Chapter 1814 - The Reactions From The Various Powers

 MGA: Chapter 1814 - The Reactions From The Various Powers

“That Chu Feng is truly extraordinary. After all these years, there has finally appeared another person from the human race who can contend against our Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation,” Of the two old men, the one with a scar on the left side of his face looked to the direction in which Chu Feng escaped and gasped.

“Contend? Merely that Chu Feng? Elder Mo Xu, you are thinking too highly of him, no?” The younger elf snorted lightly. Even though he had experienced Chu Feng’s techniques, he still did not place Chu Feng in his eyes.

“Young master Yuyin, if you were to fight against that Chu Feng, what percentage of certainty would you have in victory?” The elder by the name of Mo Xu asked.

That disciple by the name of Yuyin coldly snorted and then said confidently, “Humph, what percentage of a certainty of victory? Naturally, a hundred percent.”

“A hundred percent? Even if that Chu Feng doesn’t use treasures, he is still capable of fighting against rank one Martial Emperors,” That Elder by the name of Mo Xu frowned lightly. He did not believe Yuyin.

“If you do not believe me, I will find the opportunity to fight against him. At that time, you will come to know my strength,” After he finished saying those words, that young master Yuyin turned around and walked away.

Elder Mo Xu sighed. “While young master Yuyin indeed possesses exceptional talent, he is too arrogant and conceited.”

“Furthermore, geniuses are appearing among the humans in great number. I’m afraid that it will be as the rumors say, and another overlord will soon be born.”

“If this is to continue, with young master Yuyin’s temperament, I’m afraid that he will end up suffering,” A trace of worry appeared in Elder Mo Xu’s eyes.

“Brother Mo Xu, I think you are overthinking things. Although young master Yuyin is extremely conceited, he possesses the strength to be conceited. You must now know that he is about to break through to rank two Martial Emperor,” The other white-haired old man said.

“Brother Mo Wen, is what you say the truth?” Hearing those words, Elder Mo Xu was startled.

“Of course. Likely, young master Yuyin will once again obtain the standing of our Ancient Era’s Elves’ number one younger generation.”

“Ever since Lady Princess entered the Martial Emperor realm half a year ago, the status of the number one member of the younger generation has been held by Lady Princess the entire time. And now, it will finally return to young master Yuyin,” When mentioning this matter, Elder Mo Wen was quite happy. It seemed that he wanted that young master Yuyin to become the number one younger generation of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“Naturally, no fault can be found in young master Yuyin’s talent. Else, how could he have continued to hold the status of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ number one younger generation for so long? Unfortunately, Lady Princess has already grown up now. I’m afraid that young master Yuyin will never have the opportunity to take back the position of number one in the younger generation. In his entire life, he will only be number two,” Elder Mo Xu said with a beaming smile.

“You mean, could it be?” Hearing those words, Elder Mo Wen revealed an expression of shock.

“That’s right. Lady Princess is already a rank two Martial Emperor,” Elder Mo Xu nodded.

“Haha, Lady Princess truly lives up to expectations.”

“This era is indeed an era where an overlord will be born. Merely, the overlord of this era will no longer be human. Instead, it will be an Ancient Era’s Elf,” Hearing what Elder Mo Xu said, Elder Mo Wen was also overjoyed.


At the moment when the majority of the people were reminiscing on the marvelous battles Chu Feng and the others had fought against the Four Great Imperial Clans, the truly important characters had all left in succession. The top experts of the Three Palaces were among those people who had left.


Heavenly Law Palace. The elder that led the group of people from the Heavenly Law Palace was a rank three Martial Emperor. At this moment, there were a total of three people following him. Two of them were elders of the Heavenly Law Palace. The two of them possessed cultivations weaker than his, and were rank two Martial Emperors. As for the remaining person, it was a disciple. Naturally, this person would be the number one disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace, the head of the Heavenly Generals, Leng Yue.

“Leng Yue, you must have actually been defeated by that Chu Feng, right?” The leading elder asked.

“This disciple is incompetent. I have shamed our Heavenly Law Palace’s reputation. Elder, please punish me,” Leng Yue had an ashamed expression.

“Punish? Punish what? It is not that you are incompetent, it is merely that Chu Feng who is too strong. That child… is indeed amazing. This old man has lived for seven thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven years. I have seen countless people throughout my life. However, this is the first time I’ve ever met a member of the younger generation that powerful. By younger generation, I am talking about those underneath a hundred years old. As for that Chu Feng, he is likely not even thirty years old, no?” That elder gasped with admiration.

“Elder, that child dared to attack Leng Yue. He is simply not placing our Heavenly Law Palace in his eyes. Should we go and kill him?” One of the two rank two Martial Emperors asked.

“Do you want to kill Chu Feng, or is it that you want the treasures that he possesses?” The leading elder asked.

“Elder, I merely…”

“You don’t have to say anymore. How could I not know what you are thinking?” Before that elder could finish what he wanted to say, the leading elder cast an eye at him.

At this moment, that elder did not dare to refute him, and lowered his head guiltily. It was as if he were admitting to it.

“The two of you, listen carefully. Before Lord Palace Master exits his closed-door training, you are not allowed to stir up troubles for him. Even if we are to attack that Chu Feng, we must wait till Lord Palace Master exits his closed-door training first before deciding. Else, if you are to anger Lord Palace Master, no one will be able to save you. Understand?” The elder said.

“This subordinate understands,” The two rank two Martial Emperors nodded their heads.


Mortal King Palace. At this moment, there were also several Martial Emperor-level elders that were rushing back. The person leading them was also a rank three Martial Emperor. At this moment, he appeared to be in deep thought.

“Milord, what are you thinking about?” A rank one Martial Emperor asked the leading elder.

“That child Chu Feng is truly too heaven-defying. If an overlord is really going to be born in this era, I believe that overlord will be none other than him,” The leading elder said.

“Isn’t there also that Emperor Gong’s successor, that Zhang Tianyi? Perhaps that Zhang Tianyi is even more powerful than Chu Feng. After all, he obtained the title of the Strongest Younger Generation,” Someone said.

“Strongest Younger Generation? That’s nothing more than a false reputation. Trust me. That Zhang Tianyi is definitely inferior to Chu Feng,” After that elder said those words, he sighed and then said, “With the birth of an overlord, our Mortal King Palace will no longer be the strongest among all humans. If that Chu Feng is to truly mature, in the future, our Mortal King Palace will have to take him into consideration on every matter.”

“Milord, are overlords really that powerful?” Someone asked.

“Of course. Else, why would they be called overlords?” The leading elder said.

“Milord, how about we eliminate that Chu Feng before he matures?” The rank one Martial Emperor asked.

“Heh, with merely you?” The leading elder cast a disdainful glance at that rank one Martial Emperor. Then, he said, “Even three rank two Martial Emperors have been killed by him today. Among them was even the Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, White-browed Immortal. You are a mere rank one Martial Emperor, what certainty of being able to kill Chu Feng do you have?”

“I…” That rank one Martial Emperor turned speechless. Thinking about it, he really had no certainty at all.

“Forget about it. We must consider this matter at length. Let’s return and report this to Lord Palace Master first, and we’ll have him make the decision,” The leading elder said.

“Yes,” The others said in unison.


Underworld Palace. At this moment, they were also discussing Chu Feng. However, their reactions were completely different from that of the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

“Lord Underworld Judge, you’re saying that Chu Feng is very likely to become this era’s overlord?” A rank two Martial Emperor said to the leading elder with an expression of excitement. The others were also extremely excited.

The leading elder was an old man with a black, ink-like complexion skin. Furthermore, he was as thin as a match. Looking at him, one would think that he was composed of only skin and bones. If his clothes were taken off, he would resemble a dried corpse. His appearance was truly frightening.

However, while this old man had a very frightening appearance, his eyes were bright and full of expression. Furthermore, his cultivation was that of a rank four Martial Emperor. He was much more powerful than the two leading elders dispatched by the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace for this occasion.

As for this man, he was very well-known in the Holy Land of Martialism. Not to mention the Four Clans’ Clan Chiefs, even their Supreme Elders would not dare to act imprudently toward him.

This man, due to the fact that he possessed a dark complexion, an extremely fiendish appearance, and the position of Underworld Judge in the Underworld Palace, he was known as Underworld Judge Black Fiend.

“What do you all think? Very exciting, isn’t it? Back then, when Emperor Chi, Emperor Huang, Emperor Gong and Emperor Qing were overlords, our human race possessed awe-inspiring authority. We were truly existences that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism. Even the Ancient Era’s Elves did not dare to act imprudently toward us.”

“However, after the passing of Emperor Qing, there has never been anyone that was capable of suppressing the Ancient Era’s Elves. Even though they rarely show themselves and give off the sensation of being hidden from the secular world, our Three Palaces know best how arrogant those Ancient Era’s Elves are.”

“They occupy the most Ancient Era’s Remnants and Burial Grounds. They have monopolized a lot of the benefits. While they appear to be removed from worldly matters, they are actually bandits.” He sighed.

“However, if Chu Feng were to really become this era’s overlord, he would definitely stand up for us humans. At that time, how could those Ancient Era’s Elves still dare to act arrogant?” As Underworld Judge Black Fiend said those words, his gaze began to flicker. As if he was already seeing the arrival of that day, he revealed a loosened expression.

“What Lord Underworld Judge said is extremely correct. But, Lord Underworld Judge, why is it that you mentioned Emperor Chi, Emperor Huang, Emperor Gong and Emperor Qing, but not the Beast Emperor?” An elder asked in a puzzled manner.