Chapter 1882 - Refused Entry

MGA: Chapter 1882 - Refused Entry

On his journey to the Elf Kingdom, Chu Feng had managed to unintentionally come across a lot of news, the majority of which concerned the battle between him and the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Merely, Chu Feng discovered that, indeed, the more information was spread, the less reliable and more incredible it became.

The Four Great Imperial Clans had clearly only apologized to him. Yet, from the mouths of certain individuals, that actually became the Four Great Imperial Clans kneeling to him and begging him for forgiveness.

Chu Feng felt very helpless regarding this sort of thing. It was no wonder many people did not believe in rumors. After all, these rumors were truly too unreasonable.

One thing worthy of being mentioned was that, after what had happened, the Dark Hall had genuinely entered the people’s line of sight. Practically everyone was talking about the Dark Hall, that mysterious power.

However, Chu Feng was able to detect that the Dark Hall seemed to have disappeared after the battle at the Ximen Imperial Clan. There was no new news of them at all. The reason for that was because the crowd was only discussing the Dark Hall in the battle at the Ximen Imperial Clan. This meant that the Dark Hall had not taken any overt action since that battle.

After continuing on his journey for some time, Chu Feng finally arrived at the territory of the Holy Land of Martialism’s strongest power, the Elf Kingdom.

“As expected of a power that has existed since the Ancient Era. It would seem that the Ancient Era’s Elves have occupied the most beautiful place in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

As Chu Feng looked at the territory that was occupied by the Elf Kingdom, only beauty appeared in his line of sight.

The grasses, trees and flowers of this place were all different from those of other places. Although the Holy Land of Martialism was a place with a lot of rare and beautiful plants, there were simply too many gathered in this place.

Chu Feng had heard that it was very simple to determine whether an area was within the territory of the Elf Kingdom. As long as it was filled with rare and beautiful plants, it would be part of the Elf Kingdom, and the opposite held true as well.

At that moment, Chu Feng had arrived at the Elf Kingdom’s territory. Although he had entered the range of the Elf Kingdom, Chu Feng did not see their legendary fort.

Chu Feng knew… that the Elf Kingdom’s territory was very vast; they had practically monopolized an entire domain. Thus, he knew that he would have to continue to proceed inward should he wish to seek out the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“This place is truly beautiful,” On their journey inward, even Her Lady Queen Eggy was unable to contain herself from praising the beautiful scenery of this place.

Beautiful, it was truly beautiful. The grasses were green and shining with glimmer. The flowers were all different from one another, and looked incomparably gorgeous. Like the grasses… they were also glimmering.

It would be understandable if it was just a single flower. Yet, as far as the eye could see, boundless multi-colored radiance was glimmering in an extremely gorgeous and dazzling manner. Basking in their glimmer, one would feel as if they had entered an illusory world.

In fact, the sky here was no longer blue. Instead, it was multi-colored. The clouds of this place were no longer white. Instead, they were blossoming with light.

Furthermore, various small islands were floating in mid-air. Furthermore, Chu Feng could see a waterfall on one island with water floating straight to the ground like a silver dragon flying straight into the world of mortals.





However, before Chu feng even saw the Elf Kingdom’s fort, four figures rapidly flew toward him. In the end, not only did they block him in midair, they also surrounded him.

They were four Ancient Era’s Elves, completely different from the Ancient Era’s Elves that Chu Feng had met before. They were four old men. Even though they were very old, they still had very handsome appearances. Most importantly, they were actually emitting the aura of rank three Martial Emperors.

Rank three Martial Emperors, what sort of existences were they? They were experts on par with the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. However, looking at the four people around him, it was clear that they did not possess that high of a status. It was not that Chu Feng was underestimating them; however, Chu Feng felt that the four of them were only watchguards.

To use rank three Martial Emperors as watchguards. Merely this was sufficient to show how powerful the Elf Kingdom was.

“You should show yourself now,” The leader of the four spoke with an ice-cold voice.

At that moment, Chu Feng noticed that the four of them were all holding a mirror-like object in their hands. That was a special world spirit map. Chu Feng’s position had been locked onto by that world spirit map.

This meant that they weren’t able to discover Chu Feng because he had not hidden himself well enough. Rather, it was because they possessed an extremely powerful sensing formation, so powerful that even Chu Feng had not managed to discover it before he had already been detected by it.

“Four seniors, I do not possess any intention to offend you all. Merely, I have come here with a request,” At that moment, Chu Feng revealed himself and greeted them courteously.

“You’re Chu Feng?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the brows of the four Ancient Era’s Elves all moved upward. They were all surprised. It could be seen that they knew of Chu Feng’s appearance.

“Senior, I am indeed Chu Feng,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Have you came here under an invitation?” The Ancient Era’s Elves asked.

“I have not. I have come here out of my own intentions,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am truly sorry. Our Elf Kingdom is not a place that people can enter as they wish. If you have not been invited, I’m afraid that we will have to see you out,” The Ancient Era’s Elves shook their heads.

“Seniors, this junior has come here with a matter that I wish to request your Elf Kingdom’s assistance in. It concerns one’s life. I hope that seniors will be able to let me get around the regulations,” Chu Feng clasped his fist courteously.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I’ve already said it. Without an invitation, you are not allowed to enter. As for it being concerning someone’s life, it is not that we are helpless, but with how enormous the Holy Land of Martialism is, countless people die every day. Furthermore, one’s life and death is up to fate. Our Elf Kingdom will not be able to concern ourselves with that, nor do we wish to.”

“Thus, I hope that little friend Chu Feng will abide by our Elf Kingdom’s rules and not make things difficult for us,” The Ancient Era’s Elf said.

“But…” Chu Feng was still refusing to leave.

“Little friend Chu Feng, we have heard about your accomplishments. Truth be told, from our own personal standpoints, we admire you greatly. Although you are someone from the younger generation, we are able to admire all of your accomplishments.”

“However, we are tasked with the mission of guarding the Elf Kingdom. As such, we cannot allow anyone to intrude into our Elf Kingdom,” Another Ancient Era’s Elf said.

“It is only because it’s you that we’ve bothered to speak so much with you. If it were any other person, we would’ve already attacked them. Thus, we truly hope that you will not make things difficult for us,” Another Ancient Era’s Elf added.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt very helpless. He could tell that these four Ancient Era’s Elves were truly acting very courteously toward him.

However, their attitudes were firm. They would not allow Chu Feng to continue onward. When they are already like this, if Chu Feng were to try to force his way though, it would get him nowhere.

However, he had traveled far to get here. If he were to be driven out without even being able to enter the Elf Kingdom, he would truly have journeyed in vain.

At that moment, Chu Feng was at a loss as to what to do.


Right at that moment, a strange sound was heard. Chu Feng raised his head upward toward the direction of the sound, and discovered that an enormous crack had actually appeared in the space above him.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

When that enormous crack appeared, the four Ancient Era’s Elves actually all half kneeled in midair. The direction in which they were facing was precisely the location of that enormous crack.

Following that, violent winds began to sweep forth from the crack. Soon, a huge monster appeared.

It was a warship, an enormous warship. That warship emitted an extremely imposing air and appeared extremely magnificent.

When Chu Feng saw the warship, his heart trembled. The reason for that was because he had not managed to detect that warship in the slightest before it had appeared. This meant that that warship was extremely powerful, and its aura was extremely well-hidden.

If it wasn’t for it revealing itself of its own accord, even if Chu Feng were to brush past it, he would likely not be able to discover it.

Furthermore, thousands of Ancient Era’s Elves were standing in an orderly fashion on that warship. Each and every one of them emitted extraordinary airs.

Even though Chu Feng was unable to sense their cultivations, Chu Feng was able to determine merely by looking at them that those Ancient Era’s Elves were all extraordinary people.

Especially the long-haired old man standing at the front end of the warship, with his hands behind his back and his hair fluttering in the wind, his cultivation and status was definitely above those of the four Ancient Era’s Elves beside Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng noticed that the other Ancient Era’s Elves on the warship all possessed respect in their gazes as they looked to the four Ancient Era’s Elves. However, that old man did not even bother to glance at the four Ancient Era’s Elves. He had an attitude of not placing the four of them in his eyes at all.

However, Chu Feng also discovered that the four Ancient Era’s Elves beside him were not kneeling to the old man on the front end of the warship. It should instead be someone else.

The reason for that was because there drifted a large banner on the warship. The most eye-catching aspect of that banner was the words ‘Elf Kingdom.’

However, below ‘Elf Kingdom’ was another word -- ‘Princess.’