Chapter 1815 - Request From One’s Benefactor

 MGA: Chapter 1815 - Request From One’s Benefactor

“The Beast Emperor was not human. He naturally cannot be counted,” Underworld Judge Black Fiend said.

“Ah? He really wasn’t a human? Aren’t there people who say that the Beast Emperor is only known as the Beast Emperor because he was a human who cultivated in a special monstrous beast-like martial technique?” At this moment, the surrounding elders were all startled.

“Those are merely rumors. The Beast Emperor was a monstrous beast. Merely, no one knew what sort of monstrous beast he was. The reason for that was because there was no one in his era capable of forcing him to reveal his true form,” Underworld Judge Black Fiend said.

“So that’s the case,” The crowd nodded.

“Lord Underworld Judge, who do you think it was that saved Chu Feng today?” An elder asked curiously.

“It could have been anyone. He might have been a hidden expert, or one of the Ten Immortals. It might even be possible for him to have been someone from the Three Palaces or even the Four Clans. Everything is possible,” Underworld Judge Black Fiend said.

“Ah? It’s even possible for him to have been someone from the Four Clans? Lord Underworld Judge, please excuse this subordinate’s offense, but I feel that that doesn’t seem to be realistic, no? The Four Clans are anxious to kill Chu Feng. Thus, why would someone from the Four Clans save him?” Someone said.

“You don’t understand. Chu Feng possesses countless treasures on him, and his talent is also extremely heaven-defying. Not only are the treasures that he possesses enough to make people want to kill him, merely his exceptional talent is already enough to make a lot of people view him as a threat.”

“Merely, what I’m saying is, it is possible for anyone to save him. That being said, it is also very possible that the person that saved him did so with the intention of harming him,” Underworld Judge Black Fiend said.

“So that’s the case. This subordinate understands now,” The crowd all revealed an expression of sudden realization. However, someone then said worriedly, “Lord Underworld Judge, if that person who saved Chu Feng really did so with an ill intentions, wouldn’t that mean that Chu Feng is in deep danger right now?”

“I also do not wish for his death. After all, he carries the hope of our human race. However, with the situation today, it is truly unsuitable for us to involve ourselves. Thus, it is better that we return and report this matter to Lord Palace Master.”

After saying those words, Underworld Judge Black Fiend looked into the distance and muttered, “For there to be people wanting to harm that child, there will naturally be people that would want to protect that child. Else, if he is to only rely on himself, it will be very difficult for him to mature. Hopefully Lord Palace Master will be willing to protect that child.”


At this moment, the army from the Four Great Imperial Clans were also on their way back. Among the vast and magnificent army was a sparkling golden war chariot. The six Supreme Elders and the four Clan Chiefs were all in that war chariot.

Other than them, there was another individual. He was the person who had faked Chu Feng’s appearance before, the Hundred Transformations Clay Man.

Merely, at this moment, while the four Clan Chiefs were all standing, that Hundred Transformations Clay Man was actually sitting alongside the six Supreme Elders. Furthermore, there was no trace of nervousness or feeling of constraint in his gaze. Even though he was only a rank one Martial Emperor, he had an attitude of standing on equal footing with the six Supreme Elders.

“Chu Feng’s survival means that there will be no end of trouble. Likely, your Four Great Imperial Clans will not be able to remain peaceful. With that Chu Feng’s temperament, once he matures, it would not be surprising should he come and exterminate your Four Great Imperial Clans in the future,” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man sat there and fiddled with his fingers. He acted as if he were speaking about something insignificant.

“We already know that without you needing to tell us. Else, why would we be so insistent on killing Chu Feng? You said that you have the means to take care of Chu Feng, exactly what is that means that you spoke of?” A Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder asked.

“Very simple. Increase the bounty on his head. There will definitely be people who will inform us about information regarding that Chu Feng,” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man said.

“Increase the bounty further? Is the bounty right now still insufficient?” The four Clan Chiefs asked in near unison.

“It’s insufficient, deeply insufficient. If you all were to add an Imperial Armament onto your current bounty, it would be sufficient then,” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man said.

“What? Imperial Armament? You want us to use our Emperor Dragon Seals as bounties?”

“No, absolutely not. The Emperor Dragon Seals are the foundations of our Four Great Imperial Clans,” The Four Clans’ Supreme Elders all shook their heads.

“Even if you all are to offer an Emperor Dragon Seal as the bounty, no one will trust you all. Everyone knows how important the Emperor Dragon Seals are to you all.”

“My master is capable of lending you all an Imperial Armament. However… he has a condition,” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man said.

“What is the condition?” Everyone asked in unison.

“You all are to present the Moonlight Maze’s four Stellar Keys to my master. If you are to do that, he will lend you an Imperial Armament. However, remember, it is only lending. As for ‘lending,’ I believe you all understand what this means,” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man said.

“This…” The Supreme Elders looked to one another. They all revealed expressions of difficulty.

“No rush. You all can consider this slowly. However, before a maze that you all cannot open and the opportunity to eliminate a great enemy, I believe you all will come to a decision,” As the Hundred Transformations Clay Man spoke those words, he stood up and prepared to leave.

“Wait. Our Nangong Imperial Clan is willing to hand over our Stellar Key,” A Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“We are also willing,” After that, the Supreme Elders from the other three clans also voiced their willingness.

“That’s the correct choice,” At this moment, the Hundred Transformations Clay Man turned around. A smile actually appeared on his face that lacked facial features. That smile was extremely vicious.

“Merely, even if we are able to find that Chu Feng, with that many people protecting him, I’m afraid that it will be very difficult to eliminate him,” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“Regarding that, you all can rest assured. As the saying goes, when helping, one must help all the way. If you all are willing to hand the four Stellar Keys to my master, my master will take care of that Snow-haired Immortal. As for that Compass Immortal, without the Snow-haired Immortal, I believe you all should be able to take care of him, no?” The Hundred Transformations Clay Man said.

“If that’s the case, it would definitely be great,” Hearing those words, a faint joyous expression emerged on the previously gloomy faces of the Four Clans’ Supreme Elders.


At the moment when the people from the various powers were discussing Chu Feng, that black-cloaked man was still bringing Chu Feng and the others with him and rapidly flying through the void.

It was only when they arrived at a mountain range that he slowed his speed and landed in the mountain’s forest.

“Senior, your great kindness is not something that this junior can thank with words. However, I still hope that you are willing to tell me your highly honorable name, so that this Chu Feng can repay your grace of saving my life in the future.”

At the moment they landed, Chu Feng clasped his fist toward the mysterious black-cloaked man. Even Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong were clasping their fists respectfully toward that black-cloaked man to express their thanks.

However, that black cloaked man completely ignored them. Instead, he faced the depths of the forest and said, “This is all that I can help you with. If this still won’t do, you can only abdicate.”

After he finished saying those words, the mysterious black-cloaked man once again disappeared into the void.

“This…” At this moment, Chu Feng and the others were dumbfounded. Even though that mysterious black-cloaked man had saved them, he had not said a single word to them.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng and the others still turned their gazes toward the direction in which that black-cloaked man had spoken earlier. The reason for that was because there was currently an aura approaching them from that direction. It was the aura of a rank three Martial Emperor.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I have heard of your great name for a long time now, and was looking forward to meeting you. Today, I finally get to see you. It is truly my pleasure, truly my pleasure,” That rank three Martial Emperor appeared before them. Although he had the appearance of a human, Chu Feng was capable of sensing that he was not human. From his aura, Chu Feng determined that he was a monstrous beast.

“Senior, are you from the King Monstrous Dragon Race?” Chu Feng asked.

“As expected from a Royal-cloak World Spiritist, little friend Chu Feng actually saw through me. Yes, I am the Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Race, Yaojiao Guang,” Yaojiao Guang said with a beaming smile.

“So it’s actually senior Yaojiao Guang. Junior Chu Feng thanks senior for saving my life,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and bowed respectfully to Yaojiao Guang.

Chu Feng knew that the black-cloaked man, regardless of who he was, had only been asked by someone else to save him. As for the person that really wanted to save Chu Feng, it was this Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, Yaojiao Guang.

“My, little friend Chu Feng, don’t thank me so quickly. I had you brought here because I have a matter that I need your help with. Might little friend Chu Feng be willing to help me?” Yaojiao Guang said.