Chapter 1854 - Wrecking The Inheritance Process

MGA: Chapter 1854 - Wrecking The Inheritance Process

“Hahaha…” After hearing Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s threatening words, Chu Feng burst into loud laughter.

He was truly unable to contain himself. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had discovered that, other than a pretty decent comprehension of world spirit techniques, he was extremely lacking everywhere else. This was especially true in terms of battle power. Although he was a rank two Martial Emperor, he was the weakest rank two Martial Emperor Chu Feng had encountered so far.

From this, Chu Feng could imagine that he really did not possess the qualifications to become a Martial Emperor, and that his current cultivation of rank two Martial Emperor had only been obtained through the meticulous effort Duan Jidao had placed into helping him over the years.

Thus, Chu Feng was wondering what sort of reaction Duan Jidao would have should he find out that the person that he had painstakingly helped cultivate over the years had actually deceived him.

Thus, Chu Feng said to Song Yuheng’s grandfather, “Rest assured, I will not kill you. I’ll have senior Duan Jidao personally kill you.”

“What did you say? Have Lord Duan Jidao personally kill me?” Hearing those words, a mocking smile appeared on Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s previously terrified face. While he did not dare to guarantee anything else, he was absolutely confident that Duan Jidao was completely within the grasp of his palm. Not only did Duan Jidao consider him to be his trusted aide, he also considered him to be his benefactor.

As such, how could Duan Jidao possibly kill him? Chu Feng was simply delusional! If Chu Feng were to bring him to Duan Jidao, not only would he have the means to explain all that had happened here today, he would also be able to place a counter charge against Chu Feng.

Thinking about all this, Song Yuheng’s grandfather began to ridicule Chu Feng in his heart. He thought to himself that regardless of how heaven-defying Chu Feng was, he was still too inexperienced. As such, how could he possibly win against him?

“Say, with Duan Jidao’s temperament, if he were to come to know that Duan Qirou’s remains that you’ve presented are fake, would he pardon you?” Chu Feng looked to Song Yuheng’s grandfather and questioned him with a beaming smile.

“What? What did you say?!!” Hearing those words, Song Yuheng’s grandfather immediately started to panic, and his expression became very emotional.

“You know very well what I’m talking about,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“You’re blabbing nonsense! Enough of your crazy and unfounded ravings!” Song Yuheng’s grandfather denied it with his all. In that moment, he was truly panicking. Earlier, when he had first heard Chu Feng talk about fake remains, he had thought that Chu Feng was only blabbing nonsense. After all, many people had thought that he had presented fake remains. However, after Chu Feng continued to bring this up and spoke with such a determined tone, he had no choice but to panic.

Especially now, after he had been defeated and captured by Chu Feng, he truly did not know of any alternative aside from denying such a thing. After all, he absolutely could not admit that to be real.

“Whether or not I’m blabbing nonsense will be decided by senior Duan Jidao,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. His smiled contained absolute confidence.

“You!!! You damned devil! What exactly are you planning to do?! What are your intentions?!” It was only at this moment that Song Yuheng’s grandfather realized how frightening Chu Feng was. This young man was simply an existence akin to a nightmare. He had a premonition that this young man called Chu Feng would ruin everything that he had meticulously planned. All the effort that he had spent over the years would be futile. He was extremely unwilling and unreconciled, and actually began to shout hysterically.

However, after only a couple shouts, Chu Feng immediately shut him up. Then, Chu Feng took out a special sack and placed him into it.

Although Cosmos Sacks were capable of hiding all kinds of things, they were incapable of holding living things. Thus, it was much simpler to use a special sack to carry living people.

After capturing Song Yuheng’s grandfather, Chu Feng continued onward toward the World’s Hidden Valley. On his way there, he did not encounter any more obstructions.

At this moment, a very major event was happening in the World’s Hidden Valley. Duan Jidao was going to pass his power on to Song Yuheng.

At this moment, Duan Jidao, Yin Gongfu, Song Yuheng and Song Yuheng’s father were all gathered at Duan Jidao’s resting location, the place of Duan Qirou’s grave.

Other than them, there was another person present there. It was Jiang Wushang, who should have been under punishment.

Jiang Wushang, with his current status, should not be allowed to participate on such an occasion. However, Song Yuheng had suddenly found Duan Jidao and began to plead for leniency for Jiang Wushang.

As Duan Jidao did not wish to punish Jiang Wushang to begin with, he naturally released Jiang Wushang since Song Yuheng did not plan to continue looking into it.

However, even Duan Jidao did not expect for Song Yuheng to, without his permission, bring Jiang Wushang over here on this special day.

As Duan Jidao was someone who had lived for a very long time, how could he not tell that Song Yuheng was planning to attack Jiang Wushang with this? That he was deliberately trying to make Jiang Wushang suffer?

However, since he was determined to pass his power on to Song Yuheng, Jiang Wushang had to, sooner or later, accept this. As for the pain Jiang Wushang would feel today, he would have to bear that sooner or later too.

Thus, Duan Jidao did not say much, and instead prepared to pass his power on to Song Yuheng before Jiang Wushang.

“Yuheng, you are originally someone from the Song Royal Clan. Originally, a Royal Bloodline flowed within your dantian.”

“Right now, what you possess is an Imperial Bloodline. From today forward, you shall possess the strongest Imperial Bloodline in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“However, you do not have to thank me. You only need to thank one person, Emperor Huang, Lord Huangfu Shou. You must remember this. The power that you shall obtain today was bestowed to you by Lord Huangfu Shou.”

“Furthermore, you must promise me one thing. The bloodline that you possess must be passed on to a person from the younger generation in your old age.”

“Furthermore, you must remember this. You are not allowed to pass on your bloodline to the geniuses nurtured by the Four Great Imperial Clans, nor are you allowed to only pass it on to your descendants. You must pass it onto a suitable candidate. Do you understand?” Duan Jidao asked Song Yuheng.

“This junior understands. Milord, please rest assured,” Song Yuheng kneeled on both knees and kowtowed to Duan Jidao.

“Very well, enter the formation,” Duan Jidao pointed to the area before the grave. He had already set up the Inheritance Formation in front of the grave. Furthermore, as he spoke, he sat in the center of the formation.

Hearing and seeing that, Song Yuheng naturally hurriedly entered the formation and lay down. An unconcealable excitement and joy emerged on his face. After he finished lying down, he even deliberately took a provocative glance at Jiang Wushang.

At this moment, Jiang Wushang was bleeding from his heart. It was as if a sharp blade was digging at his heart and cutting his flesh. This sort of heartache was simply so painful that he felt as if he wanted to die.

However, he had no choice but to endure it. He could only choose to remain silent. After all, he was inferior to Song Yuheng, and had been unable to win against him.

As such, he could only watch as Duan Jidao pass his power on to that shameless and despicable Song Yuheng.

“Senior Duan, please wait!” Right at the moment when Duan Jidao was about to activate the Inheritance Formation, a voice suddenly sounded. This voice shocked everyone present.

“Chu Feng?!” After seeing the person who had arrived, the people present were all shocked. The reason for that was because none of them expected Chu Feng’s arrival.

“Chu Feng? Why would you be here?” In terms of being shocked, the ones who were the most shocked were none other than Song Yuheng and his father.

The two of them both knew that Song Yuheng’s grandfather was lying in ambush for Chu Feng outside of the World’s Hidden Valley. Furthermore, with his strength, as long as Chu Feng dared to return to the World’s Hidden Valley, he would definitely be captured. As such, how could Chu Feng be here? Exactly what was going on? They were truly confused and somewhat stunned.

“What’s wrong? Are you all very disappointed that I managed to get here?” Chu Feng took a smiling glance at Song Yuheng and his father.

“Disappointed?” Hearing those words, Duan Jidao, Yin Gongfu and even Jiang Wushang’s expression changed. They were all smart people. Therefore, they naturally managed to hear a special connotation behind the word ‘disappointed.’

“Chu Feng, what nonsense are you talking about? I merely wanted to say that this place is not a place that you can enter. What makes you think you are qualified to be here?” Song Yuheng angrily denounced Chu Feng.

“Song Yuheng, that shouldn’t be what you want to say the most. What you want to say the most should be ‘Where’s my grandfather?’” Chu Feng said.

“You… what are you talking about? I do not understand,” Hearing Chu Feng saying those words, the expressions of Song Yuheng and his father changed.

“Don’t understand?” Chu Feng smiled again. Then, he opened the sack on his back and threw it to the ground. Song Yuheng’s grandfather appeared from the sack. He pointed at Song Yuheng’s grandfather and said to Song Yuheng, “Do you understand now?”