword in his hand, it did not stop for a single instant.

It was no surprise then that Chu Feng was extremely exhausted and was on the verge of collapse.

However, after seeing that Long Lin was sealed in the cage, strength suddenly entered Chu Feng. The sword in his hand continued onward without stopping for a single instant.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The sword in Chu Feng’s hand became extremely fast. The speed at which it came slicing down was even faster than the time when Chu Feng first entered this place. As Chu Feng slashed and slashed, all of the vines were soon cut off.

“Boom!” Finally, that enormous cage that was originally suspended in midair by the vines fell to the ground.

Merely, at that moment, the Long Lin inside that cage was still sitting there in a cross-legged position with his eyes tightly closed. There was not the slightest bit of reaction from him. It was as if he was a corpse.

“It seems that I will have to cut that cage apart too,” Chu Feng brandished the sword in his hand and hacked at the cage. He wanted to free Long Ling completely.


However, right at the moment when Chu Feng’s sword was about to reach Long Lin’s cage, the cage actually started to change. Several vines separated themselves from the cage and turned into an enormous hand that grabbed Chu Feng’s sword.


In response, Chu Feng shouted loudly. Then, his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared on him simultaneously. When Chu Feng’s cultivation increased, his power also increased enormously.

Even though the hand that the vines had formed was gigantic, it was unable to stop the current Chu Feng.

Suddenly, the cage actually spoke. “Heavenly Bloodline? Who are you? Why are you here?”

Upon looking closely, Chu Feng was surprised. Not only had that cage formed an enormous hand to stop him, there was also a pair of eyes looking at him from above the cage.

“Heavenly Bloodline? You said that I possess a Heavenly bloodline?” Chu Feng was shocked upon hearing those words. He hurriedly asked, “Who are you? How did you know that I possess a Heavenly Bloodline?”

“Do not save him. Else, you will regret your actions.”

“Do not save him. Else, you will regret your actions.”

“Do not save him. Else, you will regret your actions.”




However, that cage ignored Chu Feng’s questions. Instead, it repeated those words.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt that his heart was distracted and his thoughts were in turmoil. He felt as if his head were about to explode. He had actually been affected by those words.

Those words were no ordinary words. Rather, they possessed a special power. If Chu Feng were to continue to listen, he would likely end up being driven mad and then dying here.

“My apologies, I must save him.”

As Chu Feng said those words, he grabbed tightly onto the sword hilt with both hands and slashed downward. “Snap,” the sword in his hand pierced into that cage.




When Chu Feng’s sword penetrated the cage, countless cracks began to extend from the location where the sword struck. The cracks grew larger and larger. Soon, they covered the entire cage.


At that moment, the Long Lin who was sitting cross-legged in the cage with his eyes tightly closed suddenly opened his eyes.


When his eyes opened, it was like the awakening of a fierce dragon that had been asleep for a very long time. An indescribable aura soon swept forth.


Facing that aura, the cage that was filled with cracks shattered in an instant, and bits of the cage were blown all over the place.

Seeing that, Chu Feng cautiously called out, “Senior?”

That was clearly Long Lin. Yet, his aura was even more frightening than the other Long Lin’s aura. Chu Feng was feeling a fatal danger from that Long Lin.

Even though he did not deliberately release any killing intent, Chu Feng felt an extremely strong killing intent. It was as if he was an existence born to kill.

Truth be told, facing such a Long Lin, even Chu Feng grew fearful, not knowing whether or not this Long Lin knew who he was. If he didn’t, it would be very possible for him to end up killing him.

However, when that Long Lin slowly stood up, he did not even bother to take a glance at Chu Feng. With a leap, he disappeared. The only thing that remained was the violent burst of air, his oppressive aura and the distorted space.

Chu Feng knew that Long Lin had flown towards the direction where he had come from. Likely, he was planning to leave this place.

“Is that Long Lin? Or is he… merely Long Lin’s power that was sealed?” As Chu Feng looked to the direction that Long Lin had disappeared to, he began to ponder.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt that the pressure that had been suppressing his movements was beginning to rapidly disappear.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng’s power began to return. He… was finally no longer restricted by this place.