Chapter 1862 - A Grand Formation

 MGA: Chapter 1862 - A Grand Formation

“If it were Wushang… or I, it would indeed be impossible to accomplish. However, little friend Chu Feng’s bloodline’s power is instead capable of this feat. Furthermore, he has already accomplished it,” At that moment, Duan Jidao had become much calmer. After all, he knew very well that Chu Feng’s bloodline was a sort of bloodline that was above Imperial Bloodlines.

Due to the fact that the people from the Holy Land of Martialism were incapable of obtaining this sort of bloodline, they would naturally not know about how frightening that bloodline was. This was why they would react with such shock and disbelief. However, Duan Jidao had already begun to gradually accept Chu Feng’s power.

The reason why people were incapable of understanding many things was because those things surpassed the range of their comprehension. In this world, there were many things that surpassed one’s range of comprehension. Among them was power.

“Little friend Chu Feng, no wonder you’re this shocking. It turns out that you actually possess such a frightening Inherited Bloodline. Your Inherited Bloodline is truly something that we feel deeply envious of,” Yaojiao Guang said with an expression of envy and admiration.

As a King Monstrous Dragon Beast, Yaojiao Guang was also someone that possessed a very powerful monstrous beast bloodline. He had thought the entire time that his Inherited Bloodline was not inferior to the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Imperial Bloodline. In fact, he believed his Inherited Bloodline to be stronger than Imperial Bloodlines. However, if he were to compare his Inherited Bloodline with Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline, his would be greatly inferior.

“The stronger one’s bloodline, the stronger one’s body must be in order to withstand the bloodline. Else, one would simply not be able to grasp the strength of one’s bloodline, nor will one be able to unleash the power of one’s bloodline. However, little friend Chu Feng possesses both of these things. Thus, even if people are envious of him, it would still be impossible for anyone ordinary to accomplish what he had,” Duan Jidao said.

“Indeed, indeed,” Yaojiao Guang nodded repeatedly. Then, he looked to the direction of the Ximen Imperial Clan and said with a beaming smile, “For the Four Great Imperial Clans to make little friend Chu Feng their enemy, they are truly bringing about their own destruction.”


Inside the vast city of the Ximen Imperial Clan. The city was extremely well-fortified. It was simply an enormous fort.

It was not only the army of the Ximen Imperial Clan that was gathered in this fort. The armies of the Nangong Imperial Clan, Dongfang Imperial Clan and Beitang Imperial Clan were also stationed here. Furthermore, it was not only the elite soldiers of the Four Great Imperial Clans that were stationed here. Instead, all of the battle power from the Four Great Imperial Clans was stationed here.

In the center of the city. The Four Great Imperial Clans’ younger generation were all gathered here. They were hidden in the safest location. Outside of the city, the elites of the Four Great Imperial Clans were in a grand formation awaiting Chu Feng’s arrival.

Not only were the four Clan Chiefs present, there were also a total of thirteen of the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders present.

Currently, the Four Great Imperial Clans had all gathered their armies in the Ximen Imperial Clan. This led to the headquarters of the other three Imperial Clans becoming empty cities.

They had ignored their own cities and gathered all of their clansmen here all for the sake of carrying out their final battle against Chu Feng. From this, it could be seen how determined the Four Great Imperial Clans were to eliminate Chu Feng. They were determined to succeed or die trying.

At that moment, on the city walls of the Ximen Imperial Clan, behind the grand formation that had been set up to await Chu Feng’s arrival, hung many of the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

There were not only a lot of elders and disciples, even Baili Xuankong, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were also suspended on the walls. However, without a doubt, they were all people that possessed decent relationships with Chu Feng.

Fortunately, they were only hung on the walls, and were not injured. This meant that the Four Great Imperial Clans had not tortured them. This meant that they still possessed some sort of humanity.

Of course, this could also mean that… the Four Great Imperial Clans had not tortured the people from the Cyanwood Mountain for the sake of their own image.

That said, to Baili Xuankong and the others, this was an extremely disgraceful thing. However, at that moment, what they were worried about were not their faces. Rather, it was Chu Feng. They truly did not wish to implicate Chu Feng and cause him to lose his life.

“I truly never would’ve expected that the one that has been helping Chu Feng the entire time was actually the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancestor.”

“That’s true. I also never expected for the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancestor to be this powerful. He was actually capable of fighting against the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs all by himself. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had offended the Four Great Imperial Clans, then, with his strength and Chu Feng’s enormous talent, the Cyanwood Mountain would have definitely become the head of the Nine Powers.”

At that moment, many people were gathered outside of the Ximen Imperial Clan’s fort. They were all people that had come to watch the show. They were discussing the matter spiritedly as they looked to Baili Xuankong and the others that were suspended atop the city walls.

“The Four Great Imperial Clans seemed to have gathered all of their battle power here. It would seem that they plan to stake their all to kill Chu Feng.”

“Didn’t they say that the Snow-haired Immortal had already let out news that she would no longer concern herself with the grudges between Chu Feng and the Four Great Imperial Clans? Without her assistance, won’t Chu Feng’s side be extremely weak? Is there really a need for the Four Great Imperial Clans to muster such a large disposition of forces?”

“You don’t understand. Back then, on the Gong Ba Plains, it was not only the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal that helped Chu Feng. Wasn’t Chu Feng saved by a mysterious man in the end?”

“That’s true. That child Chu Feng possesses enormous talent. He could be said to be the strongest person from the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism. Although there are many people that view him as a thorn, there are also a lot of people that admire and think highly of him. Perhaps there might be experts that will come to Chu Feng’s rescue again today.”

“In that case, the Four Great Imperial Clan's’ decision to muster such a large force for Chu Feng is only natural?”

“Of course.”




Suddenly, someone asked, “Say, do you all think Chu Feng will come or not?”

“Of course not. If Chu Feng were to come here, he would be throwing his life away. However, with his talent, he will sooner or later make the Four Great Imperial Clans regret their actions. Even becoming an overlord will not be impossible for him. Rather than throwing his life away, wouldn’t it be better for him to wait until the day when he can emerge in power to attain revenge?” Someone said in a very serious manner.

“That’s your opinion. Chu Feng is not you. I feel that he will definitely come,” A man wearing a conical bamboo hat said.

“How do you know that Chu Feng will definitely come? Who are you, Chu Feng?” Seeing that man wearing the conical bamboo hat had said those words with such certainty, the crowd surrounding him all took a glance of contempt at him. They did not believe what he said.

“You all do not know how much of a righteous and loyal person Chu Feng is. Thus, it’s best that you all do not project your own filthy ideologies onto Chu Feng. The reason for that is because you all are unqualified,” The man in the conical bamboo hat said.

“You! You actually dare to insult us? You’re looking for a beating!” Hearing those words, many of the surrounding crowd were enraged. As they spoke, they took out their weapons and were prepared to attack that man wearing the conical bamboo hat.


Right at that moment, an oppressive might swept forth. Immediately, those people all stood there motionlessly, as if they had been petrified.

“We’re sorry, we’re sorry!!!” Then, those people began to apologize repeatedly while falling back from the man wearing the conical bamboo hat. They were so frightened that cold sweat covered their bodies.

The reason for that was because the aura that man wearing the conical bamboo hat had unleashed was that of a Martial Emperor. As for Martial Emperors, they were not existences that these people dared to provoke.


Although there were a lot of people that felt the same way as the man wearing the conical bamboo hat, and thought that Chu Feng would definitely come, as he was a righteous and loyal person, the great majority of the people felt that Chu Feng would not come.

After all, with the circumstances as they were now, if Chu Feng were to really come, he would truly be courting death.

Although this was what they were thinking in their hearts, they all wished for Chu Feng to come.

Else… they would have journeyed to the Ximen Imperial Clan for nothing. They had all come here for the sake of seeing Chu Feng’s true appearance, as well as his grand battle against the Four Great Imperial Clans.


Right at that moment, a roar suddenly sounded. When that roar was heard, the crowd’s bodies all started to tremble. Even space itself started to vibrate violently.

“What is that?” At that moment, many people were deeply afraid. The reason for that was because that roar from before had truly been too frightening. It was so frightening that they started to shiver in fear.


At that moment, another roar was heard. Then, the crowd discovered that a huge monster had appeared in the distant horizon.