Chapter 1813 - Plan Failure

 MGA: Chapter 1813 - Plan Failure


The Avaricious Immortal had been injured. Thus, he naturally knew that an expert had interfered. However, his avaricious heart was already determined to kill. As such, he ignored that expert, instead shouting loudly, taking out a weapon and thrusting it toward Chu Feng.


However, that black-cloaked individual raised his hand and shot out a palm. Then, a miserable scream was heard. The Avaricious Immortal had been knocked several miles away.

Even though that palm strike did not kill the Avaricious Immortal, he was badly mutilated the moment he fell to the ground. He had been seriously injured, and lost the ability to continue fighting.


Then, that black-cloaked individual placed his palm onto the world spirit formation. With a tremble of his palm, divine might was revealed. Before his overwhelming strength, that Dragon Mark spirit formation started to shatter and scatter.

Then, with a wave of his palm, Chu Feng and Hong Qiang both entered his control.

“Senior, although I do not know who you are, I hope that you can help my Ancestor, as well as the two Immortals, escape,” Seeing that mysterious man had come to save him, Chu Feng spoke and requested his assistance.

Hearing those words, that man was slightly startled. Then, he waved his sleeve once again.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In an instant, heaven and earth grew dark. Black clouds began to surge as a boundless tornado appeared out of nowhere. The tornado arrived at the place where Baili Xuankong and the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs were fighting.

As the violent winds spun about, they were simply unstoppable. Although the tornado did not possess the intention to kill, being engulfed by it, the grand Clan Chiefs of the Four Great Imperial Clans could only allow themselves to be spun about like fallen leaves. They were unable to contend against the violently spinning wind.


Right at this moment, that black-cloaked man extended his hand and grabbed. Then, Baili Xuankong turned into a ray of light and arrived before him.

After that, the man brought Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong with him and entered space. They had concealed themselves.

“You can’t escape!”

The Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs led their army and began to chase after them. However, how could they possibly catch up to them?

Not to mention his body, that man had instantly concealed all of his aura. Of course, Chu Feng, Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang were also concealed with him.

“Ah? Chu Feng has been saved? That man was extremely powerful. He’s actually a rank four Martial Emperor. Who exactly is he?”

“Who else could he be? He’s most definitely Zhang Tianyi’s father, the master of the fort. Other than him, who could possibly possess this sort of ability?” The crowd all turned their gazes toward the fort.

As for the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans, not only were they looking at the fort, their gazes were also filled with killing intent. They were so angry that their eyes had turned red. Boundless killing intent had covered the entire fort.

Even though they knew that Zhang Tianyi’s father was not someone to look down upon, it remained that he was making enemies out of their Four Great Imperial Clans by saving Chu Feng. As such, they would naturally not let the matter drop.

“Everyone, you must have proof of what you say. Else… do not blame me for being impolite,” However, right at this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s father flew out from the fort. He stood above the fort and started at the crowd with a murderous expression.

His reaction was understandable. After all, it was true that the crowd was wrongly accusing him.

“This… it’s actually not him?”

Upon seeing the appearance of Zhang Tianyi’s father, the people were all shocked. That black-cloaked man had already escaped. Furthermore, he had escaped outward. Yet, Zhang Tianyi’s father had appeared immediately. This meant that the person who saved Chu Feng was really not him.

However, if it wasn’t him, then who saved Chu Feng?

Didn’t this mean that there was another grand character with a cultivation of rank four Martial Emperor backing Chu Feng?

Not only did Chu Feng possess the backing of the Compass Immortal, the Snow-haired Immortal and that Martial Emperor wearing the conical bamboo hat, he actually possessed the backing of another rank four Martial Emperor. This was simply too astonishing.

Exactly how enormously powerful was Chu Feng’s backing? Wouldn’t this mean that he was truly capable of contending against the Four Great Imperial Clans that had continued to exist for several tens of thousands of years?

When the crowd thought of this, many of them were overwhelmed. Even after a long time, they were unable to regain their calm.

Chu Feng had come out of nowhere. However, he turned out to possess a grand origin.

Right at this moment, the Snow-haired Immortal suddenly shouted, “Shameless old trash, this Immortal will not play with you all anymore.”

Then, she threw out an item. Immediately, thick smoke began to surge. The smoke covered everyone’s line of sight.

“Everyone, farewell,” At the same time, the Compass Immortal also took out a similar item. After he tossed that item out, thick smoke also began to surge.

As the thick smoke dispersed, the two Immortals had already escaped.

“If you all do not chase after me, I will not look further into what happened today. However, if you are to chase after me, I will definitely make it so that your Four Clans cannot live in peace,” Not only did the Snow-haired Immortal escape, she even publicly threatened the Four Great Imperial Clans.

“Damn it!” At this moment, the six Supreme Elders from the Four Great Imperial Clans were all trembling with anger. However, none of them went to chase after the Snow-haired Immortal or the Compass Immortal.

Actually, if they truly wanted to contain the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal, they were capable of doing so. However, even if they were to contain them, what could they possibly do? If they were capable of killing the two of them, they would’ve done so already. Why would they have fought them for so long?

If they were to continue to fight them, they might push the two of them into a corner. Should that happen, the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal might start to openly slaughter the people from their Four Great Imperial Clans. At that time, the casualties to their Four Great Imperial Clans might not only be this much.

However, the more it was like this, the more unreconciled and furious they were. The hatred they felt for the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal was enormous.

They had laid in ambush for a long time, and prepared meticulously to capture and kill Chu Feng. However, in the end, not only had Chu Feng escaped, they seemed to have not even injured Chu Feng in the slightest.

Yet, look at them. They had suffered disastrously. Not mentioning those who were not Martial Emperors, there were many casualties even among their Martial Emperors. Most speechlessly, ten of the Martial Emperors that were killed had been killed by Chu Feng. Even the White-browed Immortal had died at Chu Feng’s hands.

However, ultimately, all of this had been caused by the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal. If they had not interfered, how could Chu Feng possibly have been able to escape? He would’ve already been killed by them.

However, even though they knew that it was all the fault of the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal, they had no choice but to let them escape. After all, with the troops they had with them here, it was unsuitable for them to fight the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal to the bitter end. If they wished to eliminate the two of them, they would have to think of a different way to do so.

That being said, it remained that they had been defeated in the battle today. Utterly defeated on top of that. What they had suffered was not only limited to the loss of Martial Emperors and elites from the Four Clans that they had nurtured for years, their Four Great Imperial Clans’ dignity and face had also been trampled upon.

Thus, at this moment, the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans were extremely depressed. Each and every person possessed extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

They truly did not understand why a mere Chu Feng could possess the backing of that many people.

However, regardless of how depressed the Four Great Imperial Clans might be, they were incapable of stopping the crowd from running their mouths. After all, today, the crowd had seen with their own eyes how valiant Chu Feng was.

Not to mention the Four Great Imperial Clans themselves thinking about it, even the observers present here today knew that the Four Great Imperial Clan's’ decision to make Chu Feng an enemy would likely mean that their future days would be very difficult.

After all, that child by the name of Chu Feng was truly too heaven-defying.


At this moment, away from the crowd, three silhouettes were hidden inside the void. While these three people possessed human-like appearances, there was a uniqueness to them.

They possessed blonde hair, green eyes and a tall and thin stature. Their appearance was many times more beautiful than that of ordinary humans. Even though two of them were clearly old men, they were much more handsome than ordinary human old men. It was certain that they had been extremely handsome when they were young.

Among the three of them was a member of the younger generation. That man possessed a face akin to that of a female. Before him, ordinary females would lose their splendor. He was truly too beautiful. If he were a woman, he would be a beauty. However, with his appearance, he lacked any trace of masculinity.

However, when ignoring his appearance, this man possessed an exceptional cultivation. He was, at the very most, only ten years older than Chu Feng. He could most definitely be considered to be a member of the younger generation. However, he was a Martial Emperor, a rank one Martial Emperor.

As for the two old men standing to either side behind him, they were even more extraordinary. Not only were they Martial Emperors, they were rank four Martial Emperors.

Those two old men were people of the same caliber as the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders, the Compass Immortal and the Snow-haired Immortal.

These three people were all Ancient Era’s Elves.

No, to be exact, they were people from the Elf Kingdom.