Chapter 1950 - Challenging The Qilin

Chapter 1950 - Challenging The Qilin

“Chu Feng, I’ll be leaving. This farewell will likely last forever. Is there any request that you have of me?”

“If you do, I can help you. However, as my time is limited, I can only help you with some small matters.”

“If you want me to help you eliminate your great enemy in the Holy Land of Martialism, or do anything like that, you do not have to mention it.”

“I will not help you with something like that. The reason for that is because I believe that a man should take care of his own enemies himself,” Long Lin said with a beaming smile.

His intention was very clear. He would help Chu Feng with one thing. However, it would only be a small matter. If it was something major, he would not help Chu Feng.

“Senior, are you able to take out that palace again and allow me to challenge it one more time?” Chu Feng asked.

“You wish to challenge it again?” Long Lin was very surprised. Then, he asked, “You’re planning to challenge the Third Level Hall?”

“Precisely. I wish to challenge that Qilin,” Chu Feng said.

“That Qilin is not simple at all. With your cultivation, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult…” Long Lin said.

“Senior, please allow me to challenge it,” Chu Feng clasped his fist.

“Very well. Since you are this courageous, I’ll grant you your wish.”

“However, as my time is limited, you will only have an hour. If you can successfully defeat it, then that will be great. If you cannot, you must come back out right away. Otherwise, I will not bother with you even if you are to die in there,” Long Lin said.

“That will not be an issue,” Chu Feng said with a light smile. His face was brimming with confidence.

“Very well, let’s begin then,” As Long Lin spoke, he took out the golden palace. Then, he began to form hand seals with his left hand while holding the palace up high with his right hand while muttering some sort of bizarre chant.

With the hand seals and chanting, the golden palace in Long Lin’s right hand started to tremble slightly. The trembling grew more and more intense. Then, waves of oppressive might began to emit from the palace.

“Go,” Suddenly, Long Lin raised his hand up high, and the golden palace shot into the sky. After it shot up, it began to rapidly expand in size. In a blink of an eye, it became an enormous palace a hundred and fifty meters tall and a thousand five hundred meters wide. The palace was floating in midair.

After the palace grew bigger, everything regarding it became more distinctive. It was radiating a golden luster and emitting an incomparably majestic and imposing aura.

“That is?!!!!”

Seeing the palace before them, Nangong Longjian and Lord Lianghua were both deeply shocked.

It was the first time that they had seen a treasure this miraculous.

The very next moment, they were attacked with even greater shock. Their reactions were the same as the reactions that Chu Feng and the others had when they first saw the golden palace.

The reason for that was because after the gate to that golden palace opened, a total of a thousand spear-wielding soldiers in golden armor walked out of the palace. They were all Martial Emperors. It was an army of Martial Emperors.


When the golden-armored army appeared, they pointed their spears forward and formed a formation to protect the golden palace’s entrance.

All of this was exactly the same as the first time Long Lin had opened the palace.

“What sort of treasure is that?”

Even someone like Nangong Longjian was unable to contain himself from gasping in surprise. Everything before him was truly too miraculous.

He, Nangong Longjian, was a very well-known individual in the Holy Land of Martialism. He had challenged countless Ancient Era’s Remnants and experienced innumerable things. Yet, he had never seen a treasure as miraculous as the one before him right now.

As for Chu Feng, he had a calm expression, as he had already anticipated all of this. With a flip of his palm, he took out a title plate. It was the title plate that Long Lin gave him last time around.

After seeing that title plate, the hostility that those golden armored soldiers had revealed instantly vanished and they began to make way for Chu Feng. As for Chu Feng, he once again entered the golden palace.

The sensation Chu Feng felt upon entering the golden palace was exactly the same as when he had entered it the first time.

Chu Feng continued onward. The First Level Hall and the Second Level Hall still gave Chu Feng a very powerful oppressive sensation. However, Chu Feng was able to withstand them. It was no longer as unendurable as before.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived at the Third Level Hall’s entrance. When the Third Level Hall’s entrance slowly opened before him, that Qilin appeared before Chu Feng again.

That Qilin was still as handsome and domineering as it was before. Merely, the gaze with which it looked to Chu Feng had changed. It no longer looked at Chu Feng with the contempt that it had before. As expected, that Qilin possessed awareness.

As for Chu Feng, he was still unable to see through that Qilin’s cultivation. However, Chu Feng was confident that he would be able to fight against that Qilin.

“I said that I would return to play with you after I became a Martial Emperor. Little fellow, are you ready?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.


The Qilin snarled. It seemed to be responding to Chu Feng. However, more than that, it seemed to be provoking Chu Feng.


With a thought, Chu Feng directly unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. After Chu Feng’s cultivation increased from rank one Martial Emperor to rank three Martial Emperor, he leapt forward and entered the Third Level Hall.

Chu Feng immediately felt a powerful pressure after entering the Third Level Hall. This pressure was different from the ones from the First Level Hall and the Second Level Hall.

This pressure was not from the Third Level Hall itself. Instead, it was from the Qilin. The pressure that Chu Feng was feeling was brought forth by the Qilin.

“Rank four Martial Emperor?”

Chu Feng started to frown. At that moment, he was finally able to sense that Qilin’s cultivation.

It was a rank four Martial Emperor, with a heaven-defying battle power capable of surpassing four levels of cultivation, one above ordinary Martial Emperors.

Thus, strictly speaking, that Qilin was simply incomparable to rank four Martial Emperors. Instead, it possessed the same power as a rank five Martial Emperor.

On top of that, the pressure that it brought upon Chu Feng caused Chu Feng’s power to decrease. Thus, this Qilin was the strongest rank five Martial Emperor Chu Feng had met so far.


Seeing that Chu Feng had entered the Third Palace Hall, the Qilin did not immediately attack Chu Feng. Instead, it let out a low roar. It was as if it was telling Chu Feng to prepare himself because it was going to attack.

“You’re quite polite,” Chu Feng smiled lightly.


Chu Feng’s palm streaked across his Cosmos Sack. A cold light flashed. Then, the Heavenly Immortal Sword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Come, let me experience your strength,” Chu Feng said as he hefted the Heavenly Immortal Sword.


Another roar. The Qilin had made its move. Its body began to flicker with light. Then, each and every scale that it possessed shot a golden ray toward Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The many golden rays were all shot forth simultaneously. Like densely packed golden arrows, they pierced through the air as they flew toward Chu Feng. With the large area the attack covered, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to dodge it.

“Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique.”

However, Chu Feng was not flustered. He unleashed his Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique. Then, countless sword silhouettes appeared out of thin air.

The sword silhouettes collided with the golden rays and causing sparks to swirl in the air as dazzling light radiated all around.


When all of the golden rays were blocked, Chu Feng stretched his arm forward. Then, a cold light flashed past which was aimed at the Qilin’s throat.


The Qilin roared. As it opened its mouth, it shot out a golden sphere of light in midair.

That golden sphere of light was extremely fast. In a blink of an eye, it had arrived before Chu Feng.


Chu Feng started to frown. He was able to sense how frightening that golden sphere of light was. He could not block it with his sword, and had to avoid it.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng planned to dodge the golden sphere of light, a loud ‘boom’ was heard. The golden sphere of light actually exploded.

The explosion of the golden sphere of light created surging waves of flames. The flames were so strong than even space itself was being melted away by it. As for Chu Feng, he had been engulfed by the flames.


At that moment, Chu Feng’s miserable screams sounded from the sea of flames.





The Qilin did not stop there. It roared four more times, and shot out four more golden spheres of light toward the sea of flames in succession. Those golden spheres of lights exploded in the sea of flames and, with their explosion, the intensity of the flames grew even stronger. The flames had completely filled the Third Level Hall.

However, no matter how strong the flames were, the Qilin remained uninjured.

As for Chu Feng, after a series of screams, there was no sound of activity from him at all.