Chapter 1856 - The Furious Duan Jidao

MGA: Chapter 1856 - The Furious Duan Jidao


At this moment, Duan Jidao was kneeling before that crystal coffin. His eyes were filled with deep emotions as he looked at Duan Qirou, who was within the coffin.

At first, other than Chu Feng, everyone else was puzzled by Duan Jidao’s reaction.

Soon, Song Yuheng’s grandfather, Song Yuheng’s father and Song Yuheng all discovered that the woman in the coffin was actually wearing the exact same clothes as the ones which Song Yuheng’s grandfather had forged.

“How could this be?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather was completely flabbergasted. He who had managed to stand back up with great difficulty directly fell onto his butt. His expression turned ashen.

Earlier, he had been confused the entire time as to why Chu Feng knew that the remains of Duan Qirou he had produced were fake. Now, he finally realized. It turned out that Chu Feng had discovered the actual remains.

After being emotional for some time, Duan Jidao suddenly asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, where did you obtain Qirou’s remains?”

“Senior Duan, this is a long story. Senior, might you be willing to listen to it?” Chu Feng said.

“Go ahead. Tell me from the very beginning. Tell me all about it,” Duan Jidao nodded his head repeatedly. He wanted to know about what had happened.

Chu Feng began to tell Duan Jidao about what had happened from the very beginning.

This included how he encountered Duan Qirou’s remains at the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, and how he had seen the poem and the handwriting on the gravestone after coming to this place.

He also told Duan Jidao how he knew about his past from Yin Gongfu, as well as how the remains in the grave were a fake produced by Song Yuheng’s grandfather.

Chu Feng did not conceal anything from Duan Jidao, and instead told him all about what had happened.

“How preposterous!”

After learning of what had happened, Duan Jidao became incomparably furious. First, he smashed this palm downward, and shattered that grave with the fake remains that he had treasured for many years to pieces.

Then, he extended his hand and grabbed. Song Yuheng’s grandfather was grabbed before him and forced to kneel on the ground.

“Lord Duan, please listen to my explanation. That Chu Feng is wrongly accusing me. That Chu Feng is wrongly accusing me. The remains that I presented to you are the real remains of Lady Duan Qirou. Chu Feng’s remains are fake,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather was still trying to make excuses.

“You actually still dare to deceive me? That crystal coffin is something that Qirou requested from me back then. She said that the two of us would both lie in that crystal coffin in the future,” Duan Jidao was so enraged that his beard hairs were all perked straight, and his body was violently trembling. It could be seen that he was truly angry.

The moment he saw that crystal coffin, the moment he saw Duan Qirou’s remains, he knew that these were her real remains. Yet, Song Yuheng’s grandfather still insisted on saying that they were fake. As such, how could he possibly tolerate it?

“Milord, I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare to deceive you. I am loyal and devoted to you. I…” Naturally, Song Yuheng’s grandfather would refuse to admit that he had deceived Duan Jidao even if he were to be beaten to death. As such, he continued to justify himself.

“Shut your mouth!” Duan Jidao smashed his palm down. ‘Boom,’ as blood splattered, Song Yuheng’s grandfather was crushed to bits.

“Ah?!!!!” Seeing that Song Chenghong had been killed, Song Yuheng and his father were all stunned.

It was only after a very long time that Song Yuheng managed to react. In order to be able to survive, he hurriedly crawled to Duan Jidao and began to kowtow to him while begging for forgiveness nonstop, “Lord Duan, please spare me, please spare me! Please take into consideration how loyal and devoted I have been to you for all these years and spare my life and the life of my father. I will never dare to deceive you again, never dare to deceive you again.”

“What? Even the two of you were involved?” Hearing those words, Duan Jidao turned his furious gaze at Song Yuheng.

“This… Lord Duan, I, I…” It was only at this moment that Song Yuheng managed to react and discovered that he had misspoken. He wanted to explain himself, but was at a loss as to how to do so.

Song Yuheng’s panicking appearance of not knowing what to do was enough to show that he knew the truth.

As for the truth, it was that the three of them, grandfather to grandson, were all deceiving Duan Jidao together.

“I have trusted you all in vain. I was truly blind,” Duan Jidao smashed his palm downward again. Song Yuheng and his father were both smashed to bits, and the two of them went to accompany Song Chenghong.

“Hahaha, this is too funny. That Song Yuheng was truly stupid beyond help,” At this moment, in Chu Feng’s World Spirit Space, Eggy was laughing at Song Yuheng’s stupidity.

As for Chu Feng, he was also smiling while he shook his head. He knew that even though Song Chenghong had deceived Duan Jidao, Duan Jidao might have spared Song Yuheng and his father by taking old affections into consideration. After all, Duan Jidao would not have thought that the father and son would also be related to this matter.

However, in his panic, Song Yuheng had actually spoken the truth. This let Duan Jidao know that Song Yuheng and his father had also been deceiving him. As such, he would naturally be incomparably angry, and not spare Song Yuheng or his father.

It could be said that Song Yuheng had caused his own death and the death of his father. His action was truly one of enormous stupidity.

“Qirou, I have let you down. Not only did I cause your death, I was unable to even find your remains. I even set up a grave for those fake remains while thinking that it was you the entire time. I had even wanted to bury myself in the same grave as those remains that I don’t even know whose they are. I…”

At that moment, Duan Jidao arrived before the crystal coffin. Overcome with emotions, this old man whose face showed that he had experienced a lot of things was actually shedding tears.

“It seems that this Duan Jidao is truly a passionate man of emotions. It is no wonder he was deceived and exploited by Song Chenghong,” After seeing Duan Jidao acting in such a manner, Eggy’s opinion of Duan Jidao improved slightly.

Eggy was an extremely observant individual. Thus, she knew that Duan Jidao’s current reaction was not fake. He truly loved Duan Qirou dearly.

Else, how could he have massacred his entire clan out of anger at her death?

Although his action of massacring his entire clan was an incomprehensible action, in this world where people only considered their own self-interest, how many people were actually capable of doing that sort of thing for a single woman?

While that sort of action appeared to be extreme, it was able to better reflect that Duan Jidao was a man of emotions and passion.

After a long time passed, Duan Jidao walked to Chu Feng with an expression of gratefulness all over his face. “Little friend Chu Feng, I truly do not know how to thank you for this. If it wasn’t for you, I… I would not have even been able to accompany Qirou in death.”

“Senior, don’t say it like that. What this junior has done are only the things that I should have done.”

“Furthermore, you shouldn’t be that heart-broken. I have always thought that the founder of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was… senior Duan Qirou.”

“If that Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest really was established by senior Duan Qirou, it would mean that she was not killed because of you. Instead, she merely left the Duan Clan. Thus… you were not the cause of senior Duan Qirou’s death,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right, Milord. Please look at Lady Duan Qirou’s remains. She is completely undamaged. It really does not resemble the remains of someone that was killed,” Yin Gongfu said.

“Qirou, so you weren’t killed by the people from the Duan Family? Did you commit suicide?” At this moment, Duan Jidao managed to react. With his world spirit techniques, if he were to carefully observe Duan Qirou’s remains, he would be able to determine her cause of death, as well as her time of death.

At this moment, he was determined that Duan Qirou had died after he had extinguished the Duan Clan. Furthermore, she had died from suicide, and not from being killed by another. Furthermore, Duan Qirou had killed herself when the news of him was completely gone from the world, at the moment when everyone thought that he had died.

From this, he could imagine that she had thought that he had died, and thus killed herself because of that. Duan Qirou had wanted to accompany Duan Jidao in death.

It was precisely because of their deep affection for one another, with the freak combination of many factors, that lead to such a tragedy.