Chapter 1883 - Princess Lingyue

MGA: Chapter 1883 - Princess Lingyue

“We pay our respects to Your Highness the Princess.”

Sure enough, the four Ancient Era’s Elves beside Chu Feng spoke to the warship with respectful tones.

At that moment, that warship suddenly stopped. Then, a gentle yet still imposing voice sounded from the warship, “Who is it that has arrived?”

“Reporting to Your Highness the Princess, I am called Chu Feng. I have come to the Elf Kingdom with an important matter that I wish to request the Elf Kingdom’s assistance with,” Chu Feng lifted his head and clasped his fist toward the warship. Although he did not manage to see that princess, he knew that the person that had spoken must be the Elf Kingdom’s princess.

“Chu Feng?” Inside the warship was a celestial fairy-like beauty. She possessed a petite figure. Although she was petite, she was fully developed. Her blonde hair was exceptionally beautiful as it draped down from her head. With her exquisite hairpin and her beautiful face, she appeared to be extremely noble and extraordinary.

Furthermore, this Elf Princess was wearing a suit of armor that was flickering with a golden sheen. This made her appear very different and unusually domineering.

As for this person, she was the second daughter of the Elf Kingdom’s King, Xian Lingyue, Princess Lingyue.

While Princess Xian Lingyue possessed an exceptionally beautiful appearance, so beautiful that she was like a lotus flower on the water’s surface, she was actually over two thousand years old. Furthermore, as she possessed the inheritance of the Elf King’s noble bloodline, her cultivation was extremely strong -- she was a rank five Martial Emperor.

With her cultivation, she would rarely be able to find a match in the entire Holy Land of Martialism. However, she was only a mere princess in the Elf Kingdom.

After Xian Lingyue heard Chu Feng’s name, her expression changed. She carefully surveyed Chu Feng through the window below the warship, .

When she discovered that the person that had declared himself to be Chu Feng was actually the Chu Feng that was wanted by the Four Great Imperial Clan's, an enchanting smile surprisingly blossomed on her face.

“It’s really that Chu Feng. Big sis Lingyue, I’ve heard that Chu Feng is a thorn that will cause trouble everywhere. Can it be that he has gotten bored of challenging human powers, and has decided to come create trouble in our Elf Kingdom?”

“He is truly daring, and has simply grown tired of living,” At that moment, a young Ancient Era’s Elf was standing beside Princess Lingyue.

It was a man. Like a female, his long blond hair trailed over his shoulders. Like Chu Feng, he was also of the younger generation. Furthermore, even his cultivation was the same as Chu Feng’s; he was a rank nine Half Martial Emperor.

This Ancient Era’s Elf’s name was Xian Yushi. Although he was not a child of the Elf King, he was also of noble blood. His status greatly surpassed that of other Ancient Era’s Elves.

“Lil brother Yushi, it must be the first time you’ve seen this Chu Feng, right?” Princess Lingyue asked Xian Yushi.

“Over the last several years, I have been training with big sis the entire time. It has been a long time since I’ve gone out. All I know about this Chu Feng are the rumors that I’ve heard. Today is indeed the first time I have seen him,” Xian Yushi nodded.

“Since this is the first time you’ve seen him, you naturally will not know about him. As such, why did you speak of him that badly?” Princess Lingyue asked.

“Big sis Lingyue, I…” Xian Yushi wanted to explain. However, after thinking about it, he stopped trying to explain. Instead, he said, “Big sis Lingyue, I was wrong. I will not jump to an unfounded conclusion again.”

“That’s more like it,” Princess Lingyue smiled lightly. Then, he looked down toward Chu Feng again.

“Chu Feng, you should quickly leave. The person on that warship is Princess Lingyue. She is not someone that you can afford to offend,” At that moment, seeing that Princess Lingyue’s warship was still there, and that Princess Lingyue was silent the entire time, the Ancient Era’s Elves beside Chu Feng secretly sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng urging him to leave. They feared that Chu Feng would anger Princess Lingyue.

Right at that moment, Princess Lingyue’s voice was heard again. “Chu Feng, you said that you’ve come to our Elf Kingdom with a request, what might that be?”

“Your Highness, I needed an Elf Kingdom’s Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower to save a person’s life,” Chu Feng spoke honestly.

“Whose life is it that you’re trying to save?” Princess Lingyue asked.

Chu Feng hesitated for a moment and then said, “It is unsuitable for me to speak of who that person is. I hope that Your Highness will forgive me.”

Afterall, Nangong Longjian was someone with a very honest temperament. It would be inevitable for him to have offended a lot of people in the Holy Land of Martialism. Now that his illness was acting up and he had lost the ability to fight, Chu Feng feared that Nangong Longjian’s enemies would search for him should he leak this matter.

“Impudent! You have something that you want to request our assistance with, yet refuse to tell us what it is. Your attitude is simply not one of someone requesting another’s assistance. What sort of place did you think our Elf Kingdom to be?!” A voice filled with anger sounded from the warship. It was not Princess Lingyue’s voice. Instead, it was Xian Yushi’s.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng started to frown. Although the Princess’s voice was very amiable and did not contain any antipathy toward him, it was very evident that there was an Ancient Era’s Elf beside the Princess that greatly disliked him.

“Lil brother Yushi, when I am speaking with someone, could you not interrupt?” Inside the warship, Princess Lingyue looked at Xian Yushi. There was a trace of displeasure in her gaze.

“Yes,” Xian Yushi did not dare to say anymore.

“You can go out first,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Big sis Lingyue, I…” Xian Yushi’s expression took a huge change. He thought that he had angered Princess Lingyue. Although he addressed Princess Lingyue as big sis, an intimate way of addressing someone, he actually feared Princess Lingyue enormously. After all, princess Lingyue was the biological daughter of the Elf King.

The current Elf King had already governed the Elf Kingdom for eight thousand years. However, in this period of time, he had only given birth to three children. The oldest son died five thousand years ago when he tried to charge into a forbidden area. His two other children were both daughters. As for the two of them, they were Princess Lingyue and the princess known to be the strongest genius of the Ancient Era’s Elves, Princess Miaomiao. [1. Miao = cat’s meow.]

These two princesses were the only two children of the Elf King. They were truly beloved by him. In the Elf Kingdom, not to mention them, the younger generation, even the older generation did not dare to offend the two princesses.

“I’m telling you to go out and receive that Chu Feng,” Princess Lingyue said with a smile.

“Big sis Lingyue, you wish to receive that Chu Feng as a guest?” Xian Yushi was astonished. He did not understand why Princess Lingyue would want to receive Chu Feng.

“I never said I wanted to receive Chu Feng as a guest. Rather, I said that I want you to receive Chu Feng. You should be able to understand what I mean, no?” Princess Lingyue said with a smile.

Seeing Princess Lingyue’s particular smile, Xian Yushi seemed to have understood something. He nodded his head repeatedly and said, “Big sis Lingyue, please rest assured. I will definitely entertain that Chu Feng properly.”

“I am reassured with the way you handle things. Go on,” Princess Lingyue waved her hand.

Then, Xian Yushi descended from the warship and arrived before Chu Feng.

After Xian Yushi descended, the warship that Princess Lingyue was on flew directly toward the depths of the Elf Kingdom.

“You are that Chu Feng?” Xian Yushi asked while staring at Chu Feng. His attitude was extremely vile.

“I am precisely Chu Feng. May I ask who you might be?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

Chu Feng did not dare to forget his purpose in coming here, nor the advice he had been given by the Compass Immortal. He had come with a request for the Elf Kingdom. As such, even though he could tell that this Xian Yushi was filled with hostility toward him with a single glance, Chu Feng still had to be very polite.