Chapter 1855 - Revealing The Trump Card

MGA: Chapter 1855 - Revealing The Trump Card

“Grandfather?” Upon seeing his grandfather being thrown out of Chu Feng’s sack like some sort of merchandise and then rolling on the ground many times, Song Yuheng had an expression so ugly it was as if he had eaten feces. It was only after a very long time that he managed to calm himself.

Song Yuheng hurriedly ran over to his grandfather and helped him up. Then, he angrily asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, why is my grandfather held in a sack by you? Exactly what did you do to my grandfather?”

Duan Jidao immediately left the Inheritance Formation and asked, “Chu Feng, exactly what is going on here?”


At this moment, Yin Gongfu and Jiang Wushang were both looking at Chu Feng with shocked expressions. Firstly, they were wondering how Chu Feng had managed to capture Song Yuheng’s grandfather. After all, the difference in strength between them was immense. Could it be that Chu Feng really possessed the strength to defeat rank two Martial Emperors?

Actually, they both felt that Chu Feng had provoked a great trouble. After all, Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s was Duan Jidao’s trusted aide.

“Senior Duan, Song Yuheng’s grandfather set up a trap outside of the World’s Hidden Valley with the intention of killing me.”

“Logically, for him to covet the Four Great Imperial Clans’ bounty and want to kill me, I should immediately kill him.”

“However, it remains that he is someone of your World’s Hidden Valley. That is why I brought him back here for senior Duan to handle,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, don’t you blabber nonsense and wrongly accuse me. How could I possibly do such a thing?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather would naturally not admit to his evil conduct. He immediately denied what Chu Feng had said.

“Song Chenghong, is what little friend Chu Feng said the truth?” However, Duan Jidao still questioned Song Yuheng’s grandfather.

“No, absolutely not. Lord Duan, please listen to my explanation,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather tried to explain.

“Explain,” Duan Jidao said.

“Lord Duan, I left the World’s Hidden Valley today and ended up encountering Chu Feng. Without saying anything, he immediately attacked me. I never expected for that child’s strength to be that strong. I was actually no match for him and ended up being captured by him and brought to this place.”

“However, I never expected for him to wrongly accuse me in such a manner,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather revealed an innocent expression. Then, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, there are neither grievances nor grudges between us. Why must you wrongly accuse me like this?”

After saying that, Song Yuheng’s grandfather took a glance at Jiang Wushang. After seeing Jiang Wushang, he revealed an appearance of sudden realization. Then, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “Could it be because of Jiang Wushang? I know that you are close friends with Jiang Wushang. You must have wanted Lord Duan to pass his power on to Jiang Wushang.”

“That’s why when you came to know that Yuheng was about to obtain Lord Duan’s inheritance, you decided to use this sort of method to wrongly accuse me and prevent Lord Duan from passing his power on to Yuheng, isn’t that right? Chu Feng, you are truly despicable! Our World’s Hidden Valley has treated you as a distinguished guest in vain!”

Sure enough, Song Yuheng’s grandfather was quite remarkable. Even though his words were extremely far-fetched, he was able to shift the blame from himself extremely quickly. He was truly a great actor. It was no wonder he had managed to deceive Duan Jidao.

“Let’s assume that you’re not speaking nonsense, it meant that I happened to run across you. If I did not encounter you, how was I able to wrongly accuse you?”

“You said that I’m despicable? The way I see it, you’re the truly shameless one. You actually dare to speak lies with such enormous loopholes to defend yourself. Not only that, you instead decided to file a counter charge against me,” Chu Feng said.

“You should know whether or not I am wrongly accusing you the best. People knew that I was going out today. If someone were to tell you beforehand, you would naturally be able to keep watch for my appearance outside of the World’s Hidden Valley,” As Song Yuheng’s grandfather said those words, he took a deliberate glance at Yin Gongfu. He was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Not only was he going to accuse Chu Feng, he was also going to take Yin Gongfu down with Chu Feng.

“Song Chenghong, what is the meaning behind looking at me? I did not know that you were going out. Even if I did, I would not have been able to inform Chu Feng,” Yin Gongfu said angrily.

“You know yourself whether or not you knew about it,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather snorted coldly. Then, he looked to Duan Jidao and said, “Lord Duan, some people are truly too shrewd. I hope that you can do me justice.”

“Chu Feng, Gongfu, is what Song Chenghong said the truth?” After Duan Jidao pondered for a moment, he looked to Chu Feng and Yin Gongfu.

“Lord Duan, you… are you suspicious of me?” After hearing those words, Yin Gongfu revealed a blank expression of disappointment. He never would have expected that to Duan Jidao, the man to whom he had been loyal and devoted to for so many years, he would be inferior to a despicable, shameless graverobber.

“Even though Song Chenghong’s lies are filled with hundreds of loopholes, senior Duan still believed him,” Chu Feng sighed, “it seems that senior Duan’s eyes have been completely deceived.” Chu Feng smiled lightly at Duan Jidao’s suspicion. He was not angry in the slightest. After all, he had already anticipated this.

Since Duan Jidao was able to make the firm resolution to pass his power to on Song Yuheng, it meant that his wisdom had already been completely fooled by Song Chenghong.

As for the reason why Duan Jidao was acting in such a manner, it was not because Song Yuheng’s grandfather was extremely brilliant. Rather, it was because Duan Jidao truly placed too much importance on Duan Qirou. A single Duan Qirou’s remains had made Duan Jidao extremely grateful toward Song Yuheng’s grandfather, believing every single word he said.

Thus, if Chu Feng wanted Duan Jidao to regain his rationality and stand on their side, it was very easy. That would be to use Duan Qirou as the bargaining chip. And it just so happened that… Chu Feng possessed that bargaining chip in his hand. In other words, that was Chu Feng’s trump card that would turn the situation around.

“Chu Feng, not only did you wrongly accuse me, you actually dared to even mock Lord Duan. I will definitely not forgive you!” Song Yuheng’s grandfather had an expression of incomparable anger. He dragged his extremely weak body forward to attack Chu Feng.

He actually knew extremely well that he was simply incapable of injuring Chu Feng in the slightest. However, he had to do this, for it would reveal how devoted he was to Duan Jidao. By doing this, he would obtain Duan Jidao’s trust.

Thus, he formed a fist with his right hand and gathered all of his strength to smash it at Chu Feng. While he might not be able to injure Chu Feng, this was something that he had to do.

Faced with Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s incoming fist, Chu Feng revealed a cold smile. He did not try to dodge the incoming fist and instead allowed it to land on him.


Right at the moment when Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s fist was about to reach Chu Feng, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and revealed the crystal coffin. That crystal coffin appeared before Chu Feng, blocking the path of the incoming fist.

Everything happened too quickly. Song Yuheng’s grandfather was unable to react in time. Thus, his fist did not stop, and firmly continued to smash toward that coffin.

Right at this moment, Duan Jidao shouted, “Stop!!!”

His shout created an extremely powerful energy ripple that shook all of heaven and earth. Not to mention Jiang Wushang and Song Yuheng, even Chu Feng and Yin Gongfu were unable to stand firmly, and nearly fell to the ground.

At this moment, the person that was the most miserable was Song Yuheng’s grandfather. An enormous power had directly knocked him flying several tens of thousands of meters away. As he flew, he smashed through countless giant trees. When he fell, he vomited blood, and his complexion turned extremely pale.

Chu Feng had only restricted his power, and had not injured him at all. However, Duan Jidao’s shout had left him with serious injuries.

“Grandfather!!!” Seeing this scene, Song Yuheng became extremely worried. He simply did not understand what had happened, and even thought that Chu Feng was the one that injured his grandfather. Thus, he pointed at Chu Feng, gnashed his teeth in anger and shouted, “Chu Feng, you dare injure my grandfather!? I’ll kill you!!!”

In fact, Jiang Wushang and Song Yuheng’s father both thought that Chu Feng was the one that had injured Song Yuheng’s grandfather.

At this moment, only Yin Gongfu discovered that it was not Chu Feng that had injured Song Chenghong. Instead, it was Duan Jidao that injured Song Chenghong.

Merely, to him, Duan Jidao attacking Song Chenghong was even more shocking than Chu Feng attacking Song Chenghong. At this moment, he was somewhat baffled.

Only Chu Feng knew the truth.

Duan Jidao knew that Song Yuheng’s grandfather was no match for Chu Feng. Thus, his eyes had been fixed on Chu Feng the entire time. If Chu Feng were to injure Song Yuheng’s grandfather, Duan Jidao would definitely act to stop him.

However, even Duan Jidao himself did not expect Chu Feng to not attack Song Yuheng’s grandfather, but instead reveal a coffin. As for the person in the coffin, it was actually Duan Qirou, his lover that he had yearned for day and night for thousands of years.

At the moment he saw Duan Qirou, Duan Jidao was stunned. Thus, his attack at Song Yuheng’s grandfather was done entirely subconsciously. The reason for that was because he would absolutely not allow anyone to bring harm to Duan Qirou. Even if Duan Qirou was already dead, he would still not allow it.