Chapter 1945 - Let Me Try

Chapter 1945 - Let Me Try

“Actually, before Chu Feng dissolved the Asura Division, the Asura Division already had close to ten thousand members. When he dissolved the Asura Division, he mentioned that all of its members were allowed to return to the Asura Division without having to go through any exams should it be reestablished.”

“After the Asura Division was reestablished, many people chose to return. However, there were also people that were too ashamed to return. That being said, only a hundred and eighty-seven people were actually able to obtain the respect of others like those two.”

“Those hundred and eighty-seven people were the ones that refused to leave the Asura Division during its moment of crisis,” Jiang Furong added.

“They truly possessed great vision. When so many people chose to abandon Chu Feng, they were actually willing to follow him with their lives,” Even though he knew that their status was not something that one could obtain through envy, Ma Hu still had an extremely envious gaze.

As for Li Qing and Zhao Xue, the two of them felt even greater respect for those hundred and eighty-seven individuals.

Afterward, Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue all followed Jiang Furong into the main lecture hall. They began to ask Jiang Furong who those hundred and eighty-seven individuals were.

As for Jiang Furong, she was truly miraculous. She actually remembered the names of those hundred and eighty-seven individuals. One by one, she mentioned their names to Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue.

Due to the fact that Jiang Furong was someone that was there during those events, someone who saw the scene of Chu Feng’s Asura Division being forced into a corner by Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the others, she also felt a lot of respect for those hundred and eighty-seven individuals that stood alongside Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Li Qing asked, “Senior sister Jiang, may I know who Chu Feng’s enemies back then were?”

“There were a lot of people. Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu, Ben Leihu and Qi Yanyu were all Chu Feng’s enemies back then,” Jiang Furong said.

“Them? Aren’t they members of the Asura Division now?” Ma Hu was very shocked.

“Isn’t that obvious? They decided to enter Chu Feng’s camp after he rose in power.”

“Chu Feng is truly magnanimous. Not only did he not bicker with them about the past, he instead offered them shelter,” Zhao Xue said angrily. She deeply loathed the people that had attacked Chu Feng in the past and then decided to rely on Chu Feng afterward.

“No, that is not the reason why. They did not join the Asura Division because Chu Feng emerged in power. Rather, it is because Chu Feng had saved their lives. He also saved my life. We joined the Asura Division due to our gratefulness toward Chu Feng,” Jiang Furong said.

“What?” Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue were extremely shocked to hear those words. None of them expected that Chu Feng would, after being bullied by Bai Yunxiao and the others, save them instead of retaliating

“Very surprising, isn’t it? I was also very surprised back then. However, I suppose this is what is meant by placing the most importance on the greater good. Junior brother Chu Feng said that it didn’t matter how fellow disciples fought with one another. In the end, they would still be fellow disciples. When facing foreign enemies, they must work together,” Jiang Furong said.

Hearing those words, Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue looked to one another. Some things, they were still unable to understand. However, Right now, they felt even more admiration for Chu Feng. At the very least, his broad-mindedness was something that none of them possessed.

“Senior sister Jiang, I’ve heard that Chu Feng was originally a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, right? I want to know how the Southern Cyanwood Forest is now,” Zhao Xue asked.

Currently, practically anyone related to Chu Feng was receiving enormous benefits. Zhao Xue had heard that Chu Feng was from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Yet, as a subsidiary power to the Cyanwood Mountain, nothing good could be said about the Southern Cyanwood Forest before. Thus, she wanted to know how the Southern Cyanwood Forest fared now.

“Southern Cyanwood Forest? The Southern Cyanwood Forest no longer exists,” Jiang Furong said.

“No longer exists?” The three were extremely shocked upon hearing those words.

“The entire Southern Cyanwood Forest has moved to the Cyanwood Mountain. Regardless of their cultivation, the elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest became elders in the Cyanwood Mountain. As for their disciples, they too became the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples,” Jiang Furong said with a smile.

“Wow, they actually directly became part of the Cyanwood Mountain from being a subsidiary power?” After hearing about that, Li Qing and the others all exclaimed in surprise. They knew that the Southern Cyanwood Forest was only able to obtain all of this because of Chu Feng.


Right at the moment when Jiang Furong and the others were about to arrive at the main lecture hall, a figure suddenly descended from the sky. “Boom,” it landed on the ground.

The powerful impulse caused the rocks that were formed with special materials to shatter.

“Bai Yunxiao?” Upon seeing who the person that had crashed into the ground was, the disciples were all shocked. The reason for that was because it was none other than Bai Yunxiao.

At that moment, Bai Yunxiao was vomiting blood with a pale complexion. He had been seriously injured.

Who was it that had dared to injure Bai Yunxiao? Not only was Bai Yunxiao himself very strong, he was also an officer-level character in the Asura Division. Yet, there was actually someone that dared to injure him? Wasn’t this a clear provocation against the Asura Division?

Not to mention disciples, something like that was something that not even elders dared to do.

Filled with confusion, the crowd turned their gazes toward the sky. Fives silhouettes were standing in the sky. They were the people that had injured Bai Yunxiao.

“Does the Cyanwood Mountain not even possess a disciple that can fight?” The bald headed man that lead the five people in the sky swept his gaze at the crowd disdainfully.

“It’s them?” After seeing the five people in the sky, Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue were all shocked.

“You all know them?” Jiang Furong asked.

“We do. They are core disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace. Why would they… why would they also come over to the Cyanwood Mountain? Furthermore, they even attacked a Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple?” Li Qing, Ma Hu and Zhao Xue were from the Overlord Domain. By chance, they had seen those five individuals from the Heavenly Law Palace before.

After hearing what Li Qing and the others said, Jiang Furong started to frown. Those five individuals were all strangers that she had never seen before; they were all people that had just joined the Cyanwood Mountain today.

As for their cultivations, they were all very strong. Even though Jiang Furong was a rank one Half Martial Emperor, she was still unable to see through their cultivations. This meant that they possessed cultivations above her own.

“Have you all come to stir up trouble?” Jiang Furong shouted at them angrily. The way she saw it, those five people most definitely possessed malicious intentions in leaving the Heavenly Law Palace and joining the Cyanwood Mountain.

After all, there were all sorts of people in such a huge, wide world.

Although many of their fellow members of the younger generation would feel adoration for Chu Feng after hearing about his past achievements and view him as their idol, there would always be that small portion of people that would be skeptical of Chu Feng’s achievements. In disbelief, they would come to the Cyanwood Mountain to stir up trouble.

Thus, people like them were a common occurrence. Merely, the majority of them were ruthlessly taught lessons by the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples and then kicked out.

Merely, the current situation was different. Jiang Furong was frowning deeply. The reason for that was because the ones that had come to stir up trouble this time around were different from the ones before. The five people standing in the sky were very strong.

“Stir up trouble? No, no, no, we have not come to stir up trouble.”

“Merely, we heard that this place is the power that Chu Feng belonged to. Furthermore, Chu Feng is extremely renowned in the Holy Land of Martialism. It seems that there are even people saying that he is the strongest member of the younger generation, even though he withdrew from the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly at the Gong Ba Plains.”

“Even with that, many people still feel him to be the strongest member of the younger generation.”

“As there are so many rumors regarding that Chu Feng, it made me think that the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain should be very powerful. Else, how could such a person appear in the Cyanwood Mountain?”

“That’s why I came to have a look. However, upon arriving, I was extremely shocked. This result… is truly a disappointment.”

“It would seem that the Cyanwood Mountain is merely so-so.”

“As for that Chu Feng, I bet his various achievements are only rumors. Hahaha…” The leading baldy mocked.

“Bastard! You dare to mock and ridicule senior brother Chu Feng! You have definitely come here to stir up trouble!” At that moment, many disciples started to curse at that baldy.

In fact, even many elders had run out. However, the current situation made it difficult for them to interfere.

Firstly, conflicts between disciples were a common occurrence. This was especially true when disciples fought for the rankings on the Cyanwood Succession List; their battles would be very fierce. As such, it was difficult for the elders to interfere to begin with.

Furthermore, the overall strength of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders was not very strong.

It would be one thing if their Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples were defeated by those that came to stirring up trouble. However, if they, the elders, were also defeated by those that had come stirring up trouble, it would truly be humiliating for the Cyanwood Mountain.

As such, it was difficult for them to interfere. They could only watch with folded arms and wait for the Cyanwood Mountain’s experts to appear and help them out of this mess.

“While you can insult us disciples and our Cyanwood Mountain, I will not allow you to insult Chu Feng,” At that moment, Jiang Furong was angered. She suddenly took out her Incomplete Imperial Armament and soared into the sky. With ferocious attacks, she charged at the five people in the sky.


However, with a grab of his hand, that baldy grabbed Jiang Furong’s Incomplete Imperial Armament. Then, his oppressive might swept forth and restricted her.

“Rank four Half Martial Emperor? He’s actually a rank four Half Martial Emperor?!” At that moment, the crowd were all shocked. None of them expected for that person to be a rank four Half Martial Emperor. After all, a rank four Half Martial Emperor was very powerful among the younger generation.

Upon sensing the cultivation of that baldy, the expressions of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples all sunk.

Their opponent was too strong. It was true that there was no one among the Cyanwood Mountain’s current disciples that were capable of contending against that baldy. Could the Cyanwood Mountain really be slapped in the face today?

“Damned bitch, let me tell you this. Your Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples are inadequate to teach me a lesson,” The baldy said coldly.

“Is that so? In that case, let me try,” Right at that moment, a voice suddenly exploded out of nowhere.