Chapter 1894 - Shocking Sentence

Chapter 1894 - Shocking Sentence

The next day, Chu Feng arrived at the Ancient Era’s Elves’ most respected palace hall, the Ancient Era’s Palace, with Xian Miaomiao and Princess Lingyue.

As its name implied, the Ancient Era’s Palace was a palace that had existed since the Ancient Era.

Not only was this palace extremely gorgeous and magnificent, it was also one of the Elf Kingdom’s very few perfectly preserved palaces from the Ancient Era. Thus, this palace emitted the aura of the Ancient Era from all over.

When one entered that palace, one would immediately feel a deep veneration for the palace itself.

At that moment, many people had arrived at this palace hall. They were all extremely influential grand characters in the Holy Land of Martialism.

The Elf King, the Four Grand Elders, and the Eight Protectors...

They were the most powerful battle power of the Elf Kingdom, and also the most frightening battle power in the Holy Land of Martialism right now. At that moment, they were all gathered in this Ancient Era’s Palace.

Upon entering the palace, the first person who entered Chu Feng’s line of sight was the person sitting on the master seat, the Elf King.

Upon seeing the Elf King, even Chu Feng’s eyes started to shine, and his hair started to rise.

Powerful. Even though the Elf King had the appearance of a middle-aged man, was very handsome and appeared to be amiable, the ruler’s aura that he emitted was able to penetrate through one’s heart. From a single glance, one could tell how powerful of an existence he was.

Furthermore, his king’s aura was even better manifested as he was wearing a crown on his head, golden clothes and a suit of soft green armor.

There was currently no Overlord in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, even in the eras with Overlords, those Overlords might not necessarily be the strongest person in the Holy Land of Martialism.

The reason for that was because, other than the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers, as well as the various monstrous beast powers, there was still the unsurpassed Elf Kingdom.

Reportedly, of the Five Overlords, only Emperor Qing, Qing Xuantian, had managed to actually defeat an Elf King.

From this, it could be seen how powerful the Elf Kingdom was. Perhaps the Elf King before Chu Feng might be the strongest individual in the Holy Land of Martialism right now.

However, this strongest individual did not emit that air of arrogance of being high and above. Upon seeing that Chu Feng had entered the place, the other Ancient Era’s Elves all revealed expressions of surprise. However, the Elf King, the person with the most precious status, was the only person to actually nod and smile at Chu Feng. This caused Chu Feng to feel a considerable amount of warmth.

As they say, dragons birth dragons, phoenixes birth phoenixes, and the son of a rat will know how to dig a hole. At that moment, Chu Feng was deeply experiencing that saying. [1. i.e. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.]

It was no wonder that Princess Lingyue and Xian Miaomiao were so amiable. It turned out that they actually possessed a great role model.

Other than the Elf King, the four aged Elders and the Elf Kingdom’s Eight Protectors all revealed expressions of displeasure upon seeing Chu Feng. This was especially true for one among the Protectors, a man with a scar on his left eye. After he saw Chu Feng, he did not even bother to cover the disgust and hatred in his eyes.

“That man over there with a scar over his left eye is Xian Yuyin’s father. As for that guy there, he’s Xian Yuyin,” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao was secretly pointing out Xian Yuyin and his father to Chu Feng.

Following the direction that Xian Miaomiao had indicated to him, Chu Feng saw a young man seated below. That was Xian Yuyin. Merely, after Xian Yuyin saw Chu Feng, the hatred and disgust that he revealed in his eyes was actually even more intense than his father’s. Not only that, there was also envy in his eyes.

At that moment, Chu Feng smiled in his heart. Chu Feng was able to understand the envy that Xian Yuyin had toward him.

Without even thinking about it, Chu Feng knew for certain that Princess Miaomiao and Princess Lingyue were most definitely two of the most beautiful women in the Elf Kingdom, the sweethearts in the dreams of countless men.

And now, these two princesses appeared together with Chu Feng. Furthermore, Xian Miaomiao was whispering to Chu Feng in such an intimate manner. It would instead be strange if that Xian Yuyin was not jealous.

Chu Feng did not mind the peculiar gazes that were cast towards him. Those high and above would generally look down on others they perceived to be inferior to them. When even the humans were this way, how could the Ancient Era’s Elves, a race that had existed from the Ancient Era and possessed a noble lineage, possibly not act in such a manner? Let alone these people present, that were of the very best of the Elf Kingdom.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt their true might. Perhaps this might be the strongest battle power in the Holy Land of Martialism right now.

This sort of sensation felt quite decent. Chu Feng was not afraid of this sort of pressure. Instead, he felt joy because of it.

When facing those that were strong, Chu Feng would feel as if his blood was boiling. It would drive him to become even stronger faster.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that Chu Feng was not the only human in this Ancient Era’s Palace. Other than Chu Feng, there were two other humans.

They were two Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists. One among them possessed a very powerful aura, so strong that Chu Feng was actually unable to see through his cultivation. Likely, that world spiritist should be the person who was equally as famous as the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Immeasurable Immortal.

When the Immeasurable Immortal saw Chu Feng, he also smiled and nodded. He had a very amiable appearance.

As for the other man, although he also appeared to be very amiable toward Chu Feng, Chu Feng was able to feel deep killing intent from him.

This person was someone that Chu Feng recognized. He was the most infamous Immortal in the Holy Land of Martialism, the Avaricious Immortal.

“Chu Feng, that Avaricious Immortal is the Immeasurable Immortal’s junior brother. Although it is the Immeasurable Immortal who forged the Blood Devouring Armor, the Avaricious Immortal also helped,” Seemingly knowing that Chu Feng was on bad terms with the Avaricious Immortal, Princess Lingyue spoke to Chu Feng through a voice transmission.

“It’s no bother,” Chu Feng smiled in reply. Although he possessed hatred toward the Avaricious Immortal, even if the two of them were absolutely irreconcilable, Chu Feng would still not settle his debt with the Avaricious Immortal in the Elf Kingdom’s territory.

At that moment, Xian Yuyin exploded. “Chu Feng, you are truly audacious! Is this a place that someone like you can enter? Scram immediately!” He spoke to drive Chu Feng out. Hearing those words, the guards outside the door started to move. They had the intention to arrest Chu Feng and drive him out.

“Chu Feng is my guest. I shall see who dares to drive him out,” Xian Miaomiao said coldly. Her tone was extremely domineering.

After Xian Miaomiao spoke, the guards outside the door immediately returned to their original positions. Furthermore, they all revealed fear on their faces.

Compared to Xian Yuyin, the weight of Xiao Miaomiao’s words was much heavier.

“Miaomiao, this is the Ancient Era’s Palace. How could humans be allowed in here?” Xian Yuyin said. Compared to how he spoke to Chu Feng, his attitude was much better when he spoke to Xian Miaomiao. In fact, he seemed to have an attitude of conceding to her.

However, Xian Miaomiao was still completely ruthless toward him. “Are you saying that the Immeasurable Immortal and the Avaricious Immortal are not humans?”

“How could this be compared? The two Immortals have done us a meritorious service by forging the Blood Devouring Armor. They were personally invited here by the King. How could Chu Feng possibly compare to the two Immortals?” Xian Yuyan said.

Right at that moment, Xian Yuyin’s father suddenly said, “Enough. Yuyin, as a big brother, you should yield to your little sister,”

After hearing what his father said, Xian Yuyin seemed to have understood something. Not only did he not say anything anymore, he instead revealed a slight smile.

“Miaomiao, you also spoke wrongly too. As your uncle, I should properly fix your attitude.”

“After all, Yuyin is your big brother. When speaking to him, you should show some respect. Furthermore, the two of you are about to be alone with one another for some time. If you are to act this way, as your uncle, I will not be at ease,” Xian Yuyin’s father said to Xian Miaomiao.

“That’s right. Miaomiao, in the entire Elf Kingdom, you and Yuyin match one another the best. As such, the two of you should get along with one another well. Stop quarreling all the time,” In response, another Protector spoke with a beaming smile. Although this man was also a Protector, he was Xian Yuyin’s father’s trusted aide. Naturally, he would be speaking for Xian Yuyin.

Hearing those words, some people revealed smiles on their faces, whereas others revealed expressions of discomfort. However, no one said anything. Regardless of whether or not they were fond of Xian Yuyin, in order to guarantee their purest Ancient Era’s Elf’s bloodline, Xian Miaomiao’s future husband must definitely be chosen from among the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Furthermore, among the entire Elf Kingdom, it was true that only Xian Yuyin would be suitable for Xian Miaomiao. Thus, Xian Yuyin being Xian Miaomiao’s future husband was something that many people accepted to be true.

This was also the reason why Xian Yuyin, although a person of the younger generation and not the Elf King’s son, possessed such great authority in the Elf Kingdom. As many people all understood that he would become the Elf King in the future, they naturally did not dare to provoke him.

“It just so happens that this matter is precisely what I want to talk about today. I do not plan to enter the Blood Devouring Killing Formation with Xian Yuyin,” Xian Miaomiao said.

Xian Miaomiao’s words came like a sudden clap of thunder that resounded in the hearts of everyone present.