Chapter 1864 - Super Expert

MGA: Chapter 1864 - Super Expert

“You actually managed to recognize me. That’s truly remarkable. In that case, please tell me who you are?” Ximen Baiyuan smiled coldly and confirmed his identity.

“Of course I recognize you. Not only that, I also remember how you were kowtowing and begging for forgiveness after having all of your front teeth broken and smashed apart at the Grand Slope’s Ancient Era’s Remnants,” Duan Jidao said with a light smile.

“What? Ximen Baiyuan’s front teeth were smashed apart by someone? Furthermore, he even kowtowed and begged for forgiveness?” The crowd felt great disbelief upon hearing those words. After all, Ximen Baiyuan was someone with an extraordinary status.

“What crazy and unfounded ravings are you talking about?! You’re simply slandering my reputation! Exactly who you are for you to dare to slander me like that?!” Ximen Baiyuan was extremely enraged, and his eyes grew blood-red. The reason for that was because he knew very well that what Duan Jidao had said was real.

“You really don’t recognize me?” Duan Jidao smiled again. As he spoke, he moved aside the white hair that covered his face.

“Exactly who are you?” Ximen Baiyuan inspected Duan Jidao carefully, but was unable to recognize him.

“I was the person that made you look for your teeth all over the floor, the person that you were kowtowing to and begging for forgiveness to in order to survive,” Duan Jidao said.

“Duan Jidao, you’re saying that you’re Duan Jidao?!!!”

“No… impossible… this is impossible,” Ximen Baiyuan shook his head repeatedly. However, his words had also indirectly admitted the fact that he had indeed been beaten by Duan Jidao, and had ended up begging him for forgiveness.

“Duan Jidao?” Hearing the name ‘Duan Jidao’, the crowd’s hearts were all startled. They all turned their gazes to Duan Jidao. Their gazes were all flickering.

The reason for that was because Duan Jidao was much more famous than Ximen Baiyuan. After all, he was an existence that even the Three Palaces had feared back then. He was that super expert that had nearly become the strongest human.

“That’s precisely me,” When Duan Jidao said those words, he suddenly took out a golden spear. When the golden spear appeared, heaven and earth immediately started to shake.

The shaking caused the people present to be unable to stand firm. Many of them lost their balance and ended up rolling and crawling. Some even lost their ability to fly and began to fall to the ground.

Not only that, although that golden spear was not exceptionally dazzling, it caused the crowd to not dare to face it head on. If one were to attempt to look at it, one would feel that it was extremely dazzling. It was as if a single glance at that golden spear would blind their vision.

Imperial Armament. The golden spear that Duan Jidao had taken out was an Imperial Armament. Its name was the Great Sun Golden Ray Spear.

“The Imperial Armament, Great Sun Golden Ray Spear. It would seem that you are indeed Duan Jidao. Merely, why would your cultivation have decreased this enormously? Exactly who was the one that extinguished your Duan Dynasty back then?” Ximen Baiyuan asked repeatedly. It turned out that when Duan Jidao revealed his Great Sun Golden Ray Spear, he had also revealed his cultivation of rank five Martial Emperor.

At that time, practically everyone perked their ears up. They all wished to know about the secret as to what happened back then. They also wanted to know exactly who it was that had been so powerful that they had even defeated Duan Jidao and made his cultivation decrease.

However, what they were thinking about in their hearts was simply not the truth of what had happened.

“What you should be worrying about is not my past. Rather, it should be your Four Great Imperial Clan's’ future,” Duan Jidao said.

“Hahaha. Duan Jidao, oh Duan Jidao, if you possessed the same cultivation that you did back then, I would naturally be no match for you.”

“However, right now, you possess the same cultivation as me. We are both rank five Martial Emperors. Did you really think that I would fear you now?” Ximen Baiyuan sneered. Then, a long blade appeared in his hand, and he pointed that blade at Duan Jidao.

That long blade was extremely special. It actually possessed the body of an alligator. The alligator’s mouth was wide open, and a sharp blade extended from its body.

However, the might of that long blade was not at all weaker than Duan Jidao’s Great Sun Golden Ray Spear. Like it, the long blade was also an Imperial Armament.

“That’s a weapon from the Ancient Era, the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade,” Someone recognized that long blade. The reason why Ximen Baiyuan possessed such enormous fame and had been deemed to be an era’s genius was all because he had managed to subdue that Imperial Armament, the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade, in an Ancient Era’s Remnant.

“Fight against me? Are you truly certain that you’re capable?” However, Duan Jidao smiled lightly. Then, his gown fluttered. With a flash of light, he disappeared.


An ear-piercing sound was heard. A dazzling spark spread through the sky.

Duan Jidao’s Great Sun Golden Ray Spear actually collided with Ximen Baiyuan’s Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade. In merely an instant, Duan Jidao had arrived before Ximen Baiyuan and unleashed an attack at him.


After the collision of their weapons, Ximen Baiyuan was actually knocked back several steps in midair before finally being able to steady himself.

At that moment, his hands that were holding onto the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Sword were trembling slightly. Although they were both rank five Martial Emperors, he was evidently no match for Duan Jidao.

“People of the Four Clans, set up the formation!” Seeing that the situation was bad, a loud shout sounded from the Four Great Imperial Clans. Then, the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans actually began to combine their strength to set up a formation. Then, a golden light soared into the sky and was assimilated into Ximen Baiyuan.

At that moment, a golden bright and dazzling ‘Imperial’ character appeared on Ximen Baiyuan’s forehead. With the help of the people from the Four Great Imperial Clan's, his battle power had soared enormously, and his aura overflowed.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

After obtaining assistance from the Four Great Imperial Clans, Ximen Baiyuan became even more vigorous. He began to brandish the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade to unleash continuous slashes at Duan Jidao.

“Duan Jidao, you have come at the perfect time. Emperor Huang’s bloodline shall become the possession of our Four Great Imperial Clans,” As Ximen Baiyuan attacked Duan Jidao, he began to threaten him fiercely. It could be seen that he possessed an overflowing hatred for Duan Jidao.

“It seems that you already knew that the power of my bloodline originated from Lord Emperor Huang’s inheritance,” As Duan Jidao blocked Ximen Baiyuan’s continuous attacks, his eyes narrowed.

“Your Great Sun Golden Ray Spear is the possession of Emperor Huang. The various techniques which you have grasped are also the techniques of Emperor Huang. And you… you were born to a Royal Clan. Yet, you possess such a pure Imperial Bloodline. If you had not obtained Emperor Huang’s bloodline, how else would that possible? Did you really think that the people of this world were all fools?” Ximen Baiyuan said coldly. His words were filled with mockery and ridicule.

“So what if you know? I might as well tell you this. Indeed, I obtained the whole inheritance of Lord Emperor Huang. Not only did I obtain his Imperial Armament and techniques, I also obtained his bloodline’s power.”

“Merely, this bloodline’s power does not belong to your Four Great Imperial Clans. Your Four Great Imperial Clans also do not possess the fate to obtain this power. Today… I will extinguish your Four Great Imperial Clans,” After Duan Jidao said those words, he suddenly shot an explosive attack at Ximen Baiyuan.

At the same time, his eyes flashed, and then a hundred world spirit gates appeared behind him in succession.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Following that, enormous figures flew out from those world spirit gates. In an instant, over a thousand world spirits stood in an orderly row behind Duan Jidao.

All of those world spirits were from the Fairy Spirit World. Each and every one of them was radiating flickering light and giving off extraordinary airs. Furthermore, they were all Martial Emperors.

The weakest among them were rank two Martial Emperors. As for the strongest… they were rank four Martial Emperors.

“Heavens, this…”

Seeing the thousand-plus world spirits that stood behind Duan Jidao, not to mention the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans and the bystanders, even the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were stunned.

Over a thousand world spirits with cultivations of Martial Emperors. The weakest among them were rank two Martial Emperors, and many of them were rank four Martial Emperors. This was truly too frightening.

Such a scene had already surpassed the range of ordinary people’s comprehension of what a battle between two armies was.

Such a battle was simply not at a level that ordinary people could involve themselves in.

This was a battle that only super experts could participate in.