Chapter 1892 - Blood Devouring Armor

Chapter 1892 - Blood Devouring Armor

“Xian Miaomiao?” Chu Feng was stunned upon hearing that name. Then, with a suspicious expression on his face, he looked to Xian Miaomiao and asked, “You’re not lying to me, right?”

“Why would I lie to you? I’m not lying to you.”

“Wait, why would you think that I’m lying to you? Aiyah, are you looking down on my name?” Xian Miaomiao bulged her cheeks in anger.

“Haha, of course not, how could I dare?”

“Merely… the name Xian Miaomiao, it’s, eh… very good, very good.” Chu Feng waved his hand repeatedly. However, he truly felt that the name Xian Miaomiao was very interesting. Such a playful name, no matter how one looked at it, it did not resemble the name that a grand Ancient Era’s Elves’ Princess would have. However, Chu Feng trusted that Xian Miaomiao was not deceiving him.

“Seems like the two of you are getting along pretty well,” Right at that moment, Princess Lingyue opened the door and entered. That old rank five Martial Emperor was following behind her.

“Big sister, Uncle Yue, you’ve come. I have already prepared a banquet and have been waiting for you two,” Upon seeing Princess Lingyue and the old man, Xian Miaomiao clapped her hands excitedly. Then, she ran toward the inside of the palace hall.

“You little glutton,” Princess Lingyue shook her head with a smile. Then, she looked to Chu Feng and said, “Young master Chu Feng, please. It is rare for that girl Miaomiao to invite me to eat. For me to obtain such treatment, it is all because of your fortune.”

“Your Highness is being too courteous. You can just address me as Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“Even if I am being courteous, it’s only because young master Chu Feng was courteous first,” Princess Lingyue said with a smile.

“Ahh…” At that moment, Chu Feng smiled. He did not say anything, and instead proceeded toward the inside of the palace hall.

Afterward, Chu Feng enjoyed a banquet in the palace hall. It was an extremely rich meal. After the banquet, Chu Feng was brought by that Uncle Yue to a palace set up for him to rest in.

At that moment, only Princess Lingyue and Xian Miaomiao remained in the tree palace.

“How was it? Did he pass your test?” Princess Lingyue asked.

“Barely,” Xian Miaomiao said carelessly.

“In that case, how many Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers do you plan to give him?” Princess Lingyue asked.

“He only barely passed. Thus, I naturally cannot give him too many. Just give him like a hundred,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“What?” Hearing that word, even the generally calm and collected Princess Lingyue was shocked.

“Miaomiao, what sort of nonsense are you talking about? In our entire Elf Kingdom, we only possess several thousand Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers.”

“When the Compass Immortal and the Snow-haired Immortal came here to ask for Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers, we only presented them with one each. Even when the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the YinYang Immortal came to ask for them, we only gave them five each.”

“Even back when our royal father decided to thank the Immeasurable Immortal for helping us open an Ancient Era’s Remnant, he had only put ten Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers in the gift that he personally prepared.”

“Even though this Chu Feng possesses exceptional talent, his status is much inferior to those Immortals. It is more than sufficient for you to gift him five Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers. Yet, you actually wanted to give him a hundred? If the elders are to learn about this, they will also not agree to it,” Princess Lingyue said in a very shocked manner.

“Aiyah, big sister, it is true that we do not have a lot of Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers, but don’t we still have several thousands of them? Furthermore, Chu Feng is going to use them to save someone. So what if we are to give him several more? Back then, he helped me. If he hadn’t helped me, your little sister, I, would have been beaten by others,” Xiao Miaomiao said.

“Nonsense! Although your cultivation back then was much inferior to your current cultivation, you were still not someone that group of people could do anything to. Furthermore, Uncle Qing was also with you. Not to mention a mere Cyanwood Domain, there was barely anyone in the entire Holy Land of Martialism that could touch you,” Princess Lingyue said.

“But, big sister, if my cultivation was as weak as that of an ordinary little girl, and if Uncle Qing had not secretly followed me to protect me?”

“If that was the case, then, if Chu Feng had not helped me back then, what do you think would’ve happened to me?” Xian Miaomiao said with a serious expression.

“This…” Princess Lingyue sighed, “Forget about it. A hundred it is then. I knew that you possessed special feelings for that Chu Feng. It’s no wonder you always mention him.”

“As for our royal father and the elders, I’ll go and help you talk to them,” In the end, Princess Lingyue gave in. The reason for that was because she knew that regardless of whether Xian Miaomiao possessed the strength to protect herself back then, she was someone without any strength to protect herself in the eyes of Chu Feng. Thus, Chu Feng had indeed helped her.

Princess Lingyue cared deeply about her younger sister. Since her younger sister wanted to gift Chu Feng a hundred Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers as her repayment for his grace, she had no choice but to accept it unconditionally.

“I knew big sister was the best,” Xian Miaomiao grabbed onto Princess Lingyue’s arm extremely happily.

“Oh, that’s right. Miaomiao, the Blood Devouring Armor is completed,” Princess Lingyue asked.

“Really? How many?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“Two,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Aiyah, didn’t I say one would be enough? Why make so many?” Xian Miaomiao curled her lips in a dissatisfied manner.

“It’s naturally so that we can have someone protecting you,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Protect me? That Xian Yuyin? While it is true that his cultivation has greatly increased after he subdued an Imperial Armament, and he has become a rank three Martial Emperor like me, big sister, you should know that Xian Yuyin is no match for me.”

“As such, how could he possibly protect me? It would already be great if I don’t have to protect him instead. Furthermore, you also know that… I loathe him,” Xian Miaomiao said angrily.

“Your big sister also dislikes him. However, this matter was decided by father and the elders. After all, the Blood Devouring Armor is only something that the younger generation can wear. Furthermore, among our Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation, only Xian Yuyin is able to accompany you into the Blood Devouring Killing Formation,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Younger generation?” Hearing the words ‘younger generation,’ Xian Miaomiao’s expression changed to one of joy. She said, “Big sister, I have a candidate that’s even more suitable than Xian Yuyin.”

“You’re not talking about Chu Feng, right?” Princess Lingyue started to frown.

“Mn, mn, mn, mn,” Xian Miaomiao nodded her head repeatedly while smiling beamingly.

“Oh you. Chu Feng is not an Ancient Era’s Elf. How could he…?”

“Big sister, just help me with it. If I must be accompanied by Xian Yuyin, I’d rather not go,” Xian Miaomiao turned around angrily.

“Miaomiao, stop with your temper. You should know how important the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower is to you. There’s most definitely an Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower in that Blood Devouring Killing Formation,” Princess Lingyue urged.

Xian Miaomiao suddenly turned around and grabbed the corner of Princess Lingyue’s clothes. She said in a pitiful manner, “Then, big sister, just help me talk to them and let them have Chu Feng accompany me.”

Seeing her little sister acting like this, Princess Lingyue was truly at a loss. She knew Xian Miaomiao’s temperament. If she refused to help her, Xian Miaomiao might really rather not go. Thus, with no other choice, Princess Lingyue sighed and said helplessly, “I truly cannot deal with you. I’ll try my best.”

“Haha, I knew big sister was the best,” Xian Miaomiao hugged Princess Lingyue’s arm again tightly and started to swing it back and forth in joy.


Spirit Beasts, they were a sort of special organism from the Ancient Era. However, they were not fierce at all. Merely, their speed was extremely fast, and they had appearances similar to those of leopards. Generally, they would be around five meters long. Since very long ago, they had been domesticated by Ancient Era’s Elves.

The Ancient Era’s Elves had used special methods to erase their intelligence and named them Spirit Beasts. Currently, they were a special means of transportation limited to the Elf Kingdom.

Inside the Spirit Beasts Room. Xian Yushi was in that place. His body was extremely stinky. Beside him stood a man. This man was also someone from the younger generation. However, he possessed the cultivation of a rank three Martial Emperor.

Xian Yuyin was originally a rank one Martial Emperor. After the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly held in the Gong Ba Plains, he reached a breakthrough to rank two Martial Emperor and was awarded an Imperial Armament. Then, using the Ancient Era’s Spirit Formation in the Elf Kingdom, he successfully subdued the Imperial Armament. With that, his cultivation increased once again. That was how he became the rank three Martial Emperor he was today.

Before the emergence of Xian Miaomiao, he had always been the strongest member of the younger generation in the Elf Kingdom. He was Xian Yushi’s own blood brother.

“Big brother, you must uphold justice for me. It is all because of that Chu Feng that I ended up suffering this sort of humiliation,” Xian Yushi had told Xian Yuyin all that had happened today.

“Little brother, rest assured. I will definitely not let that Chu Feng get away with this. Merely, I still cannot go against Princess Lingyue yet. The reason for that is because your brother, I, have obtained a heavy responsibility. I’ll be entering the Blood Devouring Killing Formation together with Princess Miaomiao to search for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower,” Xian Yuyin said.

“Big brother, is what you said for real?” Hearing those words, Xian Yushi was overjoyed. He seemed to have forgotten the grievances he had suffered today.

“Of course. You also know that due to the title of the strongest younger generation, I ended up in a disagreement with Princess Miaomiao. Because of that, she dislikes me a lot. However, Princess Miaomiao is currently our Ancient Era’s Elves’ widely accepted successor to the King.”

“Thus, I must improve my relationship with her. To accompany her in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation this time around will be a great opportunity for me to get closer to her.”

“Not only must I improve my relationship with her, I will also use this opportunity to bring our relationship one step further. I am going to become her husband. As long as I become her man, even if she is to become the Queen, the person with the actual authority will be me.”

“At that time, even if that bitch Lingyue is Miaomiao’s older blood sister, she will also have to do as I say and be ordered by me.”

“As for that Chu Feng, humph, he’s a mere human. Whenever I want him to die, he shall die at that time. However I want him to die, he shall die in that manner,” After saying those words, Xian Yuyin revealed a treacherous smile.

“Your little brother is willing to follow big brother for the rest of his life,” At that moment, with a ‘putt,’ Xian Yushi kneeled before his own older brother to show his loyalty. He also knew that this was no small matter. If his brother succeeded, he would also enjoy endless glory.

“Hahaha…” Seeing his younger brother acting like this, the smile on Xian Yuyin’s face grew even denser. It was as if he could already see the scene of him becoming the King in the future.