Chapter 1846 - An Enormously Pleasant Surprise

MGA: Chapter 1846 - An Enormously Pleasant Surprise

Although Chu Feng had only approached the battlefield, and had not actually entered the battlefield, with his Heaven’s Eyes’ extremely powerful perceptive ability, Chu Feng was able to determine exactly who it was that was fighting.

There were three people fighting. Two among them were wearing black cloaks with a strange veined pattern on their clothes. That veined pattern was crimson red in color, and gave off the appearance of being dyed with blood. Furthermore, they were emitting a faint glimmer. It was extremely strange.

Other than those strange black cloaks, those two men were also wearing masks. Their masks were also pitch-black, and also had that strange crimson veined pattern on them. Adding onto their crimson-colored eyes, the two of them looked like two human-shaped monsters, two ghosts in the world of mortals.

With the two of them wearing the same outfit, they were naturally on the same battlefront. Furthermore, the two of them both possessed cultivations of rank one Martial Emperor.

As for the other person that they were fighting, Chu Feng was able to recognize him with a single glance. He was an acquaintance. He was the World Spiritist Alliance’s Left Reverend.

The Left Reverend was also a rank one Martial Emperor. Back then, the Left Reverend had appeared like a god to Chu Feng. He had seemed so enormously powerful. However, at this moment, fighting against two rank one Martial Emperors, he was placed in a very strenuous state.

There were many bloody wounds on his body already. His flesh was cut open, and white bones could be seen.

Although they were only superficial wounds that could not be said to be anything serious, it was sufficient to show that the Left Reverend was in a very disadvantaged state in this battle.

“Left Reverend, a fine bird chooses a good tree to nest in, must you act this stubbornly?” One of the two black cloaked Martial Emperors asked.

[1. A fine bird chooses a good tree to nest in → A talented person chooses a patron of integrity]

“Indeed, a fine bird chooses a good tree to nest in. As for your rotten tree, I am not interested,” Left Reverend said.

“In that case, you shall die,” Hearing those words, the two mysterious black-cloaked men simultaneously unleashed fatal attacks at the Left Reverend.

The two of them had unleashed Earthen Taboo Martial Skills. Furthermore, they were not ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skills. The two of them had unleashed Earthen Taboo Martial Skills that complemented one another. Being unleashed with Incomplete Imperial Armaments, those two Earthen Taboo Martial Skills were extremely frightening.


Although they were only made up of a layer of golden-bright and dazzling martial power, they emitted extremely frightening roars. If there were people below Half Martial Emperor in their surroundings, a single roar would be enough to kill them miserably, leaving neither soul nor body behind.

Before those frightening attacks, even the Left Reverend’s expression took a huge change. It would be extremely difficult for him to block these incoming attacks. Even if he were able to block them, he would be even more seriously injured.


However, right when the two Earthen Taboo Martial Skills were about to approach him, they both exploded. The two Earthen Taboo Martial Skills had been blocked.

This scene came as an enormous surprise to the Left Reverend. The reason for that was because he saw a familiar silhouette standing before him. It was shock from the person who had blocked the incoming attacks for him. As for that person, he was none other than Chu Feng.

“Junior pays his respects to Lord Left Reverend,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and greeted the Left Reverend respectfully.

“Chu Feng, it’s really you?” The Left Reverend was filled with astonishment. He was not only shocked because Chu Feng had appeared here, more than that, but also because of Chu Feng’s current cultivation. Chu Feng’s cultivation was actually the same as his own, a rank one Martial Emperor.

Not long ago, he had heard about the rumors of Chu Feng at the Gong Ba Plains. Although the Chu Feng in the rumors had been extremely powerful, he had still only been a Half Martial Emperor. How had he managed to become a rank one Martial Emperor in such a short period of time?

Right at this moment, one of the black-cloaked men spoke. “So you’re Chu Feng. Your name has been known to me for a long time. Finally, I’ve met you today.”

“You two know who I am?” Chu Feng asked.

“Is there anyone in the Holy Land of Martialism who doesn’t know the name of Chu Feng now?”

“It seems s that you really do possess a special technique that actually allowss your cultivation to increase to rank one Martial Emperor. You are truly extraordinary.”

“However, you’re only a fake Martial Emperor. Yet, you actually want to stand up for the Left Reverend? Do you think that you were really capable?” The two black-cloaked men’s gazes were crimson red, like those of monstrous beasts. However, Chu Feng could tell from their gazes that they were looking down on him.

“You asked whether or not I’m capable? I’ll let you know whether or not I’m capable right away,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, with a thought, his Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique appeared. The two supreme Secret Skills soared forward to either side of him and surrounded the two mysterious black-cloaked men.

“Damn it, we actually forgot he knew this trick.”

Upon seeing the Water Immortal Profound Technique and the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, the two mysterious black-cloaked men were immediately startled. Even though their faces were covered by masks and their expressions could not be seen, their current body language showed Chu Feng that they were afraid.

However, their fear was understandable. The two of them were only rank one Martial Emperors. As for Chu Feng’s Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique, they were rank two Martial Emperors.

Suddenly, one of the two black cloaked men asked, “Chu Feng, have you heard of the Dark Hall?”

“I have not,” Chu Feng said.

“You will soon come to know of the Dark Hall. It is an existence that will surpass the Three Palaces. We are the senior elders of the Dark Hall.”

“Today, if you are to release us, we will let this be. However, should you not release us, the Dark Hall will definitely not let you live. The Dark Hall is not a minor character like the Four Clans. If you are to make our Dark Hall your enemy, you will definitely be courting death.”

“What? You can’t win against me, so you’ve decided to threaten me? When even your lives are in my hand, do the two of you really think that you possess the qualifications to threaten me?” Chu Feng said.

“Qualifications? You dare to speak of qualifications before the Dark Hall? Chu Feng, if you are to let us go today, then everything will be fine. However, should you not, you shall bear the consequences of your actionss,” That man continued to threaten Chu Feng. The two of them did not attack Chu Feng because they knew that they were no match for Chu Feng’s Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique even if they were to join hands. At this moment, the only way for them to escape this predicament would be to threaten Chu Feng.

“Very well, I’ll let the two of you go,” Chu Feng waved his hand.

“Chu Feng, you cannot let them go. If you are to do that, you’ll be releasing tigers back into the mountain,” The Left Reverend said.

However, Chu Feng ignored the Left Reverend. With a thought, the frightening Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique moved to the side and created a path for the two mysterious men to escape.

“Chu Feng, you are quite smart. Let’s go,” The two men did not hesitate. They turned around and proceed to escape immediately.



However, right after they began to leave, the Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique attacked simultaneously. The two men were engulfed by surging waves of water and a fiery hot seas of flames.

The speed at which the two supreme Secret Skills had attacked was truly too fast. Before the two men could react, they were already engulfed by deep water and scorching fire.

“Chu Feng, you went back on your word! Ahh!!!!”

The two men let out heart-tearing and lungs-splitting screams. At that moment, their bodies were being refined. They were unable to endure it anymore.

“You’re mistaken. I already let the two of you go. Merely, you did not leave quickly enough, which allowed me to catch up to the two of you again.”

“Thus, it is not I, Chu Feng, who went back on my word. Instead, it is the two of you who were too incompetent,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“You… are truly shameless. Our Dark Hall will not let you get awhhh!!!” Before the two men could finish cursing at Chu Feng, they screamed again. Then, their bodies disintegrated, and their souls were extinguished. The two men had been killed.

After the two men died, the Water Immortal Profound Technique and Fire Immortal Profound Technique turned into two rays of light that entered Chu Feng’s body. At that moment, two Cosmos Sacks and two Incomplete Imperial Armaments were in Chu Feng’s hand. They had been obtained from those two mysterious men.

After obtaining those goods, Chu Feng looked to the Left Reverend, and discovered that the Left Reverend was looking at him with a shocked expression.

As those two men had fought against the Left Reverend, the Left Reverend knew how powerful they were. While he was fine fighting against one, he was no match against the two of them.

However, opponents that he could not win against were effortlessly killed by Chu Feng. As such, how could he not be shocked?

After all, the Chu Feng from back then had merely been a weak Martial King. Before him, Chu Feng would not have been able to withstand a single blow.

However, Chu Feng was now an existence capable of killing Martial Emperors. Furthermore, he had saved him.

The speed of Chu Feng’s progress was simply lightning fast, and was about to surpass what he could accept.

“Chu Feng, you have truly brought me an enormously pleasant surprise,” The Left Reverend said.