Chapter 1881 - Elf Kingdom

MGA: Chapter 1881 - Elf Kingdom

“Compass Immortal, is what you said for real? Can my father really be saved?”

“Thank you, thank you. Truly, thank you very much. I…” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen was so emotional that her speech became incoherent.

Even Bai Suyan was shedding tears again. Although she was crying, she had a joyous smile on her face.

“Don’t thank me. If you wish to thank someone, then you should be thanking little friend Chu Feng, for this spirit formation was provided by little friend Chu Feng.”

“Furthermore, I have only understood the method of setting up the formation, and have yet to completely grasp it. I’m afraid that I will have to depend on little friend Chu Feng to set it up,” The Compass Immortal said with a beaming smile.

“Chu Feng,” Bai Ruochen looked to Chu Feng. However, she was at a loss as to what to say. That said, her glistening eyes were filled with gratefulness toward Chu Feng.

“Senior Compass, although I possess some materials here, they are greatly insufficient. I hope that senior will be able to help me with it.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out all the required materials for the spirit formation which he possessed. All of the materials that he took out were rare treasures that he had obtained from the White-browed Immortal after killing him.

In fact, it could be said that the White-browed Immortal’s Cosmos Sack contained all the materials needed for setting up spirit formations that one could possibly imagine.

However, a lot of materials were still lacking for setting up this formation.

“This spirit formation is very complicated. The materials which it requires are even more complicated. While this old man does not dare to guarantee that he will have all of the materials, I can gather what I have with little friend Chu Feng.”

As that spirit formation truly required a lot of materials, the Compass Immortal did not dare to guarantee that he would have all the materials in his Cosmos Sack. Thus, he could only search for the materials in his Cosmos Sack one by one.

The amount of treasures that the Compass Immortal possessed was truly more numerous than that of the White-browed Immortal. While Chu Feng was only able to provide a third of the required materials, the Compass Immortal was able to provide the other two-thirds.

However, even with this being the case, they still lacked one last component.

“What miserable luck. Of all the things, we’d have to lack the one thing that is the hardest to obtain,” The Compass Immortal smiled a wry smile.

“Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower, what is that? Is it very hard to obtain?” Bai Ruochen asked.

“Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower is not hard to find. Merely, it’s very hard to obtain. The reason for that is because there is only one place in the entire Holy Land of Martialism that possesses the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower. As for that place, it is the Elf Kingdom,” The Compass Immortal said.

“Elf Kingdom,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and the others were all startled.

“That’s right, it is located in the territory of the Holy Land of Martialism’s strongest power.”

“As the fully deserving overlord of the Holy Land of Martialism, although they do not go around bullying humans and monstrous beasts, being arrogant is their characteristic. In their world, even the people of their own race are separated into many different tiers.”

“The Ancient Era’s Elves that are able to live in the Elf Kingdom are those who possess the purest bloodlines and the most outstanding talent.”

“Reportedly, if an Ancient Era’s Elf’s talent is determined to be insufficient, they can be kicked out of the Elf Kingdom at any time and be allocated to live in other territories.”

“Thus, the Elf Kingdom is not only a forbidden area for humans and monstrous beasts, it is also a forbidden area for the great majority of the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“This is also the reason why it is extremely difficult to obtain something from there,” The Compass Immortal said.

“We can offer a high price to purchase it,” Bai Ruochen said.

“Did you think that the Elf Kingdom will not have what you have? However, what you don’t possess can only be found in the Elf Kingdom,” The Compass Immortal said.

“What do we do then? Do we really need that Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower? Are we unable to save my father without that Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower?” Bai Ruochen became extremely worried. Even though hope was before them, they were unable to touch it. This caused her heart to feel extremely stuffed.

“Ruochen, this spirit formation is very special. Senior Longjian’s illness is even more special. The Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower is not something that is absolutely necessary. However, senior Compass and I do not dare to lack it. Although it is only a medicinal herb that will provide assistance to the formation, if we are to lack it, it’s very possible for us to have a lower chance of success,” Chu Feng explained.

“What do we do then?” Bai Ruochen was so worried that she was on the verge of crying. in this sort of situation, she felt herself to be extremely powerless.

“Young lady, you do not have to be too worried. Although the Ancient Era’s Elves are all proud and arrogant, they are not completely unreasonable. This old man once obtained a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower from them before. However, it is precisely because I requested it once that I am not allowed to request their assistance again.”

“As for your father, as he’s already in such a state, he is evidently unable to go to the Elf Kingdom. Thus, I think that this matter will have to depend on little friend Chu Feng,” The Compass Immortal looked to Chu Feng.

At that moment, it was unsuitable for him to go, and Nangong Longjian was unable to go. Between Bai Suyan, Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng, it was clear that Chu Feng would have the highest chance of success in requesting a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower from the Elf Kingdom.

“Leave this matter to me. I also happen to wish to see what the Elf Kingdom is like,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“But…” Bai Ruochen wanted to say something, but was hesitant the entire time. She did not want to put Chu Feng in a difficult situation. Even though the Compass Immortal did not say it extremely clearly, she could tell from his words that the Ancient Era’s Elves were difficult to handle, and that the ones in the Elf Kingdom were even more difficult to handle. If Chu Feng were to go there, he would most likely be put in a difficult situation.

She did not wish to put Chu Feng in a difficult situation. She did not want Chu Feng to suffer grievances for the sake of helping her. However, more than that, she did not wish for her father to die. That was why she wanted to say something, but was hesitant the entire time.

“Ruochen, don’t think too much about it. Even without the events here today, I would have gone to the Elf Kingdom sooner or later. I have been very curious about the Ancient Era the entire time. Likely, only the Ancient Era’s Elves know the truth about the Ancient Era.”

“Thus, I am not going to the Elf Kingdom only for the sake of requesting medicine for senior Longjian. I am also doing so to satisfy my own desire,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

However, Bai Ruochen did not say anything. How could she not know that Chu Feng was only saying those words to console her?

“Little friend Chu Feng, this journey there, if you wish to successfully obtain the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower, this old man only has a single word of advice. That is, endure,” The Compass Immortal said.

Hearing those words, both Bai Ruochen and Bai Suyan’s expression changed. Merely by the word endure,’ they were able to tell how difficult it would be to obtain medicine from the Elf Kingdom.

Right at that moment, Nangong Longjian said, “Little friend Chu Feng, people’s lives are only their reputation, tree’s lives are only their wood, you must not make yourself suffer grievances for my sake.”

“Thank you, seniors, for your advice. Chu Feng knows what to do,” Chu Feng clasped his fist.

“In that case, little friend Chu Feng, you should leave now so that you can return quickly. You can leave Nangong Longjian to this old man.”

“Although I am unable to slow down the development of his illness, I am capable of alleviating his suffering,” The Compass Immortal said.

“I’ll have to trouble senior Compass then,” Chu Feng clasped his fist toward the Compass Immortal. Then, he took a glance at Bai Ruochen and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will definitely return with a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng left the cave. By himself, he proceeded for the Holy Land of Martialism’s longest-existing power, the Elf Kingdom.

As the journey there would be very long, for the sake of avoiding attention, Chu Feng draped a cloak over himself and covered his appearance. Furthermore, for the majority of the time, he hid himself within the void when he journeyed. People were unable to even see him.