Chapter 1844 - The Vicious Song Family

MGA: Chapter 1844 - The Vicious Song Family

After some deliberation, Chu Feng gave the reason that he had some important matter to take care of, and told Yin Gongfu that he had to leave for a short period of time on that very same night.

Yin Gongfu did not ask Chu Feng any questions about it. Instead, he directly allowed Chu Feng to leave. Furthermore, he gave him a key that was capable of opening the spirit formation around the World’s Hidden Valley.

However, Chu Feng did not mention to Hong Qiang that he would be leaving. Actually, regardless of how many concealment abilities Chu Feng possessed, and how enormously strong they might be, it remained very dangerous for him to go out at such a time. Chu Feng did not wish for Hong Qiang to brave the dangers with him. Thus, he planned to journey by himself.


“Such a satisfying sapling is truly rare to come by. Merely… what an enormous pity,” Duan Jidao sighed repeatedly. He was feeling enormous pity that he was unable to pass his power on to Chu Feng.

“Cough, cough, cough~~~”

Suddenly, Duan Jidao began to cough violently. As he coughed, a golden liquid sprayed out from his mouth. When the golden liquid appeared, Duan Jidao’s expression became very ugly, and his aura also became much weaker.

However, it seemed that Duan Jidao was already accustomed to this scene. He wiped away the golden liquid around his mouth and did not reveal any shock at all.

“Lord Duan,” Not long afterward, an old man walked over and kneeled before Duan Jidao.

This old man was at the very least three thousand years old. In fact, in terms of age, he could be even older than Duan Jidao. However, the expression with which he looked to Duan Jidao was extremely respectful. As for this old man, he was Song Yuheng’s grandfather.

“To find me this late, could it be that something has happened?” Duan Jidao asked.

“Milord, something major has happened,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“What is this major matter?” Duan Jidao asked.

“The greatly wanted criminal of the Four Great Imperial Clans has intruded upon our World’s Hidden Valley. It was Yin Gongfu who let him in,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“I already know,” Duan Jidao said.

“Milord, you knew?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather was extremely shocked to hear that.

“Chu Feng did not intrude upon this place. Instead, I was the one who had Gongfu invite him here. Is that all you wish to tell me?” Duan Jidao asked.

“Eh…” Hearing those words, Song Yuheng’s grandfather hesitated slightly before saying, “Chu Feng injured Yuheng. Furthermore, his injuries are extremely serious.”

“Oh?” Duan Jidao’s eyes narrowed. Then, he looked to Song Yuheng’s grandfather and said, “In that case, why didn’t you inform me of this sooner, why didn’t you bring Yuheng here so that I could treat his injuries?”

“Eh… although his injuries were very serious, they were only superficial wounds. I felt that there wasn’t a need to inconvenient Milord. Thus, this subordinate ended up treating his injuries myself.”

“Merely, it remains that Yuheng is the successor that Milord thinks highly of. For him to be publicly beaten, it was truly somewhat detrimental to Milord’s prestige,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather began to sow dissension.

“If you want me to take care of Chu Feng, then you can forget about it. Chu Feng is a distinguished guest I invited here myself. How could I possibly punish my distinguished guest?”

“Furthermore, that child Chu Feng possesses exceptional talent. You should have Yuheng get along with him. An incident like that must not occur again. Furthermore, he must not offend Chu Feng again.”

“Oh, that’s right, tell your men that they are not allowed to spread any information about Chu Feng being here. If there is anyone that dares to inform the Four Great Imperial Clans that Chu Feng is here, I will definitely not show any mercy toward them,” Duan Jidao said.

Hearing those words, Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s expression became extremely ugly. He had come here for the sake of reporting the grievances that Song Yuheng had suffered so that he could have Duan Jidao take care of Chu Feng and Yin Gongfu.

However, he never would’ve expected that Duan Jidao’s attitude would be that cold. Not only did he not punish Chu Feng, he was even protecting Chu Feng. This made him feel extremely unreconciled.

“This subordinate understands,” Although he was extremely unreconciled, Song Yuheng’s grandfather did not dare to go against Duan Jidao.

“Mn, that’s more like it. It’s better to have one more friend than one more enemy.”

“Oh, also, tell Yuheng to prepare himself and choose a good day. I plan to attempt to pass on a portion of my Inherited Bloodline’s power to him,” Duan Jidao said.

“Ah? Milord, you’re planning to pass your power on to Yuheng?” Song Yuheng’s grandfather was extremely shocked upon hearing those words. In fact, he didn’t even dare to believe his own ears.

“Yuheng’s body is weak. I cannot pass my power on to him all at once. I must do it over many sessions. Furthermore, he must be in a very healthy state for me to be able to pass my power on to him. You understand what I mean?” Duan Jidao said.

“Yes, yes, yes. This subordinate understands. I will return and properly look after Yuheng’s health,” After finding out that Duan Jidao was serious, Song Yuheng’s grandfather was overjoyed.

“In that case, why are you still standing here? Quickly, return and help him heal his injuries,” Duan Jidao said.

“Yes, Milord,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather hurriedly left.

“Sigh~~~~” After Song Yuheng’s grandfather left, Duan Jidao sighed helplessly. As the moonlight shone on his aged face, one could see a deep sense of guilt.

“Lord Emperor Huang, I will not live for much longer. Although I am also unwilling to pass your power on to Song Yuheng, I can only wrong your power again. I hope that you will not blame me.”

“After all, you told me that I cannot pass your power on to the clansmen of the Four Great Imperial Clans that are nurtured by them, nor could I pass your power on to the disciples of the Three Palaces. With that sort of requirement, it is truly difficult to find someone to pass your power on to.”

“That Chu Feng today is a rare good sapling. He is the best candidate ever for your power. Unfortunately, his bloodline, sigh…”

“I believe that you can also see my efforts. I hope that you do not blame me. I have truly tried my hardest.”

Duan Jidao said those words in a very ashamed manner. Then, he turned around and looked at Duan Qirou’s grave, looked at that ice-cold gravestone. A smile of relief emerged on his face. He said, “Qirou, wait a moment longer. I will soon join you.”


At this moment, Song Yuheng’s grandfather had arrived at Song Yuheng’s residence. Song Yuheng and his father were both present in this place.

“Grandfather, how was it? What did Lord Duan say? Is he going to severely punish that Chu Feng?” At this moment, Song Yuheng was completely healed. After all, the only injuries he had sustained were superficial injuries. With the ability of his grandfather, healing him was extremely effortless.

“It’s a bit thorny. Duan Jidao seemed to have met Chu Feng. Furthermore, he thinks very highly of him. Not only did he give the order to not allow anyone to spread the news of Chu Feng being here, he even wanted you to befriend that Chu Feng,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“What? He wants me to befriend that Chu Feng? How is that possible? Today, he beat father and I in front of so many people,” Song Yuheng was unwilling.

“Quiet down. How could you possibly be able to achieve greatness should you be unable to endure something small like that? I merely want you to befriend that Chu Feng for the time being. No one said that you must truly befriend him,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather rebuked angrily. Seeing his grandfather’s reaction, Song Yuheng calmed down.

“However, there’s good news too. After my meticulous efforts, Duan Jidao has finally decided to pass his power on to you,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“Grandfather, is what you said the truth?” Hearing those words, Song Yuheng and his father were both overjoyed. They were so excited that their bodies even started to tremble, their breathing began to rush and their heartbeat began to violently throb.

“Of course. Yuheng, you will soon become Duan Jidao’s successor. Ah, no, not Duan Jidao’s successor, it’s Emperor Huang’s successor. Haha… I truly have not expended all my efforts in vain. Today, all the hard times are finally over, and the good times are just beginning.”

“However, before this, you must carefully recuperate your body. Duan Jidao said that your body is weak. I am going to help you obtain the best condition. We must guarantee that the first session of passing on power will be a success. Only in that way will he be certain that you are suited to become his successor,” Song Yuheng’s grandfather said.

“Mn, I leave everything to grandfather’s arrangements,” Song Yuheng nodded his head repeatedly.

“As long as you obtain Duan Jidao’s inheritance, in the future, you will not only become the master of the World’s Hidden Valley, you will also obtain the power of Emperor Huang. You will become this era’s overlord.”

“At that time, Yin Gongfu? Jiang Wushang? Humph, all those who have gone against us will be killed.”

“Even that Duan Jidao will be killed,” After saying those words, a trace of ruthlessness flashed through Song Yuheng’s grandfather’s eyes.