Chapter 1866 - Because They’re Brothers

 MGA: Chapter 1866 - Because They’re Brothers

“Heavens, the fort that the Four Great Imperial Clans have spent their entire clan's’ power to set up has actually received a crack on its protective barrier with a single spear thrust.”

“Furthermore, this is Duan Jidao after his cultivation has decreased. If his cultivation had not decreased, if he were still at his peak state from back then, how much more frightening would he be?” Seeing this scene, the crowd were so shocked that their hair began to stand on end. They were feeling an overwhelming amount of admiration for Duan Jidao.






At the moment when the crowd was overwhelmed with shock and admiration, Duan Jidao unleashed continuous attacks. Several spear thrusts shot forth in succession. All of them landed on the fort. After his bombardment of attacks, that crack on the fort grew larger and larger. Soon, the crack spread through over half of the entire protective barrier. At that moment, the invisible protective barrier was completely present before everyone’s line of sight.

Ximen Baiyuan was only able to look on helplessly as all this happened. He was powerless to do anything. Even though he was also a rank five Martial Emperor, he simply did not possess the strength to contend against Duan Jidao.

At that moment, the wailing sounds that originated from within the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort grew even more ear-piercing. Many people felt that they would be doomed the moment their fort was broken through.

The thousand plus world spirits and those eight enormous dragons would be able to force their way in and begin their massacre. All of the people from their Four Great Imperial Clans would be killed.

To them, the sound of Duan Jidao’s attacks bombarding the fort were equivalent to the grim reaper’s timer. At the moment when the final sound was heard, it would mean the time of their deaths.


Suddenly, Duan Jidao’s expression changed. His spear that was about to be thrust forward actually stopped midway through its thrust.

“What happened?” The crowd all noticed that something was amiss. The Ximen Imperial Clan’s protective screen was clearly about to be broken through. Thus, why did Duan Jidao suddenly stop?


Right at this moment, Duan Jidao’s mouth suddenly opened, and then a mouthful of golden liquid sprayed out.

At the moment that the golden liquid sprayed out, Duan Jidao’s expression became extremely ugly in the blink of an eye. Even the ‘Imperial’ character on his forehead disappeared instantly. His aura had decreased enormously in a flash.

“Oh no!” Seeing this scene, Yin Gongfu’s body immediately stiffened. He knew that Duan Jidao’s illness had acted up again.


When even the bystanders were able to notice that something was wrong with Duan Jidao, Ximen Baiyuan naturally caught it too. He seized this opportunity and break free from Duan Jidao’s grasp. Then, seeing that Duan Jidao was this weak, he immediately brandished the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade in his hand and slashed it at Duan Jidao’s dantian.


Duan Jidao flipped his hand and actually caught Ximen Baiyuan’s incoming blade. Although he had caused his palm to become incomparably tough with the use of world spirit power, it remained that he was facing an Imperial Armament. As such, Duan Jidao’s hand was sliced through by the blade and left badly mutilated with blood flowing out from it.


However, even though he was in such a state, Duan Jidao still brandished the Great Sun Golden Ray Spear in his hand and thrust it at that protective barrier filled with cracks.


Following that spear thrust, the impregnable protective barrier shattered like a piece of glass. It split into countless pieces and scattered all over the place.


At that moment, many of the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans vomited blood. Some even lost consciousness on the spot. They had received a great backlash from the protective barrier being destroyed.

However, while Duan Jidao’s spear thrust had managed to break through the Four Great Imperial Clan’s protective barrier, he appeared to have exhausted all of his power and became exceptionally weak.

“Duan Jidao, so what if you’ve broken through our Ximen Imperial Clan’s protective screen? Without you, Chu Feng and the others are simply equivalent to fishes on the chopping block. They can do nothing but be slaughtered by me.”

Ximen Baiyuan sneered. Then, killing intent surged in his eyes. Once again, he slashed his Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade at Duan Jidao’s dantian. He was determined to kill Duan Jidao. However, Duan Jidao was still in a state without power to resist his attacks.


Right at this moment of life and death crisis, a silver longbow suddenly appeared out of thin air. Then, with a loud ‘clank,’ that longbow actually blocked Ximen Baiyuan’s fatal attack at Duan Jidao.

It turned out that silver longbow was actually an Imperial Armament!!!

“Fishes on the chopping block? Are you certain?” Right at this moment, a figure appeared out of thin air. It was Zhang Ming, Zhang Tianyi’s father Zhang Ming.

“Zhang Ming, it’s you?” Seeing Zhang Ming, Duan Jidao was very surprised.

“Brother Duan, rest yourself properly. Let me handle this Ximen Baiyuan for you,” Zhang Ming smiled lightly. Then, he grabbed Duan Jidao and tossed him to Chu Feng and the others, “Take care of him.”

Yin Gongfu leapt forth and caught Duan Jidao. He hurriedly took out a golden pellet from his Cosmos Sack and placed it into Duan Jidao’s mouth.

“Senior Duan, are you alright?” At this moment, Chu Feng and the others also arrived with extremely concerned expressions.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am truly sorry. This body of mine truly fails to live up to expectations. My illness has acted up again at such a bad time,” Duan Jidao said with a bitter laugh.

“Senior Duan, you’ve already done enough. Rest yourself properly and leave the rest to us,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, this battle cannot be lost,” Duan Jidao said.

“Rest assured,” Chu Feng nodded.

Suddenly Yaojiao Guang shouted, “Warriors of our King Monstrous Dragon Race, listen up!” Then, with a very ferocious gaze, he looked to the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort. Then, he pulled out his Incomplete Imperial Armament, pointed at the fort and shouted, “Kill!!!!!!!”


The eight enormous dragons roared together. At the moment when their roars shook the horizon, their eight enormous bodies carried their boundless killing intent as they charged to attack the fort.

“Stop them!!!”

In response, many experts from the Four Great Imperial Clans soared into the sky with the intention to stop the eight enormous dragons.

While those eight enormous dragons only possessed offensive power equivalent to rank one Martial Emperors, they possessed defensive powers on par with rank three Martial Emperors. Thus, all those below rank four Martial Emperor would not be able to injure them.

At this moment, only the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders were capable of subduing the eight enormous dragons. However, while Duan Jidao was injured, his thousand plus world spirits were not injured at all. His thousand plus world spirits were all from the Fairy Spirit World. Furthermore, over a hundred of them were rank four Martial Emperors.

Faced with that, even though the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders possessed Emperor Dragon Seals, they were only barely able to contain the world spirits. As such, they simply had no means to concern themselves with the others.

When even the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders were forced to such a state, the experts of the Four Great Imperial Clans, including their Clan Chiefs, were all powerless to defend themselves.



Screams began to sound from the Four Great Imperial Clans repeatedly. The eight enormous dragons had begun to massacre the people of the Four Great Imperial Clans. Although they were massacring them, the eight enormous dragons did not target the younger generation or the weak. Instead, they were massacring the Four Great Imperial Clans’ elites, and especially the Ximen Imperial Clan’s elites. They were the main target of their massacre.

As for the world spirits, they unleashed fatal attacks at anyone from the Four Great Imperial Clans that they encountered. They were incomparably ruthless. It was as if they were trying to avenge Duan Jidao.

“Damn it!”

Seeing this scene, Ximen Baiyuan became extremely worried. He wanted to go and rescue them, but was simply incapable of breaking free.

The reason for that was because of Zhang Ming. Zhang Ming also possessed the cultivation of a rank five Martial Emperor. At that moment, Zhang Ming was unleashing fierce attacks at Ximen Baiyuan. He had the attitude of planning to take Ximen Baiyuan’s life.

Being overwhelmed with worry, Ximen Baiyuan asked angrily, “You’re Zhang Ming?”

“What about it?” Zhang Ming replied unenthusiastically.

“There are neither grievances nor grudges between us, why are you making yourself an enemy out of our Four Great Imperial Clans?” Ximen Baiyuan asked angrily.

“Indeed, there are neither grievances nor grudges between us. However, there’s nothing I can do about it. The reason for that is because my son is Chu Feng’s brother,” After saying those words, Zhang Ming turned his gaze to the crowd.