Chapter 1937 - The Dark Hall’s Hall Master

Chapter 1937 - The Dark Hall’s Hall Master

Dangerous, it was truly very dangerous. Chu Feng was unable to see through the age of that alluring woman, nor was he able to see through her cultivation. However, with a single glance, he was able to sense the incomparably malicious and nefarious aura that she emitted.

This was different from Eggy. Although Her Lady Queen also emitted a nefarious aura, it was only something that one could sense when Her Lady Queen was angered. In normal times, Her Lady Queen was only a mischievous little beauty.

As for that woman, she was different. One could sense how dangerous she was with a single glance. She was extremely dangerous.

However, that dangerous aura she emitted caused her beauty and her figure to become even more alluring.

The reason for that was because people would always feel that what they could not obtain was the best. For a woman like her, who would dare to say that they would be able to obtain her? Who would dare to approach her?

Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng felt that way after seeing that woman.

Chu Feng felt that a woman like her would be destined to not have any relationship with him. After all, it was determined that she would be Chu Feng’s enemy the moment she stood alongside the people of the Dark Hall.

“World Devastator Immortal, you… you’re actually also working for the Dark Hall?”

At that moment, the blonde-haired old man uttered those words in an extremely astonished voice. Disbelief was present in both his gaze and the tone of his voice.

“World Devastator Immortal?”

After hearing what the blonde-haired old man said, the rest of the Ancient Era’s Elves present all turned their gazes to that World Devastator Immortal. Chu Feng was also no exception.

As for the World Devastator Immortal that the blonde-haired old man spoke of, he was the person standing to the left of the three people that led the Dark Hall’s crowd.

He was a man, a very handsome man. It could be said that he was the man with the most perfect appearance of all the men that Chu Feng had seen so far.

He was someone that could cause countless women to faint with merely his face.

However, that man, like that woman, also emitted a sinister aura that made others feel that he was very dangerous.

Furthermore, like that woman, Chu Feng was unable to see through that man’s cultivation or age.

However, Chu Feng had heard of the World Devastator Immortal before.

The World Devastator Immortal was ranked second among the Holy Land of Martialism’s Ten Immortals.

Furthermore, he was a Divine Body. Reportedly, when he was born, a doomsday-like abnormal sign appeared, and it looked as if the entire world would perish. That was why people named him the World Devastator Immortal.

Before the World Devastator Immortal, not to mention the Avaricious Immortal, even the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the Immeasurable Immortal would be not be able to compare to him. They were all greatly inferior to him.

Not only was the World Devastator Immortal one of the strongest world spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism, he was also one of the strongest martial cultivators in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Since you’ve already seen me, why bother asking?” The World Devastator Immortal said.

Chu Feng was immediately startled by his voice. This extremely, unbelievably handsome man, this World Devastator Immortal whose fame had reached every corner of the Holy Land of Martialism, was actually a sissy.

That’s right. His voice was very high pitched, like that of a woman. However, it only resembled a female’s voice, and was not an actual female’s voice. It was as if an eunuch was speaking. Hearing that voice, one would feel extremely uncomfortable.

[1. Chinese people are not very PC at all. Then again, eunuchs are very commonly seen in Chinese historical TV shows. They generally have high pitched voices and will always extend their pinkies. In history, people would send their children to become eunuchs for the king/emperor so that they could have a better life (generally). Some eunuchs gained so much power that they were basically the de facto ruler of China at certain points.]

“This is bad. Why would the World Devastator Immortal be working for the Dark Hall?” At that moment, many of the Ancient Era’s Elves revealed ugly expressions. The blonde-haired old man also had that same expression.

After all, the World Devastator Immortal was extremely powerful. Even if the Dark Hall did not have that many people here, the World Devastator Immortal himself would already make the situation extremely bad for them.

At the moment when the Ancient Era’s Elves were alarmed by the World Devastator Immortal, Chu Feng was paying close attention to the man standing between the World Devastator Immortal and that sinister woman.

That man wore a black cloak and a mask. His long blue hair actually reached his feet. On top of his head was a headdress with the character ‘Ying’ on it. Other than that, his outfit was practically the same as the rest of the Dark Hall’s experts.

However, Chu Feng knew that this person was the most dangerous among the three people. Even that woman that emitted a nefarious aura all around and the renowned World Devastator Immortal were unable to compare to him.

If Chu Feng’s guess was correct, that man should be the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Right at that moment, that blue-haired man slowly said, “The Ancient Era’s Elves truly possess a well-deserved reputation. You are all very well trained. Your display has surpassed my imagination. You all are truly excellent.”

“Today, I wish to thank all of you Ancient Era’s Elves for helping me. If it hadn’t been for you all, it would be difficult for us to capture all of those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts.”

“Bastard, you actually dared to exploit us!” Hearing those words, the Ancient Era’s Elves were enraged. Several of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts flew toward that blue-haired man to attack him.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

However, before they could even approach the blue-haired man, their bodies all exploded. They turned into blood that sprinkled onto the ground.

They had been killed. However, no one had done anything. It was as if there was no sign of anyone causing their deaths at all, as if they had died from the explosions of their own bodies.

However, everyone knew that they had been killed. They should have been killed by that blue-haired man.

After killing many of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts without even lifting a finger, the blue-haired man said indifferently, “The only person among your Ancient Era’s Elves who is capable of fighting against me is your Elf King.”

“Could it be that you are that Dark Hall’s Hall Master?” The blonde-haired old man asked.

“Precisely,” The man nodded.


Right after that man verified his status, the blonde-haired old man’s body suddenly let out a loud explosion. Then, green gaseous flames began to emit from his body.

With a flip of his palm, a curved green blade appeared in his hand. Once that curved blade appeared, the weather changed as black clouds and thunder filled the sky.

Imperial Armament. Not only did the blonde-haired old man reveal his Imperial Armament, he had also unleashed the special power of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ bloodline. Otherwise, it would be impossible for his aura to be this imposing.

At that moment, not to mention the people from the Dark Hall, even Chu Feng felt enormous pressure from the blonde-haired old man.

“You wish to fight against me with only this bit of strength?”

However, faced with the blonde-haired old man’s imposing aura, that Dark Hall’s Hall Master only laughed. Contempt filled his laughter.

“How would I know if I don’t try?” As the blonde-haired old man spoke, another explosion sounded. He had charged forth.

He simply did not look like an Ancient Era’s Elf. Instead, it was like a continuous mountain range was flying toward the Dark Hall’s Hall Master to attack him.


Right at the moment when the blonde-haired old man’s Imperial Armament was about to reach the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master suddenly extended his finger.

His finger collided with the Imperial Armaments’ curved blade edge. As they collided, the old man’s curved blade was like an elephant in a quagmire. He was unable to unleash his strength. He had been bound.


At that moment, Chu Feng was clenching his fist tightly. This was the first time that Chu Feng was clenching his fist like this out of nervousness.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was truly too powerful. No matter how strong the blonde-haired old man might be, he would not be a match for the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Yet, at that moment, Chu Feng deeply wished for the blonde-haired old man to win. The reason for that was because only by him winning would Chu Feng and the others have a chance at surviving. If the blonde-haired old man was defeated, Chu Feng and the others would undoubtedly be killed.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master. No one had expected that the Dark Hall’s movements this time around would bring about the appearance of such a character.

They were truly prepared beforehand.