Chapter 1938 - Same Bloodline?

Chapter 1938 - Same Bloodline?

After blocking the blonde old man’s attack, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master said, “Old fool, did you know that your rude actions would cause all of your Ancient Era’s Elves to be killed alongside you?”

“What did you say?” The blonde old man was confused.


Right at that moment, lightning flashed through the eyes of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Then, a thick bolt of lightning, like a dragon, surged out of that Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

After that lightning appeared, it began to extend rapidly. Like a sharp blade, it pierced through many of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Everything happened too quickly. Other than Chu Feng and a few of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts, the rest of the Ancient Era’s Elves were all struck by that bolt of lightning.

All those that were struck by the lightning were killed on the spot without a corpse remaining. They were killed so quickly that they did not even have the time to scream before their deaths.

In merely an instant, thousands of Ancient Era’s Elves were killed.

At this moment when thousands of Ancient Era’s Elves had been killed by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, Chu Feng’s expression took a huge change. He revealed an extremely shocked gaze. He looked to that Dark Hall’s Hall Master with an expression of disbelief.


Just then, the blonde-haired old man let out a sorrowful and heartbroken roar. Then, overwhelming anger and killing intent surged forth from within his body.


With the sudden explosion of power, the curved blade in his hand managed to bypass the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s finger and thrust towards his dantian.


Right at the moment when the curved blade of his Imperial Armament was about to reach his dantian, lightning surged from within the Dark Hall Hall Master’s body.

Not only did that lightning block the blonde-haired old man’s attack, it also revolved around the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and formed an armor of lightning that covered his entire body.

At that moment, it was not only Chu Feng who felt enormously shocked. Even Xian Miaomiao was feeling the same sort of shock. She involuntarily looked to Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because that Dark Hall Hall Master’s Thunder Armor was exactly the same as Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor.

Not only that, the lightning that he unleashed earlier possessed many different colors. Those colors were actually exactly the same as the colors of the lightning that Chu Feng possessed.

All of this meant one thing. That, in the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng was not the only person that possessed the power of the enormous lightning beasts, not the only person that possessed that powerful Inherited Bloodline.

This Dark Hall’s Hall Master before them was also a possessor of the enormous lightning beasts.

He… was someone who possessed the same Inherited Bloodline as Chu Feng.

“Haha, Chu Feng, I deliberately revealed my Thunder Armor to you so that I could see your current expression.”

That Dark Hall’s Hall Master looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile. From his gaze, Chu Feng could tell that he was ridiculing him.

“As for you, I can easily kill you even without using my Thunder Armor,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master suddenly looked to the blonde old man. Then, suddenly, he thrust his hand forward like a sharp blade. “Puu,” his hand pierced through the blonde old man’s dantian.

One must know that the blonde old man was wearing special clothing that possessed an extremely powerful defense. Yet, before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, it was unable to withstand a single blow.

“Scram! Someone as weak as you actually dared to attack me?” Then, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master waved his sleeve and threw the blonde old man to Chu Feng.


Chu Feng extended his hand to catch the blond old man.



At that moment, the surviving Ancient Era’s Elves all hurriedly ran over to the blond old man’s side. One of the experts nervously received the blonde old man from Chu Feng.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng raised his head up and looked to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Who am I? That’s not important. What’s important is that I am the same as you. We both possess the same sort of power,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said.

Right at that moment, that nefarious woman suddenly said, “It’s about time, we can leave now.”

“Mn, let’s go then,” The Dark Hall’s Hall master nodded and began to turn around to leave.

“Wait, exactly who are you? How did you get here?” Chu Feng shouted.

However, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master simply ignored Chu Feng. He raised his palms toward the chains that sealed off the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts in midair. Then, the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts began to gradually disappear. They were being pulled into the void.

Not only were they planning to leave, they were going to take the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts with them.

“Bastard! Answer me! Exactly what is your intention in capturing those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts?! Exactly what is your aim?!” Chu Feng grew anxious. He soared into the sky and flew toward the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

The reason for that was because, to Chu Feng, that man was not only the Dark Hall’s Hall Master; he was also someone who possessed the same Inherited Bloodline as him.

However, before Chu Feng could approach him, the World Devastator Immortal suddenly shouted, “Scram.” Then, Chu Feng felt a very powerful yet invisible energy appear out of nowhere. It smashed ruthlessly into his chest and knocked Chu Feng into the ground from the sky.

Not only did the impulse of Chu Feng’s collision create an enormous crater in the ground, it also caused Chu Feng to vomit out a mouthful of blood onto his Blood Devouring Armor.

“Chu Feng, you are truly unqualified to fight against me right now. You… are too weak. You are so weak that… you are unqualified to possess the power that you have.”

“However, this cannot be blamed on you. After all, a place like the Holy Land of Martialism is filled with trash. Regardless of how rubbish your talent might be, you will still be a genius here.”

“In such a place, it is inevitable that someone like you will become conceited and arrogant. Naturally, it would be difficult for you to make progress.”

“However… I can help you. I’ll let you experience pain. Perhaps, with extreme pain and suffering, you might be able to unleash new potential.”

“However, the precondition for that would be that these people present have sufficient weight in your heart,” After the Dark Hall’s Hall Master finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he looked to the World Devastator Immortal and said, “World Devastator, you should know what to do. However, you must not kill him. This trash must be left for me to personally kill.”

“Lord Hall Master, please rest assured. This World Devastator will definitely accomplish this task,” The World Devastator Immortal, one of the most powerful World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism, actually bowed respectfully to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Mn,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master nodded in satisfaction. Then, he planned to leave.

“Wait, don’t go! Tell me how you managed to get here! Why are you doing all this?!” Chu Feng shouted again. The fact that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed the same sort of power as him meant that it was very possible for him to be Chu Feng’s clansman from the Outer World.

However, as someone from the Outer World, why would he run to this place? Why would he, someone who was high and above, do such a thing? Chu Feng did not understand.

“Chu Feng, don’t be anxious. We will meet again. However, you should prepare yourself. For the next time we meet, I will make you suffer even more miserably.”

“Hahahaha…” After that man finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he burst into loud laughter.

While his laughter continued, he and the various experts of the Dark Hall stepped into the void.

They were gone. Other than the World Devastator Immortal, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, that nefarious woman, and all the other experts of the Dark Hall had all left.

However, that laughter was still present. It was still echoing...

After that laughter died out, in this region, other than the Blood Devouring Killing Formation that had become useless and the devastation that filled this area, only Chu Feng, a few Ancient Era’s Elves and that World Devastator Immortal remained.