Chapter 1946 - Chu Feng’s Return

 Chapter 1946 - Chu Feng’s Return

At the same time as that voice exploded out, a figure appeared in the sky. He walked over to Jiang Furong’s side.

After seeing this person, the people present, regardless of whether they were disciples or elders, were all shocked.

At that moment, it was as if everyone had been petrified.

“Chu Feng! Quickly, look! It’s Chu Feng!!!”

“Chu Feng has returned!!!”

It was only after a long while that the crowd managed to react. Instantly, the air was filled with noises of incomparable excitement.

Chu Feng.

He was a key figure to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Chu Feng.

He was a legend to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Chu Feng.

He was the pride of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples and elders.

The reason for that was because everyone knew that the Cyanwood Mountain was only able to obtain their current prosperity because of Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng? You… you are Chu Feng?”

At that moment, that baldy and the four individuals standing behind him all became nervous upon seeing Chu Feng. In fact, the baldy that had spoken those provocative words earlier actually began to involuntarily step back.

Even though they were unable to determine what Chu Feng’s cultivation was, they were able to tell that Chu Feng was extraordinary merely by looking at him.

The imposing aura that he emitted was something that ordinary people did not possess. Even for their Heavenly Law Palace, it was something that only their most excellent, their peak disciples possessed. In fact, when compared to Chu Feng, their Heavenly Law Palace’s most excellent disciples were still much inferior.

“I am indeed Chu Feng. Didn’t you say that there was no one in the Cyanwood Mountain to fight against you? In that case, you wouldn’t mind me sparring with you, right?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Come at me then! I might as well tell you this. We have traveled so far to this place all for the sake of shattering all those rumors regarding you so that the people of the world will know that all of those rumors about you are fake.”

As the baldy spoke, he released Jiang Furong’s Incomplete Imperial Armament and took out his own Incomplete Imperial Armament. He was planning to fight Chu Feng.

At the same time, the four people behind him also took out their respective Incomplete Imperial Armaments and emitted very ferocious oppressive might. It turned out that those four were also rank four Half Martial Emperors. These disciples from the Heavenly Law Palace had truly come prepared.

Unfortunately, the person they were facing was Chu Feng, a rank one Martial Emperor.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed. Then, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might swept forth and covered the entire region.

Once his oppressive might appeared, the five Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples’ oppressive might’s were instantly swallowed like five little brooks drifting into a vast sea.

In fact, even the weather had changed. From a sunny and cloudless sky, violent winds now blew, and black clouds filled the sky. As for those five Heavenly Law Palaces’ disciples, they stood there unable to move. It was as if they have been petrified.

Not to mention moving, the five of them were unable to even breathe. They were completely suppressed by Chu Feng.

“That aura, it’s so terrifying. Exactly what level of cultivation is junior brother Chu Feng at now?” Jiang Furong and the other disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were also extremely astonished.

Even though they were unable to determine Chu Feng’s current cultivation, they were able to sense how terrifying and powerful Chu Feng’s oppressive might was.

Before Chu Feng, those five Heavenly Law Palaces’ disciples were simply unqualified to even attack him.

Suddenly, a man spoke. “Rank one Martial Emperor. That is the aura of a rank one Martial Emperor. Chu Feng, he is already a rank one Martial Emperor!”

Upon seeing that person, the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples were shocked again. The reason for that was because the person that had spoken was the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, Dugu Xingfeng.

“Rank one Martial Emperor? Lord Headmaster personally declared that Chu Feng is actually a rank one Martial Emperor?! Heavens! Wouldn’t that mean that Chu Feng is as powerful as Lord Headmaster?!”

“Are you stupid? Chu Feng is someone that fought against the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs by himself, and killed the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief.”

“Chu Feng has already surpassed Lord Headmaster. Likely, right now, not to mention the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Clan Chiefs, even their Supreme Elders would not be a match for Chu Feng.”


Right at this moment when the crowd was astonished by how powerful Chu Feng was, Chu Feng removed his oppressive might with a thought.

The unstable weather and sky instantly returned to normal. Chu Feng was actually able to change the weather with a single thought.






Right after Chu Feng removed his oppressive might, the five Heavenly Law Palaces’ disciples led by that baldy all kneeled before Chu Feng.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we were wrong, we were wrong. We were foolish to have actually doubted your strength. Please, please give us a chance. Please take into consideration that we are now disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain to give us a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

Those five disciples began to beg Chu Feng for forgiveness nonstop. Even though Chu Feng had yet to attack them, they had already sensed how powerful Chu Feng was earlier. He was a super expert that was capable of taking their lives with a single thought.

The gap between them and Chu Feng was as enormous as the gap between the heavens and the earth. Not to mention them, even their Heavenly Law Palace’s strongest disciple would absolutely not be a match for Chu Feng. [1. Well… yeah, Leng Yue was defeated by him.]

Chu Feng’s reputation as the strongest member of the younger generation was fully well-deserved.

“You all actually have the shame to declare yourselves to be our Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples?”


As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve. Immediately, a gale swept forth.


Before that gale, those five Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples were blown thousands of miles away. The only thing remaining were the echoes of their screams.


“Long live junior brother Chu Feng!”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you are too amazing!”

“Kicking them out was great! You have truly alleviated our anger. I shall see who else will dare to stir up troubles in our Cyanwood Mountain.”

In but an instant, the crowd were all in an uproar. As the saying goes, seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times. Today, after seeing Chu Feng, they finally became aware of how powerful Chu Feng was.

At the moment when the majority of the crowd were cheering excitedly for Chu Feng after seeing how powerful he was, a small portion of the crowd revealed ugly and unnatural expressions. They were all people that had previously deliberately made things difficult for Chu Feng, people that had humiliated and looked down on Chu Feng before.

Upon recalling what they had done back then, they finally realized how foolish they were.

Even without others saying it, they themselves already knew how foolish and stupid their actions back then were.

“Senior sister Jiang, are you alright?” Chu Feng asked Jiang Furong.

“I’m fine. If I’d known that you’d returned, I wouldn’t have done anything,” Jiang Furong said with a smile.

“Senior sister Jiang, do you still remember me?” Right at that moment, out of nowhere, Bai Ruochen appeared beside Chu Feng.

“Junior sister Bai, you’ve also returned? This is truly two happy occasions happening simultaneously,” After seeing Bai Ruochen, Jiang Furong revealed a joyous expression. Even though she had not had many interactions with Bai Ruochen, she still knew her. After all, Bai Ruochen was the person that had actually fought alongside Chu Feng back then.

“It seems that Ruochen is quite well-received. Merely, I wonder if there’s anyone to welcome me?” Immediately after Bai Ruochen appeared, Bai Suyan also appeared.

“It’s actually that pair of mother and daughter?” At that moment, many elders and disciples recognized Bai Ruochen and Bai Suyan.

Back then, Bai Suyan had charged into the Cyanwood Mountain to take Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng away. It was an enormous sensation back then. Even now, many people would still mention that matter.

“Welcome. Of course, welcome,” At that moment, Dugu Xingfeng personally stepped forward to welcome Bai Suyan.

“Madam, Elder Nangong Longjian has been waiting for you the entire time,” Dugu Xingfeng said with a smile.

Even though he was the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, he did not dare to neglect Bai Suyan and her daughter. After all, he knew their true identity.

“Let’s go then,” Bai Suyan nodded.

Afterward, Dugu Xingfeng, Chu Feng and the others all disappeared into the void. They had left for the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly.

“Heavens, could it be… that Bai Ruochen is really Lord Nangong Longjian’s daughter?”

After hearing what Dugu Xingfeng said, the elders and disciples that knew Bai Ruochen and her mother all revealed stunned expressions.

It turned out that they had not only failed to recognize the Mount Tai that was Chu Feng.

They had also failed to Recognize the Mount Tai that was Bai Ruochen.