Chapter 1939 - Torment

Chapter 1939 - Torment

“Exceptional genius, an era’s demon level genius, haha…”

The World Devastator Immortal looked to Chu Feng with a beaming smile. His gaze was filled with mockery.

“Chu Feng, not only are you a pile of dog shit in the eyes of the Hall Master, you are also a pile of dog shit in my eyes,” The World Devastator Immortal said as he looked to Chu Feng.

“World Devastator, exactly what is it that you’re planning to do?” The blonde old man shouted. The reason for that was because the World Devastator Immortal’s oppressive might had enveloped them. His oppressive might caused them to feel extremely uneasy.

“What am I planning to do? I’m going to have you all die here,” The World Devastator Immortal smiled strangely. Then, he turned to the empty space next to him and made a grabbing motion. Instantly, the martial power within that space immediately entered his palm.

Then, he spread open his palm and pushed it lightly toward the space before him. As the martial power scattered, nine golden-bright and dazzling daggers formed. They began to float in midair.


Suddenly, the World Devastator Immortal pointed below, and one of the nine daggers flew downward. It was aimed at an Ancient Era’s Elf’s dantian.

The speed of that dagger was extremely slow. It was so slow that it was even slower than the normal speed at which an object would fall from above.

That sort of speed was something that Chu Feng and the others, with their cultivations, should be able to easily dodge.

However, the World Devastator Immortal’s oppressive might had not only enveloped them, it had also restricted their movements. As such, they could only watch as the dagger fell from above.


Finally, that dagger pierced into that Ancient Era’s Elf’s dantian. As blood spilled from his dantian, that Ancient Era’s Elf clenched his teeth tightly and did not even utter a single scream of pain.

“Quite a good endurance you have there. I shall see how long you can endure.”

The World Devastator Immortal smiled coldly. Then, he lightly revolved his finger. Following his finger, that dagger actually began to spin around while still pierced into that Ancient Era’s Elf’s dantian.


Being tormented in such a manner by the World Devastator Immortal, that Ancient Era’s Elf was finally unable to endure it anymore, and began to scream in miserable pain.

The pain that he was feeling was most definitely not limited to having a dagger pierced through him and spinning around in his wound. Else, his veins would not be bulging due to the pain, and his complexion would not have turned deathly pale.

“That’s more like it. What I want is precisely for you to scream. Only after screaming are you allowed to die,” Seeing that Ancient Era’s Elf screaming in miserable pain, the World Devastator Immortal smiled in satisfaction. Then, with a hook of his finger, ‘bang,’ that Ancient Era’s Elf exploded.


At that moment, Xian Miaomiao and the other Ancient Era’s Elves all shouted hysterically. Their voices were filled with anger and irreconciliation.

They, the Ancient Era’s Elves, were existences that stood at the top of the Holy Land of Martialism. Yet, right now, they were like fishes on a chopping block. They were unable to do anything even when one of their clansmen was being tortured and killed before their very eyes. To them, this was an intolerable torment.

“If you dare, then come at me. Come, kill me. Don’t harm them. Come, come kill me!” Chu Feng shouted angrily.

However, the World Devastator Immortal completely ignored Chu Feng. Instead, he gathered the Cosmos Sack and treasures from that dead Ancient Era’s Elf. After he finished gathering them, he turned to Chu Feng with a smile on his face and said, “No, no, no. If you are to die, it’ll become boring. I’m doing this precisely so that you will be in so much pain that you’ll wish to die.”


Right after he said those words, another dagger shot forth. This time around, it was actually aimed at the blonde old man.

“Uncle!!!” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao was already tearing up. She was crying so hard that her petite body was twitching.

However, her cries were unable to change anything. As blood splattered around and sprinkled down like rain, the blond old man was killed before their eyes.

After that, the World Devastator Immortal continued to attack. Six daggers were shot forth in succession. With each dagger, an Ancient Era’s Elf died.

Now, only a single dagger remained. Furthermore, only a single person remained beside Chu Feng. As for that person, it was the Ancient Era’s Elf’s Little Princess… Xian Miaomiao.

“Aiyoyo, Princess Miaomiao, I truly find it somewhat difficult to kill a girl as beautiful as you.”

“However, the order of the Hall Master is something that I must comply with. Thus, Miaomiao, don’t blame this uncle for being ruthless,” The World Devastator Immortal said to Xian Miaomiao.

“No, Nooooooooo!”

“Don’t do it!” Seeing that the World Devastator Immortal was actually planning to kill Xian Miaomiao, Chu Feng became extremely worried.

“Don’t do it! Kill me! Kill me instead! Don’t kill her!”

“I will do anything you want me to do! Just don’t kill her, just don’t kill her!”

At that moment, Chu Feng was truly in so much pain that he wished to die. His eyes were bloodshot. Even though he was filled with overflowing anger, he could only speak pleading words. The reason for that was because he truly did not wish for more people to die because of him, especially not Xian Miaomiao.

“Really? You’ll do whatever I want you to do?” A trace of despicable light flashed through the World Devastator Immortal’s eyes.

“No, Chu Feng, don’t let him toy with you. He will definitely not let me live. You must absolutely not throw your dignity away for my sake,” Xian Miaomiao hurriedly said.

“Miaomiao, are you truly not afraid of death? You know, this uncle could reluctantly spare your life,” The World Devastator Immortal said.

“Pah! Your age is clearly even older than that of my father, yet you actually have the nerve to declare yourself as uncle. You damned sissy. Don’t you continue to disgust this Princess,” Xian Miaomiao cursed angrily.

“What the fuck did you just say? Say it one more time!” After hearing those words, the World Devastator Immortal’s expression immediately changed. He actually swore at Xian Miaomiao.

“I said that you’re a sissy. You damned eunuch. You’re a pervert that’s neither a man nor a woman. You are simply a transvestite,” Xian Miaomiao cursed.

“I… I’m going to fucking kill you!” The World Devastator Immortal was extremely angered by Xian Miaomiao. While fuming with rage, that final dagger started to fly downward. It directly pierced into Xian MIaomiao’s dantian.

“Bang!!!” Xian Miaomiao’s body exploded.

Everything happened too quickly. The others were all slowly tormented and then killed by him. It was only Xian Miaomiao who died instantly.

In fact, his attack was done with so much force that not even Xian Miaomiao’s Cosmos Sack or treasures remained. All of them had exploded and disappeared alongside the dagger.

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

At that moment, Chu Feng was shouting like a wild beast. His roars caused everything around him to tremble nonstop. In fact, the ground was even starting to tear apart.

At the same time, the lightning within Chu Feng’s blood was scuttling out from his body.

The lightning soon covered his entire body, and was moving about in all directions. Like sharp claws, they were trying to break free from his body.

From the might of that lightning, the weather in this region started to change.

Faced with such a Chu Feng, the World Devastator Immortal’s expression also changed slightly. A trace of fear actually flashed through his arrogant eyes.

However, that fear only lasted for an instant. It seemed that he was not truly afraid of Chu Feng. Soon, a shameless smile filled his face. He said to Chu Feng, “Haha, are you trying to frighten me?”

“You saw with your eyes how the people around you were killed one by one. Yet, you were unable to do anything. And now, you actually have the nerve to flaunt your might here?”

“I admit that your bloodline’s power is extremely strong. Unfortunately, you are too weak. You are truly unworthy of your bloodline. If I were to possess that bloodline of yours, tsk tsk…”

“Chu Feng, you are nothing more than trash. From head to toe, you are trash. If I wished to kill you, I would not even have to use my hands,” After the World Devastator Immortal said those words, chilliness flashed through his eyes.

In an instant, Chu Feng felt his entire body’s blood and aura boiling over. Then, ‘puu,’ Chu Feng vomited a mouthful of blood.