Chapter 1893 - Mischievous Girl

Chapter 1893 - Mischievous Girl

That evening, Xian Miaomiao personally arrived at Chu Feng’s palace to visit him. She had brought a hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers with her as her to gift to Chu Feng.

Upon seeing that there were a total of a hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers, Chu Feng immediately felt extremely grateful. After all, back when the Compass Immortal came to the Elf Kingdom to request for Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers, he had only managed to receive a single flower.

Furthermore, it seemed that he would not be allowed to request another one for the rest of his life. This was also the reason why the Compass Immortal himself had not come here, and instead asked Chu Feng to go. The reason for that was because even if he were to go, he would not be able to successfully request a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower.

From this, it could be seen that the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers were very precious even in the Elf Kingdom, and not something that they would casually gift to others.

For Xian Miaomiao to directly gift Chu Feng a hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers at once, it clearly illustrated her generosity.

“Princess Miaomiao, a single flower is all I need. These hundred flowers, they’re a bit too numerous,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng knew that Xian Miaomiao might be feeling grateful toward him for what he had done back then. Thus, she was giving him a hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers in order to repay him. However, Chu Feng felt that it was truly too much.

Especially when the hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers were placed before him, Chu Feng was able to realize how valuable these flowers were from their peacock-tail-like beauty. Indeed, they were extremely precious items. If one was to auction them, one would definitely be able to sell them for an extremely high price. Furthermore, they were the sort of item whose supply would not meet demand.

“To refuse what is given you, are you stupid?” Xian Miaomiao cast a side eye at Chu Feng after seeing that he was actually refusing them. However, she soon smiled sweetly and said, “Just accept them. I actually also have a request for you.”

“May I know what it might be?” Chu Feng asked.

“Accompany me to the Blood Devouring Killing Formation,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Blood Devouring Killing Formation? Are you talking about one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Three Great Forbidden Areas, that Blood Devouring Killing Formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Other than that, is there any other Blood Devouring Killing Formation?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“You really want me to accompany you there?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. This princess has considered it carefully,” Xiao Miaomiao nodded.

“Very well,” Chu Feng accepted straightforwardly.

“You’re actually not asking me why I want you to accompany me, or my purpose in having you accompany me there? You must know that, that place is no ordinary place; it’s one of the most dangerous locations in the Holy Land of Martialism,” Xian Miaomiao was shocked by how Chu Feng had accepted her request so frankly.

As for Chu Feng, he smiled lightly and said, “It’s precisely because that place is dangerous that the fact that you requested me to accompany you means that you trust me greatly. Since you have placed such trust in me, that means that you’ve considered me as your friend. As such, I will naturally consider you my friend too. For friends, one should naturally give one’s all to assist them, to the point of sacrificing oneself.” [1. In chinese, to be able to sacrifice oneself for one’s friend is said literally as ‘pierced by blades from both sides,’]

“Is that so? Very well, I’ll stab you twice first,” As Xian Miaomiao said this, she held her two little fists up, pretended to be holding blades, and stabbed at Chu Feng’s two ribs.

“Oh you, it’s merely an analogy. Yet, you’re actually taking it literally,” Chu Feng lightly flicked Xian Miaomiao’s forehead. The reason for that was because this little girl’s two fists actually kind of hurt when they suddenly landed on Chu Feng’s ribs.

“Hahaha, are you afraid now? This princess is extremely powerful,” Xian Miaomiao smiled complacently. Then, she began to give an account to Chu Feng of her purpose in going to the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

Xian Miaomiao’s body was somewhat special. She was extremely powerful the moment she was born, greatly surpassing the power that ordinary Ancient Era’s Elves would be born with.

However, ordinary cultivation resources were useless for her. She could only increase her cultivation by relying on Natural Energies.

Upon discovering this, Chu Feng was extremely shocked. Just thinking about how Xian Miaomiao’s frightening cultivation was all obtained by herself through training was truly too shocking. [2. Remember, there’s 2 ways for cultivators to increase their energy to level up. 1 is by gathering natural energies in their bodies, and the other is to get external energies through cultivation resources. Chu Feng is only capable of doing the latter since cultivators gather energy very slowly… so he will not be able to level up using the former, as he requires too much energy.]

However, that was actually not true. There was actually a type of cultivation resource that could help Xian Miaomiao increase her cultivation. As for that, it was the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower.

The Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers were precious cultivation treasures from the Ancient Era. Merely, Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers were colorless, odorless and even formless. It was practically impossible for ordinary people to discover them.

However, Xian Miaomiao possessed a special sort of detection ability. As long as a place contained an Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower, she would be able to detect it. Furthermore, within a certain range, she would be able to discover the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower.

Although the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers were from the Ancient Era, there were quite a few in the Holy Land of Martialism right now.

Over the years, Xian Miaomiao had been constantly on the move through various ancient lands and ruins all for the sake of finding Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers. As matters stood, she had practically traveled through all the places in the Holy Land of Martialism that she could travel to and searched through all the places that she could search. Although she had obtained quite a harvest, she was now faced with being unable to find any more Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers.

As of now, she was certain that there were Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers in the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. Furthermore, they would be there in large quantity. If she was able to obtain them, it would definitely be an enormous harvest for her.

However, it was no joke that the Blood Devouring Killing Formation was known to be one of the Three Great Forbidden Areas. This was especially true for the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. That place contained enormous pressure. Furthermore, that pressure was extremely strange. It led to even the Elf Kingdom’s Elf King being unable to enter that place.

However, in the depths of that Blood Devouring Killing Formation lived a special sort of insect. That insect was not afraid of the strange pressure. Due to the fact that, that insect was the only organism living in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation, it was named the Blood Devouring Insect.

For the sake of entering the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation and obtaining the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower, the Elf King, Xian Miaomiao’s father, had sought the assistance of one of the Ten Immortals, the Immeasurable Immortal.

The Immeasurable Immortal was someone equally as famous as the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. He was one of the most influential World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism.

If the strongest aspect of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was his weaponry refinement, then the strongest aspect of the Immeasurable Immortal would be in a wondrous spirit formation which he had grasped. He was able to use rare treasures to forge the strongest defensive armors.

Thus, the Elf King had requested for the Immeasurable Immortal to use the Blood Devouring Insects to form an armor that could resist that strange pressure so that one could enter the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

Currently, with the effort from the Immeasurable Immortal, he had finished forging the Blood Devouring Armor. Furthermore, he had made two suits of the armor.

However, due to the special characteristics of the Blood Devouring Insects, the Immeasurable Immortal had mentioned before he had even started forging the armor that even if he were to succeed, those who could enter the Blood Devouring Killing Formation must be of the younger generation. That is, under a hundred years old. If they were over a hundred years old, even when wearing the armor, they would not be able to conceal their auras. As long as their own auras were exposed, they would be crushed to death by that strange pressure.

Thus, with the current situation, it must be two people from the younger generation who would don the Blood Devouring Armor and enter the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. Originally, it had been decided that Xian Miaomiao and Xian Yuyin would be the ones to go in. However, Xian Miaomiao deeply detested Xian Yuyin. Thus, she wanted Chu Feng to go with her instead.

“No problem,” After learning of the situation, Chu Feng nodded his head straightforwardly.

“Chu Feng, you’re truly wonderful,” Xian Miaomiao was extremely happy. After all, the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation was a place where even the peak experts of the Holy Land of Martialism feared. To enter that place would mean that one would place one’s life in great danger. If ordinary people were to hear the words ‘Blood Devouring Killing Formation’, their expressions would immediately change to ones of fear.

Yet Chu Feng, even though he knew that it was a place filled with danger still agreed to accompany her without the slightest hesitation. This caused Xian Miaomiao to ineffably feel a sort of warmth.

“Merely, I have a condition,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“I have come to ask for Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers for the sake of saving someone. Thus, I must bring the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers back first. I will accompany you to the Blood Devouring Killing Formation afterward,” Chu Feng said.

“This…” Hearing those words, Xian Miaomiao started to frown. Her mouth started to pout, and she revealed an expression of difficulty.

Seeing her appearance, Chu Feng started to worry. Chu Feng was able to tell that Xian Miaomiao possessed some hidden trouble that was hard to mention.

However, right at that moment, Xian MIaomiao suddenly started to grin from ear to ear. With a beaming smile, she said to Chu Feng, “No problem.”

“Oh you, you’re actually toying with me,” At that moment, Chu Feng gave Xian Miaomiao an enormous side eye. Evidently, the difficult expression that she had earlier was feigned. She was deliberately fooling Chu Feng.

That being said, Chu Feng had to admire this girl’s acting skills. It was truly too real. Even Chu Feng was unable to see through her act. He had been defeated by this mischievous little girl.