Chapter 1816 - Fighting Over The Position Of Clan Chief

 MGA: Chapter 1816 - Fighting Over The Position Of Clan Chief

“Help?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled.

However, nevertheless, he asked, “Senior has saved me. What might it be that this junior can help with? As long as this junior is capable, I will definitely put forth all of my effort to be of assistance.”

Yaojiao Guang sighed, “Regarding this matter, it is a long story. However, little friend Chu Feng is indeed capable of helping me. Thus, I might as well tell you all the truth,” Yaojiao Guang began to explain the situation to Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong.

It turned out that even though Yaojiao Guang was the Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, his position as the Clan Chief was about to expire.

According to the rules of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, it was not up to him to decide who the next Clan Chief would be. Instead, the person to become the next Clan Chief was the strongest member of the younger generation.

At this moment, of the children that Yaojiao Guang had that were still part of the younger generation, which is to say, less than a hundred years old, there was his ninety-sixth son, ninety-seventh son, ninety-eighth son and ninety-ninth daughter.

Among his three sons and one daughter, the one with the strongest strength was his ninety-sixth son, Yaojiao Tinglei.

Chu Feng had already met Yaojiao Tinglei. He had been the representative of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts in the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.

Back then, that Yaojiao Tinglei had indirectly spoken for Chu Feng before Zhang Tianyi’s father. Thus, Chu Feng had a pretty good impression of him.

However, according to Yaojiao Guang, although his ninety-sixth son was very strong, he was not the strongest among the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ younger generation.

Currently, the strongest of the younger generation among the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts was a person by the name of Yaojiao Xueran.

Although that Yaojiao Xueran was already ninety-three years old, he was still considered to be a member of the younger generation. Furthermore, he possessed a cultivation stronger than even Chu Feng’s. He was a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.

Logically, Yaojiao Xueran would be the optimal successor to the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ Clan Chief.

Normally, this would not be an issue. However, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were separated into two factions. One of them was the one that the current Clan Chief, Yaojiao Guang, was in. This faction was called the ‘Peace Faction.’ They advocated for peaceful coexistence with humans, and did not wish for unnecessary conflicts to arise.

As for the other faction, it was called the ‘War Faction.’ The War Faction advocated for monstrous beasts to become the rulers. They did not wish to continue to act modestly toward humans. Instead, they wanted the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts to reach the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism, to have everyone fear their name.

Thus, if someone from the War Faction were to become the Clan Chief, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts would likely not be able to coexist peacefully with humans. Conflicts and calamity would inevitably come about. As for that, it would not be good for either humans or the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts.

As for that Yaojiao Xueran, he was the son of the current leader of the War Faction. Furthermore, the leader of the War Faction possessed an antagonistic relationship with Yaojiao Guang. Thus, if his son were to become the Clan Chief, then the Peace Faction which Yaojiao Guan lead would definitely end up suffering in the future.

Thus, Yaojiao Guan really did not wish for Yaojiao Xueran to succeed as the next Clan Chief. This was the reason why he had sought Chu Feng’s help.

“Although Yaojiao Xueran is a rank eight Half Martial Emperor, and is also very powerful among the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s younger generation, the Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Race must face the Holy Land of Martialism’s Martial Emperors. With the cultivation he possesses, it is clear that he is insufficiently qualified to take upon himself the position of Clan Chief.”

“I don’t understand why you all must have him succeed as the next Clan Chief instead of finding someone stronger. Furthermore, I can see that senior’s health is completely fine. Even if you are to continue to be the Clan Chief for two thousand more years, there should also not be any problem to it. There is simply no reason for you to abdicate, no?” Chu Feng asked with a puzzled expression.

“Little friend Chu Feng doesn’t know about this. This has been a rule of our King Monstrous Dragon Race since ancient times. I became the Clan Chief of our King Monstrous Dragon Race when I was ninety-eight years old. As matters stand, I have already been the Clan Chief for eight thousand years.”

“According to our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s rule, as long as a Clan Chief has been the Clan Chief for eight thousand years, regardless of what their cultivation might be, regardless of how powerful they might be, they must still abdicate. Then, the member of the younger generation with the strongest strength shall be the one to succeed the position of Clan Chief,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“Eight thousand years? You’ve already lived for eight thousand years?” Hearing those words, Hong Qiang was extremely startled. The way he saw it, Yaojiao Guan was very strong and robust. At the very most, he would only appear like a human who had lived for three thousand years. He simply did not resemble someone who had lived for eight thousand years.

After all, for humans, even if one were a Martial Emperor, one’s body would become weak and feeble like that of an old man upon living for eight thousand years. Even if one possessed overwhelming abilities, it remained that they would be near the limit of their life expectancy. To speak simply, they would soon die, and would have to use heavenly treasures and earthly gems if they wanted to extend their lifespan.

For example, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders and even Baili Xuankong were all people who were near the limit of their life expectancy. They were all using special methods to extend their lifespan. However, even with that being the case, they would not be able to continue to live for another thousand years. At the very most, they could live for several hundred more years.

Although Yaojiao Guang had also lived for that long, judging by his appearance, one would feel that it would be no issue for him to continue living for four to five thousand more years. The reason for that was because he simply did not give off the appearance of having deteriorated with age.

“Our King Monstrous Dragon Race possesses the Bloodlines of True Dragons. Although it is only a tiny bit, it is sufficient to allow our lifespans to surpass those of ordinary monstrous beasts. Moreover, monstrous beasts possess a longer life expectancy than humans to begin with,” Yaojiao Guang explained.

“Monstrous beasts fill every corner of the Holy Land of Martialism. However, very few among them possess noble Bloodlines. Today, this old man’s horizons have been broadened,” Baili Xuankong nodded.

Yaojiao Guang looked to Baili Xuankong and asked, “This brother, you should be the one who saved little friend Chu Feng in Mooncloud City, right? I already know of Brother Hong Qiang. Brother, may I know your distinguished name?”

From his passionate gaze, it could be seen that he wanted to find out Baili Xuankong’s identity underneath that conical bamboo hat.

“This…” Chu Feng was slightly hesitant. After all, the identity of his Ancestor was something that no one knew about even now. The reason for that was because Baili Xuankong’s identity concerned the safety of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“It’s alright,” However, Baili Xuankong waved his hand at Chu Feng. Then, he removed his conical bamboo hat and said, “I am Baili Xuankong.”

“So it’s actually Brother Baili. It is my pleasure to meet you,” Yaojiao Guang felt very honored to be able to see Baili Xuankong’s true appearance.

At this moment, Hong Qiang also looked to Baili Xuankong with a pensive gaze. After all, it was also the first time that he had seen Baili Xuankong’s true appearance. Merely, that name ‘Baili Xuankong’ was sounded somewhat familiar to him. Yet, he was unable to recall where he had heard it.

This was not because Hong Qiang possessed a bad memory. Although Baili Xuankong had become famous very early, he had disappeared and entered seclusion training when his fame in the Cyanwood Domain was at its greatest. Currently, there were truly not many people who still knew of him.

“Clan Chief Yaojiao, please forgive this old man for being blunt. This rule of your King Monstrous Dragon Beasts seems to be somewhat unconventional.”

“Even if you should abdicate after being the Clan Chief for eight thousand years, the next Clan Chief should be someone with the proper qualifications. How could you all jump so far and directly choose the next Clan Chief from the younger generation?”

“How is the new Clan Chief, with his cultivation and status, possibly capable of convincing the masses, not to mention the outsiders, but merely the people within the King Monstrous Dragon Race, to serve him?” Baili Xuankong asked in a very puzzled manner. As for this, it was also what Chu Feng and Hong Qiang were puzzled by.

“There are two factions in our King Monstrous Dragon Race. The two factions are the most crucial. As for the position of Clan Chief, it is merely a title. When a member of the younger generation succeeds as the next Clan Chief, it will only be in name. The true authority will actually end up going to the leader of the faction that the member of the younger generation belongs to,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“So that’s the case. This old man understands now. Merely, you said earlier that Chu Feng can help you. However, I feel that Chu Feng will likely be powerless in something like this, no?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“It is indeed possible for little friend Chu Feng to help me strive for a chance,” Yaojiao Guang said as he looked to Chu Feng.

“Senior, please tell me straightforwardly,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, do you still remember my daughter, Yaojiao Tingyu?” Yaojiao Guang asked.

“I became acquainted with Princess Tingyu on the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s Immortal Island. Chu Feng naturally remembers her,” Chu Feng had a very good impression of Yaojiao Tingyu. In fact, it could be said that Chu Feng had a very good impression of the entire King Monstrous Dragon Beast race so far.

After all, during the moment when so many humans wanted to kill him, it was the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts who had saved him. That sort of special sensation was something that only Chu Feng understood.

“Although Tingyu is very young, she is actually the one with the best talent among my ninety-nine children.”

“Generally, our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s elders never interfere with the two factions fighting over the position of Clan Chief. All they care about is the younger generation’s cultivation and strength.”

“However, this time around, they have made an exception and put forth a condition. As long as Tingyu is capable of succeeding Lord Dragon King’s inheritance, she will become our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Clan Chief,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“Lord Dragon King?” Hearing those words, the expressions of Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong all changed. Their gazes began to flicker. For some reason, they felt a sense of familiarity upon hearing that name.

“Lord Dragon King is one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Five Emperors, the five overlords.”

“Beast Emperor, Black Dragon King,” Yaojiao Guang said.