Chapter 1863 - Arriving Atop Dragons

 MGA: Chapter 1863 - Arriving Atop Dragons

That huge monster was galloping toward this place from afar. Not only was it’s aura extremely imposing, it was also extremely terrifying.

At the moment when that huge monster appeared, black clouds surged, and waves of thunder sounded in succession. Violent winds swept forth, blowing all living things within its path away. Those with weak levels of cultivation, even if they were far away, were also swept up by the wind like leaves. As they wailed and screamed, they were blown far away, rolling about on the ground.

Upon closer inspection, the crowd were even more shocked. It was actually an enormous dragon that had arrived. A dragon so indescribably huge. Its size… was simply too gigantic. Likely, it was ten thousand meters long. It was as if a mountain range was galloping through the sky.

It was an enormous ten thousand meter-long dragon. Furthermore, it was so vivid and lifelike. Those dragon horns, those dragon scales, those dragon claws, those dragon feelers, and that overwhelmingly intimidating dragon roar. None of those resembled an illusory dragon. Instead, they resembled a real dragon. [1. What is described here is the appearance of a chinese dragon. Imagine Shenron from DBZ.]

“A dragon, a dragon has descended upon the world! It’s the legendary Divine Beast!!!” Many people began to shout with trembling voices.

“No, it’s not a single one. Look! There are, there are still more…” Soon, trembling shouts were heard again.

Hearing those voices, the crowd turned to look again. They were shocked to see that seven enormous dragon heads had appeared beside that enormous dragon. Soon, seven more enormous dragon bodies appeared.

Eight dragons. There were a total of eight enormous dragons. At that moment, those eight enormous dragons were rapidly flying toward the Ximen Imperial Clan.

“Sure enough, he really came.”

At that moment, the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Supremes that were in the center of their grand formation revealed expressions of seriousness. They all knew very well that, regardless of what those eight enormous dragons were, they had come for Chu Feng’s sake.

Their guesses were correct. After the eight enormous dragons grew closer to the Ximen Imperial Clan, the silhouettes standing atop the eight enormous dragons began to appear before the crowd. The appearances of Chu Feng and the others were clearly visible to everyone present.

This was especially true for Chu Feng, who was standing atop the leading dragon’s head. Thus, the crowd were able to see him with a single glance.

“Chu Feng! He came! He really came!!!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd were both shocked and excited. They felt as if their already hot blood was boiling. They truly never would have expected for Chu Feng to be this courageous; that he, for the sake of Baili Xuankong and the others, would come to battle the Four Great Imperial Clans.

However, more than that, they never would have expected for Chu Feng to bring eight enormous dragons with him; that he would arrive atop enormous dragons.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Compared to the crowd, when Baili Xuankong and the others from the Cyanwood Mountain saw Chu Feng, their mindsets were even more complicated.

They deeply hated the fact that they had been captured, that they had caused Chu Feng to walk right into this trap. Yet, at the same time, they were extremely moved by how Chu Feng was willing to brave danger to rescue them. The camaraderie Chu Feng had shown made them feel extremely warm inside.

“Ancestor, Headmaster, Elders, fellow disciples, please wait a moment longer. I will immediately bring you all home,” With a beaming smile on his face, Chu Feng ran his gaze over Baili Xuankong and the others. Then, ‘paa,’ Chu Feng clasped his fist and bowed courteously to the people from the Cyanwood Mountain. Chu Feng’s bow possessed extraordinary significance.

“Chu Feng…”

Chu Feng’s single short sentence had caused the people from the Cyanwood Mountain that were tied by up and suspended atop the city wall to feel extremely moved. This was especially true for those who were the original members of the Asura Division, those disciples that used to be Chu Feng’s subordinates. They were feeling so moved by Chu Feng’s words that they actually started to shed hot tears.

Chu Feng was an extremely talented genius blessed by the heavens, whereas they were nobodies. Yet, Chu Feng considered them to be his brothers. For the sake of saving them, he was willing to come here while braving death. With this camaraderie, even if Chu Feng was to fail, even if they were to die here, it would all be worth it.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally shown up. Merely, I never expected that even our Ximen Imperial Clan’s traitor would come to help you.”

“Ximen Gongfu, are you really planning to kill the people of our Ximen Imperial Clan for the sake of that Chu Feng?” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief looked to Yin Gongfu.

“Clan Chief Ximen, I think you’re mistaken here. My name is Yin Gongfu. I am absolutely not related to your Ximen Imperial Clan. As for little friend Chu Feng, he is my friend. For you to become his enemy means that you are also my, Yin Gongfu’s, enemy. For your Ximen Imperial Clan to wish to kill my little friend Chu Feng, what wrong is there for me to kill the people of your Ximen Imperial Clan?” Yin Gongfu said with a loud voice.

“You!!!” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Supremes were all deeply enraged. No matter what, Yin Gongfu was someone from their Ximen Imperial Clan. Yet now, he actually said those sorts of words.

However, Yin Gongfu knew best what the Ximen Imperial Clan had done to him. He had already broken all ties with the Ximen Imperial Clan.

“King Monstrous Dragon Race, I never would have expected that you all would be participating in this. I will give you all another chance. Are you really planning to make our Four Great Imperial Clans your enemy for the sake of a single Chu Feng?” A Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme looked to the various monstrous beasts from the King Monstrous Dragon Race.

“There’s no need to bother with superfluous words. Little friend Chu Feng’s enemies are the enemies of our King Monstrous Dragon Race. For you all to make little friend Chu Feng your enemy, we are already destined to have irreconcilable differences,” Yaojiao Guang said coldly. His tone was very unyielding and without the slightest bit of restraint.

“Humph, mere King Monstrous Dragon Beasts actually want to contend against our Four Great Imperial Clans. You are simply daydreaming!” Right at that moment, another voice sounded. That voice shook the heavens and pierced through the vast sky.

Merely, that voice was not from the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supremes, nor was it from the four Clan Chiefs.

When that voice sounded, a figure flew out from the Ximen Imperial Clan’s city and stood across from the eight enormous dragons.

It was an old man with white hair. Wrinkles covered his face. His appearance was so aged that it was beyond recognition. One could not even see his facial features properly. However, his aura was extremely strong. He was actually a rank five Martial Emperor.

“A rank five Martial Emperor. Who is that person? He’s actually a rank five Martial Emperor? Did the Four Great Imperial Clans invite such an expert to help them?”

“No, look at his attire. It’s the attire of the Ximen Imperial Clan. Could he be someone from the Ximen Imperial Clan?” Upon seeing that old man, the crowd were all shocked.

In fact, it was not only the others. Even Chu Feng’s group started to frown. They did not expect that there was actually a rank five Martial Emperor backing up the Four Clan’s troops.

“You’re Ximen Baiyuan, right?” Duan Jidao said. He was rather calm and collected. Evidently, he knew that powerful old man. [2. How did Yin Gongfu not know him if he’s also from the Ximen Imperial Clan?]

“Ximen Baiyuan? Could it really be Ximen Baiyuan? But, didn’t Ximen Baiyuan already die long ago? Why would he still be alive?” After hearing the name ‘Ximen Baiyuan’, many of the older generation’s experts present exclaimed in astonishment.

Ximen Baiyuan was someone from the Ximen Imperial Clan. He was Ximen Feixue’s great grandfather, a super genius of his era. Back then… he could be said to have been an existence akin to the current Nangong Longjian. His reputation was extremely widespread.

Merely, Ximen Baiyuan was born not long after the disappearance of Emperor Qing. From then till now, his age should be close to ten thousand years old. It should be impossible for someone like him to still be alive. After all, humans were not monstrous beasts. Their life spans were not that long.

In fact, Ximen Baiyuan had already disappeared a thousand years ago, and had never appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism since. Thus, many people had thought that he had died. As such, they truly never expected for this super expert to still be alive.

While to the bystanders, this was something unbelievable, however, to Chu Feng and the others, this was very bad news.