Chapter 1944 - Enjoying Both Fortune And Misfortune Together

Chapter 1944 - Enjoying Both Fortune And Misfortune Together

Just then, the core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were all rapidly proceeding toward the Cyanwood Mountain’s main lecture hall.

To a greater or lesser degree, they all had expressions of excitement on their faces. There were some among them that were so emotional that they actually started to cry.

The reason why the core disciples were acting in such a manner was because the person who was giving a lecture today was one of the grand characters of the Holy Land of Martialism, the Compass Immortal.

“Li Qing, Zhao Xue, quickly, move faster. The Compass Immortal is going to start his lecture soon,” A robustly built youth shouted eagerly at a young man and woman behind him.

“Ma Hu, why are you in a rush? Even though the Compass Immortal is extremely powerful, I am not a world spiritist. Rather than his lecture, I am looking forward to Lord Nangong Longjian’s lecture even more.”

As that young woman by the name of Zhao Xue spoke, she looked to the young man beside her, “Li Qing, what do you think? Am I correct?” As for that young man by the name of Li Qing, not only did he possess a handsome appearance, his cultivation was also very decent. Although he was very young, he was already a rank seven Martial King. His cultivation could be considered to be extremely powerful even amongst all of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples.

“Zhao Xue, you’re wrong. Even though we are not world spiritists, it remains that the Compass Immortal is a greatly renowned individual in the Holy Land of Martialism. In normal times, it would be impossible for us to even meet his great self. For us to be able to listen to his lecture now is simply our honor,” Li Qing said.

“That’s true. Merely, I wonder, exactly what sort of price did our Cyanwood Mountain pay to be able to invite the Compass Immortal and Lord Nangong Longjian, those two grand characters, to come here?” Zhao Xue asked in a very puzzled manner.

“These two grand characters are not people that our Cyanwood Mountain could invite over regardless of what we offered,” Li Qing said.

“Ah? In that case, why would the Compass Immortal and Lord Nangong Longjian be our Cyanwood Mountain’s guest elders?” Zhao Xue became even more curious.

“You are truly slow. Is there even a need to ask that question? It’s naturally because of Chu Feng,” Li Qing said.

“Chu Feng? It’s Chu Feng? Chu Feng truly possesses such a great amount of face?” Hearing what Li Qing said, Zhao Xue became emotional.

“Of course. Did you think that the battle at the Ximen Imperial Clan was fake?”

“Furthermore, didn’t the three of us all travel so far to join the Cyanwood Mountain because of Chu Feng?” Li Qing said.

“Right, right, right. Chu Feng is my idol,” At that moment, Zhao Xue had a love-stricken expression on her face.

“Oh you…” Li Qing smiled lightly. Then, he said, “Chu Feng is not only your idol, he’s the idol of countless members of the younger generation.”

After he finished saying those words, Li Qing swept his gaze over the many people that were also rushing to the lecture hall beside them.

The majority of them were foreign faces. They were all people that had just joined the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, without exception, they all possessed outstanding talent. With the acceptance of these disciples, the overall quality of the Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciples became higher.

As for these disciples, at least half of them had joined the Cyanwood Mountain because of Chu Feng’s reputation.

Suddenly, Ma Hu who was leading the way ran back to Li Qing and Zhao Xue excitedly. “Li Qing, Zhao Xue, quickly, look over there. Those are people from the Asura Division.”

Following the direction that Ma Hu indicated, a group of people appeared in Li Qing and Zhao Xue’s line of sight. After those people appeared, the surrounding crowd all revealed envious and respectful gazes.

In fact, some of the disciples’ reaction simply did not appear like the reaction of someone seeing a fellow disciple. Rather, it was as if they were seeing gods. Reverence and adoration filled their faces.

The Asura Division was currently the most popular division in the Cyanwood Mountain. It was also the strongest division in the Cyanwood Mountain. Practically all of the disciples on the Cyanwood Succession List were in the Asura Division.

For example, Jiang Furong, Bai Yuxiao and the others had all renounced their original divisions and joined the Asura Division.

In fact, the members of the Asura Division enjoyed a great amount of privilege in the Cyanwood Mountain. Those were orders given personally by the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster. Reportedly… the order was something that the Cyanwood Mountain’s ancestor-level character, Baili Xuankong, had approved.

As for the reason why the Asura Division was so powerful, it was all because of a single person, the Asura Division’s founder, Chu Feng.

Thus, the current Asura Division was a place that all the disciples wished to join. Merely, it was not that simple to join the Asura Division now. Other than the elites among the core disciples, it was simply hopeless for others to join the Asura Division.

“Strange, didn’t they say that the Asura Division created by Chu Feng is filled with the Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciples’ elites?”

“Look at those two, they’re so weak. With their weak cultivations, how were they able to obtain the mark of the Asura Division?”

“Furthermore, those people beside them… those Asura Division’s members with very strong cultivations, why would they be so respectful toward those two? Exactly what is going on here?” Zhao Xue was extremely confused after she saw the leading man and woman among the Asura Division’s people.

“That’s true. What’s going on here? With their cultivations, it should simply be impossible for them to enter the Asura Division, no?” Li Qing and Ma Hu were also confused.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind them, “Junior brothers and sister, you all must be new here, right?”

“Senior… senior sister Jiang?” Li Qing, Zhao Xue and Ma Hu were all shocked upon seeing the beauty behind them.

The surrounding crowd also revealed extremely respectful expressions.

The reason for that was because the person that had appeared before them was one of the strongest disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain, the second ranked disciple on the Cyanwood Succession List, Jiang Furong. As for the disciple that was ranked first, it would naturally be Chu Feng.

Even though Ma Hu, Zhao Xue and Li Qing were all pretty strong among the new disciples, they were still extremely excited upon seeing Jiang Furong. Not only did Jiang Furong possess a very high status in the Cyanwood Mountain, her own strength was also very strong. Currently, she was already a Half Martial Emperor.

Among the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, she was the second strongest after Chu Feng.

“Senior sister Jiang, we are indeed new. We all wished to join the Asura Division.”

“However, we heard that we must pass exams in order to join the Asura Division, and that those exams are very difficult.”

“Thus, why is it that that senior brother and sister were able to become members of the Asura Division even though their cultivations are so weak?” Li Qing asked in a very curious manner.

“That’s a long story. The story would have to begin on the day when Chu Feng created the Asura Division. When Chu Feng created the Asura Division, he was also a new disciple to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Right after entering the Cyanwood Mountain, he made countless enemies. Many people even wanted to kill him because they were envious of his talent.”

“Afterward, the several strongest divisions in the Cyanwood Mountain even joined hands to attack… the still-new Asura Division.”

“At that time, the Asura Division was like a sheet of loose sand. Before the invaders, countless members fled.”

“However, during that moment of crisis, there were still members that were willing to stay and endure the crisis alongside Chu Feng. Even when Chu Feng tried to force them away, they refused to go.”

“Thus, those original Asura Division members, even though their cultivations might be very weak, they are worthy of our respect,” Jiang Furong explained.

“So that’s the case,” After learning of what happened, when Li Qing and the others looked to that two senior brother and sister again, they all revealed expressions of reverence.

“Senior sister Jiang, may I know the names of that senior brother and that senior sister?” Zhao Xue asked.

“The man’s name is Fang Tuohai. The woman’s name is Wang Wei. They were the true original members of the Asura Division. It is said that the two of them were with the Asura Division since the day it was created,” Jiang Furong said.

“Wow, they’re actually that amazing?” After finding out about that, the gazes with which Li Qing and the others looked to Wang Wei and Fang Tuohai became even more respectful. Not only that, they also felt very envious of them.

They were truly envious of these people that had fought alongside Chu Feng before he grew stronger.

Even though their cultivations were very weak, they were people that no one dared to offend in the Cyanwood Mountain right now. As for that… it was all because of the fact that they possessed great vision and decided to share Chu Feng’s trials and tribulations without fearing his powerful enemies.

Thus, Li Qing and the others knew that it was impossible for one to obtain the status which Fang Tuohai, Wang Wei and the others possessed right now. The reason for that was because… back when Chu Feng was still weak, very few people were willing to stand by his side during that moment of crisis.

Even though they were not present during that time, they were able to imagine the suffering that Fang Tuohai, Wang Wei and the others had experienced alongside Chu Feng back then. However, with everything that they possessed now, it was all worth it.

In the past, they had endured trials and tribulations alongside Chu Feng. And now, they were finally able to obtain fortune because of Chu Feng.

They had both fortune and misfortune together. Thus, they truly deserved all that they possessed right now.