Chapter 1884 - Xian Miaomiao

MGA: Chapter 1884 - Xian Miaomiao

“This person here is our Elf Kingdom’s Young Master Yushi,” One of the Ancient Era’s Elves beside Chu Feng introduced him.

“So it’s actually Young Master Yushi. It is my pleasure to meet you,” Chu Feng clasped his fist toward Xian Yushi. The smile on his face did not decrease in the slightest.

“There’s no need to be overly polite. Follow me,” Xian Yushi curled his lips disdainfully. Then he began to fly toward Elf Kingdom’s inner region.

Seeing that, Chu Feng's eyes narrowed slightly. He did not know what sort of intentions Xian Yushi had in having him follow him. However, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and followed Xian Yushi immediately. He did not wish to miss the opportunity to enter the Elf Kingdom.

“Young Master Yushi, that Chu Feng has not received an invitation, I fear…” At that moment, the four old Ancient Era’s Elves’ elders all revealed difficult expressions. Even though Xian Yushi was a young master, he did not possess the qualifications to invite outsiders into the Elf Kingdom as guests.

“This is the intention of my big sis Lingyue, do you all dare to obstruct this?” Xian Yushi’s expression turned cold. He appeared extremely displeased. He knew that he did not possess the qualifications to invite guests. That was the reason why these elders had dared to stop him.

“We do not dare,” Hearing Princess Lingyue’s name, the four elders immediately withdrew themselves and spoke no more.

“Humph,” Xian Yushi snorted coldly. Then, he looked to Chu Feng and said vilely, “What are you standing there for? Quickly, catch up.”

“That guy, he’s truly seeking a beating. It’s his status that is insufficient. Yet, he actually decided to vent his anger on you.”

“Chu Feng, how about we don’t bother obtaining the medicinal flower? I feel that this Xian Yushi is acting extremely hostile toward you. If you were to enter the Elf Kingdom, I fear that you would be put in danger,” Her Lady Queen was extremely dissatisfied with Xian Yushi’s attitude. However, more than that, she was worried for Chu Feng’s safety.

Faced with Eggy’s worries, Chu Feng smiled indifferently. After he found out that it was Princess Lingyue who had invited him, Chu Feng seemed to have thought of something. “Before eaves, one must lower their head. Let alone… that Xian Yushi also said it. The person that allowed me to enter is Princess Lingyue, and not him. Likely, no matter how displeased he is with me, he will not really do anything to me. After all, that so-called Princess Lingyue did not seem to possess any hostility toward me.”

Thus, if Chu Feng was worried before, then, at this moment, Chu Feng was completely confident.

“I truly don’t know what to do with you,” Eggy felt that Chu Feng was consoling himself.

“Rest assured, I know what to do,” Chu Feng smiled again. Then, he began to follow Xian Yushi.

After flying behind Xian Yushi for four entire hours, Chu Feng finally reached an Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation. After entering the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation, they traveled for six entire hours before finally exiting the teleportation formation.

During all this, Xian Yushi did not say a single word to Chu Feng. His attitude was extremely vile. It was as if Chu Feng owed him money.

When Chu Feng exited the teleportation formation, what appeared before him was not only illusion-like beautiful scenery; there was also a vast and boundless city.

This city was most definitely the most spectacular of all the cities that Chu Feng had seen so far. The enormous city gates and city walls reached the clouds and filled one’s line of sight.

Enormous gems were embedded into the city gates and city walls. The gems were all different colors, and were not crowded together. When combined with the white bricks and the blue roof tiles, the gems appeared to be crucial to the gorgeousness and nobility of the city.

“The Elf Kingdom is truly extraordinary,” At that moment, even Eggy was unable to contain herself from prasing the Elf Kingdom.

She was not only praising it because the vast city was built so perfectly beautifully, it was mainly because each brick and tile on the city wall were all embedded with spirit formations.

That’s right, it was not a gate or a wall that was embedded with spirit formations. Rather, it was the individual bricks and tiles that were embedded with spirit formations independent from one another. A city this vast possessed so many bricks and tiles that it was simply uncountable.

It was precisely those densely packed spirit formations that caused this city to possess an extremely powerful defensive ability. In fact, the city even possessed an extremely powerful offensive ability. It was capable of both defending and attacking simultaneously. This was most definitely done on an enormous scale.

At that moment, Xian Yushi brought Chu Feng to a small gate. Although it was a small gate, it was still several tens of meters tall. Close to a hundred Ancient Era’s Elf guards stood to either side of the gate. They were actually all Martial Emperor-level experts.

Although they were not as powerful as the four elders from before, being merely only rank one Martial Emperors, it was astonishing to see Martial Emperors being used only as gatekeepers.

If the Nine Powers were to know about such a thing, that their greatly respected Martial Emperors were only gatekeepers in the Elf Kingdom, one would truly wonder what sort of thoughts they might have.

At that moment, Chu Feng realized why the Elf Kingdom was reputed to be the strongest power in the Holy Land of Martialism. Before it, the other powers were truly so unbearably small.

“Wait for me here,” Xian Yushi said coldly. After he finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he passed through the gate.

As for Chu Feng, he stood there and began to admire the Elf Kingdom’s unimaginably beautiful scenery.

As the sky had already darkened, the flowers, plants and trees that were glimmering with light appeared even brighter; even more exceptionally beautiful.

Merely, as Chu Feng saw such beautiful scenery, he began to miss his lovers, Zi Ling, Su Rou and Su Mei.

If he were able to admire this beautiful scenery with his lovers, oh how great that would be.

Fortunately, Eggy was accompanying him, causing Chu Feng to not be too sad.


In the depths of the Elf Kingdom was a special palace.

This palace was actually made from a special enormous tree. While it was said to be a tree, it actually resembled an enormous flower. The reason for that was because all of the branches and leaves of this tree were exceptionally beautiful.

If the other plants in the Elf Kingdom were all only glimmering with light, then the intensity of the light that this tree gave off was so intense that it was like an enormous lantern, capable of illuminating all living things in the middle of the night.

This exceptionally beautiful palace was the Ancient Era’s Elves’ forbidden area. Only very few people were allowed to enter this place. As for others, not to mention entering, they would not even be allowed to approach this enormous tree.

At that moment, Princess Lingyue was sitting in this palace.

Princess Lingyue had removed her brilliant armor and changed into a long blue skirt. She appeared to be extremely sexy. However… she was not the master of this palace.

“Big sister, you’ve finally returned. I’ve missed you to death.”

Suddenly, a beauty ran out from the palace. Like a crafty little rabbit, she leapt into Princess Lingyue’s bosom.

She was a young lady that was roughly fifteen or sixteen years old. She possessed blonde hair, blue eyes and pointed ears. All of these special characteristics illustrated that she was also an Ancient Era’s Elf.

Merely, her appearance was even more beautiful than that of ordinary Ancient Era’s Elves, reaching a point of being unrealistically beautiful. It was as if she were a celestial fairy from a painting.

Thus, while she possessed an appearance very similar to Princess Lingyue, all aspects of her appearance were much more perfect than Princess Lingyue. This was especially true of her pair of large blue eyes. They were filled with spirit and cleverness. They were extremely beautiful.

This young lady was none other than the Ancient Era’s Elves’ exceptional genius, Xian Miaomiao, Princess Miaomiao.

She was named Xian Miaomiao by her mother. As for why her name was Xian Miaomiao, very few people knew. [1. Remember, Miao → Meow. Xian → Immortal. So.. her name is Immortal Meowmeow.]