Chapter 1845 - Who Is Fighting?

MGA: Chapter 1845 - Who Is Fighting?

“Grandfather, you’re even going to kill Lord Duan Jidao?” Song Yuheng was surprised.

“You’re still addressing him as Lord? Is he even worthy of that title? The anger he gave me over the years, is it not enough? I have lowered myself before him, endured humiliation in silence for so many years, all so that I could kill him,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“But grandfather, he’s still…” Song Yuheng was afraid.

“Yuheng, there’s no need for you to fear. Duan Jidao is plagued with a chronic illness. He will not be able to continue living for long. When he has finished passing on his power to you, he will have emptied his strength completely. Adding on his chronic illness that cannot be treated, he will soon become a cripple. At that time, his little life shall be mine.”

“Humph. He most definitely wants to kill himself so that he can accompany that Duan Qirou sooner. However, I will not give him that opportunity,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“Grandfather, you’re not planning to bury the two of them together?” Song Yuheng asked.

“Bury them together? That’s right, I must bury them together. After all, that Duan Qirou was fake to begin with. After he dies, he will come to find out that the one that he will be buried together with is not the lover that he yearned for day and night. At that time, that Duan Jidao will definitely die with grievances.”

“That’s right, I will make him die with grievances. I’ll have him kill himself and then throw himself into that grave,” A perverted smile appeared on Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s face.

“Grandfather, what about that Chu Feng?” Song Yuheng asked.

“Chu Feng? He naturally has to die too. However, there’s no need for us to take care of him ourselves. Right now, he’s extremely valuable. If we are to hand him over to the Four Great Imperial Clans. Haha…” As he said those words, greed emerged on Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s face.

At that moment, the smile on his face grew even stronger. With his grandfather present, Song Yuheng felt that all of his wishes would be realized.

For example, back then, Song Yuheng was not the person who Duan Jidao had thought to be the most suited to be his successor. However, he was soon about to obtain Duan Jidao’s inheritance. All of this was due to his grandfather.

“Milord,” Right at this moment, a soft call sounded from outside the palace hall.


Song Yuheng’s grandfather waved his sleeve and removed a layer of spirit formations. Then, he opened the tightly shut door to the palace hall and said, “Come on in.”

Soon, a man with the cultivation of peak Half Martial Emperor ran in and knelt on the ground.

“It’s so late now. For you to not properly be at Yin Gongfu’s side and instead come to my place, do you not fear him growing suspicious?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather asked.

“Milord, this subordinate naturally fears Yin Gongfu becoming suspicious. Merely, you mentioned that I must report to you immediately should something important happen,” The man said.

“What is it?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather asked.

“Milord, just earlier, Chu Feng grabbed the key and left the World’s Hidden Valley by himself,” The man reported.

“What? He escaped?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather was shocked to hear that Chu Feng had escaped. Then, an expression of worry appeared on his face. He did not wish for Chu Feng to leave.

“Indeed, he has left. He said that he had something important that he must do. However, this subordinate also heard him telling Yin Gongfu that he would return after some time,” The man said.

“He’ll return? That’s good,” Hearing those words, Song Yuheng’s grandfather heaved a sigh of relief.

“Very good, you’ve reported to me very promptly,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather waved his sleeve. Then, a Cosmos Sack fell into that man’s hand.

“Thank you Milord,” Upon receiving the Cosmos Sack, the man was overjoyed.

“Continue to properly work for me and you will be paid well. You can withdraw now,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather waved his sleeve.

“Yes,” The man withdrew himself.

“Truly, good news happens in succession today,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said in a very joyous manner.

“Grandfather, what other good news is there?” Song Yuheng asked.

“Although Chu Feng left, he will still return. As long as I guard this World’s Hidden Valley and lay in ambush, I will be able to secretly capture him.”

“At that time, I simply will not have to wait until you finish obtaining the inheritance and for Duan Jidao to die. Instead, we will be able to obtain Chu Feng’s bounty right away. Tell me, is that good news or not?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“Brilliant! Grandfather, you are truly brilliant!” Song Yuheng praised while holding out his thumb.

“Of course. Otherwise, how could I make that renowned Duan Jidao run around in circles on my palm? Hahaha….” Song Yuheng’s grandfather laughed complacently.

Chu Feng did not know about the despicable scheme that Song Yuheng and his grandfather had for him. At this moment, Chu Feng was proceeding toward the Alliance Domain with all his strength. He had to obtain that crystal coffin as soon as possible. If he were to delay, something might happen.

There were actually many reasons why Chu Feng did not directly tell Duan Jidao and have him go and obtain the remains himself after finding out about Duan Qirou’s remains were fake.

Firstly, if he were to mention Duan Qirou’s remains to Duan Jidao, he would have betrayed Yin Gongfu. He would’ve let Duan Jidao know that Yin Gongfu had told him about his greatest secret.

In anger, Duan Jidao might severely punish Yin Gongfu. At that time, how could he possibly trust Chu Feng? If he were to trust Chu Feng, it would be fine. However, if he didn’t trust Chu Feng, Chu Feng might even end up losing his life.

While Duan Jidao looked like a wreck of an old man right now, it remained that he was someone who had wiped out his entire clan due to anger. As such, Duan Jidao most definitely possessed an extremely fiery temper.

Thus, in order to prevent those accidents from happening, Chu Feng had no choice but to go and remove the crystal coffin himself. Although it would be revealed that he knew of Duan Jidao’s secret when he took out Duan Qirou’s corpse, Duan Jidao would definitely be extremely happy to find out that his lover’s corpse was still perfectly maintained.

At that time, even if he were to blame Chu Feng and Yin Gongfu, he would likely not punish them. At that time, the one that would suffer would be Song Yuheng’s grandfather.

After journeying for some time and passing through the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation, Chu Feng arrived at the Alliance Domain.



Right after Chu Feng walked out from the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation, Chu Feng heard thunder-like rumbling sounding nonstop from the distance.

He looked toward the direction of the rumbles, and discovered that a blaze was radiating all over the distant horizon. Even space itself was shattering nonstop. In fact, even the earth that Chu Feng stood on was trembling slightly. Someone was fighting.

For there to be such powerful might on display, Chu Feng determined that the people fighting were most definitely no ordinary martial cultivators. Most likely, they were Martial Emperor-level experts. Else, it would be impossible for him to be able to see and feel their battle from such a far away place.

Chu Feng had determined that the battlefield was several million miles away. Millions of miles, that was a distance that an ordinary martial cultivator’s might would not be able to transmit through.

Seeing that Chu Feng was looking toward the direction where the rumbles were sounding from and not continuing his journey, Eggy asked, “Chu Feng, what’s wrong?”

“That is the direction of the World Spiritist Alliance. There are not many Martial Emperors in the Alliance Domain. Yet, there are Martial Emperors fighting there right now. Furthermore, they are battling with such might. I feel that something is wrong,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s simple. Go over there and check it out. Although you’re in a rush, a short moment of delay will not mean much.”

“Moreover, your little darling Su Mei is in that World Spiritist Alliance. If something is really happening in the World Spiritist Alliance, you must involve yourself with it,” Eggy said.


Before Eggy had even finished what she was saying, Chu Feng had turned into a ray of light and flew towards the direction of the battle.

Chu Feng had not only unleashed his Divine Lightnings to increase his cultivation to rank one Martial Emperor, he had also unleashed his fastest movement technique, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast. In a flash, he traveled several miles. Even though the battle was very far away, with Chu Feng’s speed, he soon arrived at the battlefield.