Chapter 1865 - Unrivaled Divine Might

 MGA: Chapter 1865 - Unrivaled Divine Might

“World spiritist. This is the frightening aspect of world spiritists. With merely a single person, he is capable of displaying a battle power of thousands of men.”

“Is there simply even a need for us to act? Merely Duan Jidao himself will be able to extinguish the entire Four Great Imperial Clans,” Yaojiao Guang was extremely excited. The way he saw it, this signaled doom for the Four Great Imperial Clans.

In fact, it was not only him that was thinking like that. Practically everyone present all felt that way. They felt that Duan Jidao was able to eliminate the Four Great Imperial Clans by himself. Even the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans were thinking that way.

“If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have allowed Lord Duan to pass his power to on me that quickly. If his cultivation had not suffered because of me, with his original cultivation of rank seven Martial Emperor, the world spirits which he could have summoned would definitely not be limited to only these. Likely, Lord Duan will not even have to act. With merely his world spirits, he will be able to extinguish the Four great Imperial Clans,” At that moment, Jiang Wushang felt extremely remorseful.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng silently agreed with what Jiang Wushang had said. The reason for that was because he was thinking the same thing.

The strength of one’s world spirit was dependent upon one’s own strength. The stronger the world spiritist, the more powerful the world spirit would be. If the world spiritist was weak, the world spirit would in turn become weak.

World spirits would only submit to powerful world spiritists. This was especially true for world spirits with higher levels of cultivation. What they valued were power and personal benefits.

Having reached Duan Jidao’s level, although he was extremely powerful, he was only capable of subduing world spirits weaker than himself.

It was as Jiang Wushang had said. If Duan Jidao was still a rank seven Martial Emperor, the cultivation of the world spirits that he could summon today, the world spirits that were willing to submit to him, would definitely contain rank five Martial Emperors or even rank six Martial Emperors.

However, when Duan Jidao’s cultivation decreased from rank seven Martial Emperor to rank five Martial Emperor, even if he still possessed contracts with rank five or rank six Martial Emperor-level world spirits, those world spirits would not be willing to submit to him and fight for him.

In that sort of situation, Duan Jidao would have no choice but to remove the contracts he had with those world spirits and return their freedom to them. After all, to world spiritists, having disloyal world spirits that were also more powerful than them was a very dangerous matter.

After all, the great majority of world spirits were only loyal to world spiritists for their own personal benefits. Extremely few world spirits were like Eggy, a world spirit that shared life’s joys and sorrows with Chu Feng and was even willing to sacrifice her life for him.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the fact that Eggy was forcibly sealed into Chu Feng’s body by Chu Feng’s mother, then, with her personality, how could she possibly be loyal and devoted to Chu Feng?

To speak of it simply, at the very beginning, Eggy was only willing to help Chu Feng because she was sealed in Chu Feng’s body, and would perish should he die. She had actually only helped Chu Feng in the beginning for her own sake.

As for later on, she began to harbor feelings for Chu Feng over time. That was the reason why she was so loyal and devoted to Chu Feng now. This was also the reason why Chu Feng did not try to summon and contract more world spirits when he could. The way he saw it, world spirits that were not loyal to him, world spirits that were not strong, even if he were to summon them, they would only be a nuisance.

“Wushang, you do not have to blame yourself. For Lord Duan… to want to pass on his power to you so urgently, he actually also possessed his own difficulties,” Yin Gongfu consoled Jiang Wushang. He knew that Duan Jidao was suffering from a serious, incurable illness. Even if he didn’t kill himself, he would not be able to live for much longer. That was why Duan Jidao had been trying to find a successor so urgently.




“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Right at that moment, explosions were being heard nonstop, and many waves of energy ripples began to wreak havoc throughout heaven and earth. The thousand plus world spirits had all unleashed their attacks. Using their special Fairy Spirit World’s techniques, they continuously attacked the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort.

However, the Four Great Imperial Clans had evidently made preparations beforehand. A very powerful protective barrier was protecting the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort. Even though the world spirits were attacking the barrier nonstop, they were unable to break through it.

However, in order to maintain that barrier, the Four Great Imperial Clans had exerted all of their strength to maintain it. Thus, they were unable to continue to provide assistance to Ximen Baiyuan.

The Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders had even taken out their respective Emperor Dragon Seals. They had begun to protect that enormous protective barrier with the power of their Imperial Armaments.

At the moment when his world spirits were attacking the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort nonstop, at the moment when many of the Four Great Imperial Clans’ younger generation and women were crying bitterly in fear, Duan Jidao held his Imperial Armament and unleashed attacks at Ximen Baiyuan.

As for Ximen Baiyuan, after losing the energy instilled into him by everyone from the Four Great Imperial Clans and having to rely on only his own power, he was simply no match for Duan Jidao.

At this moment, every single time he received Duan Jidao’s attack, he would be knocked back several meters. In merely a couple bouts, his palm was split open by the power of the collisions from the two Imperial Armaments, and blood was flowing out of his palms.

“Heavens, this… exactly who is killing who now?”

At that moment, the crowd were unwilling to even blink. They were feeling enormous astonishment in their hearts.

The Four Great Imperial Clans had unleashed such a grand disposition of forces all for the sake of killing Chu Feng. In fact, the great majority of the people present all felt that Chu Feng would not dare to show up, and even if he did, he would only be throwing his life away.

However, not only had Chu Feng come, he had also beaten the Four Great Imperial Clans to an utterly sorry state right after arriving, leaving them no choice but to hole up in their fort. Even the Four Great Imperial Clan's’ strongest Ximen Baiyuan was being utterly suppressed by Duan Jidao right now.

This battle had truly surpassed everyone’s imagination. It was not only something that the Four Great Imperial Clans had not anticipated, even Chu Feng and the others had not anticipated this. Duan Jidao’s strength truly surpassed their imagination.

Today, they finally got to experience Duan Jidao’s… unrivalled divine might!!!

“Damn it!”

In this sort of situation, Ximen Baiyuan did not dare to continue fighting Duan Jidao. His body shifted, and he began to retreat. He was trying to return to the fort and use the power of the protective barrier to stop Duan Jidao’s onslaught.

“Ximen Baiyuan, didn’t you say that you were going to seize my bloodline’s power? Why aren’t you seizing it, and instead fleeing?” Seeing that Ximen Baiyuan was fleeing, Duan Jidao did not give chase. Instead, he coldly watched as Ximen Baiyuan escaped. Contempt and ridicule filled his eyes.

How could Ximen Baiyuan possibly dare to bother to respond to Duan Jidao? At this moment, the only thing in his mind was to quickly return to the fort. Else, he would definitely be killed today. Even though he had failed in his most recent closed-door attempt at extending his lifespan, and would not be able to continue living for long, he still felt the desire to continue to live.

The reason for that was because if he were to die, then no one in the Four Great Imperial Clans would be able to contend against Duan Jidao. Not only would he die, the Four Great Imperial Clans would also be extinguished by Duan Jidao.


However, right at the moment when Ximen Baiyuan reached the protective barrier and was about to pass through it, a figure suddenly appeared before him and blocked his path.

It was Duan Jidao. At this moment… a golden-bright and dazzling ‘Imperial’ character appeared on Duan Jidao’s forehead. Due to that, his battle power soared enormously. Compared to before, he was now much more imposing and powerful.

Although they were both rank five Martial Emperors, Ximen Baiyuan was simply not of the same tier as Duan Jidao.

“You shouldn’t be able to pass through the protective barrier, right? How?” Duan Jidao stared at Ximen Baiyuan’s body. He was trying to find the secret to Ximen Baiyuan being able to pass through the protective barrier.

“By my Imperial Bloodline. What I possess is our Four Great Imperial Clans’ bloodline. As for you, you do not possess that. Thus, while I am able to pass through the protective barrier, you… can forget about passing through it,” Ximen Baiyuan said loudly.

“Oh, so that’s the case,” Duan Jidao smiled lightly. He then grabbed Ximen Baiyuan by his neck and lifted him up.

At this moment, Duan Jidao looked to Ximen Baiyuan and said, “Watch carefully. Even if I do not possess your Four Great Imperial Clans’ bloodline, I am still able to enter your Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort.”

After saying those words, Duan Jidao held tightly onto the spear in his hand and thrust it at the protective barrier.


An ear-piercing sound was heard. Then, that protective barrier started to tremble violently. When Duan Jidao retrieved his spear, Ximen Baiyuan and the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans all had extremely ashen expressions on their faces.

With merely a spear strike, Duan Jidao had left an enormous crack on the protective barrier.