Chapter 1936 - The Dangerous Woman

Chapter 1936 - The Dangerous Woman

“Humans have the highest popullation of all living beings in the Holy Land of Martialism. If the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts are released, the humans will suffer the greatest casualties.”

“The Ancient Era’s Elves are totally capable of not doing anything, or withdrawing from this place after learning that people from the Dark Hall are here. However, they have not done so.”

“For these Ancient Era’s Elves, I am truly unable to abandon them and escape by myself,” As Chu Feng said those words, he took a glance at Xian Miaomiao who was putting great effort into striking the bell. He added, “It would be even more impossible for me to abandon Miaomiao.”

“Since that’s the case, then you can let this Queen out. Even though this Queen’s strength is greatly inferior to yours right now, I am still capable of being some help,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Milady Queen, the thing that I am unable to do the most is put you in danger. With the situation like it is, do you think I will possibly allow you to come out?” Chu Feng said.

“Hey hey hey, if you are to die, I will not be able to live anymore either. Do not forget that I am sealed in your body, and that our lives are linked together.”

“For you to put yourself in danger is equivalent to you putting this Queen in danger. Thus, do not bother with those superfluous words and release this Queen,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That still won’t do,” Chu Feng refused decisively. There was something that Chu Feng did not tell Eggy. Right now, he was capable of killing himself and letting Eggy survive in a moment of crisis.

Merely, that was something that he could not tell her, for if he were to tell her, he feared that, with Her Lady Queen’s temperament, she would become angry with him.


The Ancient Era’s Elves’ army continued onward. Their troops moved from the outer perimeter into the inner perimeter and continued to advance further. They had contained all of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation’s central region.

However, this was not the end. The Ancient Era’s Elves were still pushing further inward. They were planning to firmly contain the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. Then, they would be able to kill all of them.

So far not a single Ancient Era’s ferocious beast had managed to escape.

Regardless of what the cultivation of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts might be, they were still fleeing in terror.

Seeing that, not only did the Ancient Era’s Elves not feel any exhaustion, their spirits instead soared even further. Their fighting spirit and morale were extremely high.

“Eggy, I keep feeling that something’s wrong,” Just then, when the Ancient Era’s Elves were cheering excitedly, when they were planning to kill all of the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts, Chu Feng was feeling uneasy.

“Indeed, this is fishy. The Dark Hall clearly came prepared. Thus, why would they allow the Ancient Era’s Elves to contain the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts without interfering?” Her Lady Queen also realized that the situation was amiss.

The reason for that was because the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were simply unable to contend against the Ancient Era’s Elves. Yet, not a single person from the Dark Hall had been seen. Thus, this battle had become a one-sided battle.

However, all of this only showed that the situation was abnormal. After all, no matter how one looked at it, this battle had truly been won too easily.

It was precisely because it had been won so easily that one would feel uneasy.

Chu Feng knew that it was not only him and Eggy that felt the situation to be bad. Many of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts were feeling the same way.

This could be seen through how they were surveying their surroundings and did not have smiles on their faces even though victory was right before their eyes.

However, even though they felt that the situation was amiss, there was nothing they could do other than continue with the plan.

“Woosh, swoosh, clank, clank~~~”

Suddenly many shackles appeared out of thin air. Like dragons, they traveled through the sky.

Those chains were ten meters thick, with a length that could connect the sky to the earth. At this moment, from all directions, enormous chains were densely packed in the air. As the chains interweaved with one another, they began to form an inescapable net that would seal all of the Ancient Era’s Elves inside.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank, clank~~~”

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Seeing that the situation was bad, the Ancient Era’s Elves began to unleash attacks at the chains. However, regardless of how powerful they were, regardless of what sorts of attacks they used, the Ancient Era’s Elves were actually unable to do anything to those chains.

Those chains were actually indestructible.

“Quickly, escape! Get out of here! We cannot be trapped in here!”

Seeing that the situation was bad, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts began to order their troops to give up on surrounding and killing the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts to protect their own lives first.

The reason for that was because those chains contained a special power capable of causing the Ancient Era’s Elves’ golden bells to lose their effectiveness.

As matters stood, they were no longer capable of containing the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. As such, their only option was to escape.

Right after the order to escape was given, several experts arrived before Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao. With their fastest speed, they brought Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao out of the chains’ encirclement.

At that moment, the other Ancient Era’s Elves were all frantically trying to escape. However, the speed of the chains was simply too fast. In the blink of an eye, they were completely covered by the chains. At least one tenth of the Ancient Era’s Elves were unable to escape in time.



In that moment, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ miserable screams and the roars of the ferocious beasts began to sound from within the chains. Even the sound of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ bodies being torn apart could be heard.

“Damn it! Damn it!!!”

“Noo! This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening!!!”

At this moment, there were Ancient Era’s Elves that were gnashing their teeth in anger, and there were also Ancient Era’s Elves that were muttering with tearful voices. Some even rushed toward the chains to attack them.

After all, the elves that were being torn apart by the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts on the other side of the chains were their clansmen.

However, the majority of the Ancient Era’s Elves were solemnly surveying their surroundings.

They all knew that this was a trap left by the Dark Hall, and that they had fallen for that trap.

“Get the hell out here!!!”

At that moment, that blonde old rank seven Martial Emperor that had taken command of the army shouted angrily at the sky above.

Once his voice sounded, space itself started to violently tremble.

He seemed to have sensed that there was someone there.


Sure enough, a strange laugh sounded from the direction where the blonde old man had shouted.

Then, that region of space started to distort. Then, over a hundred figures appeared.

They were all people from the Dark Hall. Each and every one of them possessed extremely powerful cultivations. The weakest among them were rank four Martial Emperors. However, at this moment, three people among them caught the most attention.

Those three people were the most dangerous existences among the Dark Hall’s crowd.

The person standing on the right was a woman, a very beautiful and alluring woman.

She was wearing a very revealing outfit. Although her black skirt was not short, it was open on one side. Even without her moving her legs, one could see her fair, lustrous and beautiful leg from the split on the side of her skirt.

It was beautiful, truly beautiful. Even though Chu Feng had seen countless women, he felt that woman’s leg to be the most beautiful leg he had seen. If her legs were any longer or any shorter, they would give off a completely different sensation. Yet, her legs were just the right length; they were simply perfect.

Not only was her beautiful leg exposed, her shoulders were also exposed. With her supple black hair scattered over her fair and beautiful shoulders, she truly looked charming.

That woman’s figure was exceptionally beautiful. However, her face was not at all inferior to her perfect curves.

She possessed a standard oval face with a high nose-bridge and ample and captivating lips. They looked like nothing less than tasty fruit. When one looked at them, one would feel the urge to bite them.

However, the most captivating aspect of this woman were her eyes. She possessed a pair of walnut-sized eyes and long, black eyelashes. Her eyes greatly resembled the eyes of foxes. Yet, there were some differences.

More precisely, her eyes looked more like the eyes of an alluring female spirit. Even though they were extremely charming, one would feel enormous danger when looking at them.