Chapter 1583 - Must Take Revenge

MGA: Chapter 1583 - Must Take Revenge

“You’re an Asura World Spirit, you’re an Asura World Spirit?!!!”

“I’ve heard that Asura World Spirits are incomparably frightening. Never would I have expected that I would meet one today. Indeed, it is as the legends stated.”

“The legends are real. Everything is real. The Asura World Spirits are the strongest among the seven spirit worlds. The Asura World Spiritists are also the fully deserving rulers among world spiritists.”

“To be able to meet an Asura World Spiritist, and meet such a powerful Asura World Spirit, in my life, I, Old Daoist Ghost Face, have no regrets. My life has not been lived in vain. I have died with my desires fulfilled. Come, kill me. To die at the hands of an Asura World Spiritist, at the hands of an Asura World Spirit, what regret would I possibly have?”

Old Daoist Ghost Face started to shout frantically. At this moment, he was facing death with equanimity. He was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, he felt his death to be an honor.

At this moment, Nangong Ya and the others finally realized why Old Daoist Ghost Face would be acting this abnormally. It turned out that he had accepted his death, that he had been subdued by this powerful world spirit.

Indeed, a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World was a very dreadful existence. They were beings that existed only in the legends. Never would anyone expect that one would actually appear.

At this moment, not to mention Old Daoist Ghost Face, even Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe and the others were extremely shocked.

That was because Eggy was too powerful. She was so powerful that she was already beyond reasonable limits. She had surpassed the range of their comprehension.

“Unfortunately, you are not qualified to die at this Queen’s hands,” Eggy’s cold voice sounded. After that, with a thought, she directly cast Old Daoist Ghost Face to Nangong Ya.

“Many thanks.” Nangong Ya was no fool. He knew that Eggy wanted him to personally take care of Old Daoist Ghost Face and avenge his older sister. Eggy was helping him attain his goal.

In truth, Nangong Ya also wished to be able to kill Old Daoist Ghost Face personally, so as to avenge his older sister.

Seeing that Nangong Ya was about to kill him, Old Daoist Ghost Face’s expression immediately changed enormously. Filled with unreconciled feelings, he began to shout, “No, don’t! Don’t have this unfilial disciple of mine kill me! I beg of you! Milady Asura, please kill me! Only by dying at your hands will I be able to die without regrets!”


Nangong Ya acted. The spear in his hand turned into a golden light and ruthlessly pierced into Old Daoist Ghost Face’s body. Then, the spear began to tremble, and a burst of emperor’s might swept forth. It completely crushed all of Old Daoist Ghost Face’s internal organs.

In fact, it was not only his internal organs. Even the remaining bits of his dantian and consciousness were crushed by this emperor’s might.

Nangong Ya did not try to torment Old Daoist Ghost Face. With merely a single strike, he killed him. It could be said that his killing of Old Daoist Ghost Face was very clean and efficient.

After that strike, the boulder that had crushed his heart was finally lifted. Nangong Ya immediately felt a lot more at ease.


Right at this moment, a frantic suction power suddenly appeared. It was Eggy. Eggy was using her power to devour Old Daoist Ghost Face’s source energy. Even though she had not killed Old Daoist Ghost Face personally, she would not let his source energy get away.

“This source energy is truly lacking. It’s not filling at all.” After absorbing the source energy, Eggy curled her lips with great dissatisfaction. No matter what Her Lady Queen did, she still appeared extremely beautiful. Her each and every action was incomparably adorable. Even when killing people, she was still incomparably beautiful.

“Thank you for helping me attain my revenge,” Right at this moment, Nangong Ya actually kneeled before Eggy and bowed to her to display his thanks.

“Thank you for helping big brother Nangong Ya attain his revenge,” Following him, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli also kneeled onto the ground.

That was because the two of them both knew very well how important killing Old Daoist Ghost Face was to Nangong Ya.

Furthermore, even if Eggy did not have Nangong Ya personally kill Old Daoist Ghost Face, she still helped them enormously.

If it weren’t for Eggy, they would all have met their deaths at the hands of Old Daoist Ghost Face. Especially Tantai Xue, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli, these three women, they might even have been disgraced before being killed.

It was only because of Eggy that they had managed to narrowly escape that dreadful fate. Not only had Eggy helped them, she had even saved their lives and guarded their dignities.

“Don’t bother thanking me. If you want to thank someone, go thank him,” However, Eggy was very cold toward the display of thanks from Nangong Ya and the others. She did not bother to pay much attention to them. Instead, with her hands behind her back, she began to take graceful steps back into the depths of the passage.

It was only at this moment that the crowd discovered that Chu Feng had already walked over. Furthermore, after Eggy approached him, Chu Feng opened a world spirit gate with a thought. Without even bothering to turn her head around, Eggy entered that world spirit gate.

If Nangong Ya and the others had still been guessing exactly whose world spirit Eggy was, then, at this moment, they no longer needed to guess anymore. Eggy, this unimaginably powerful world spirit, was Chu Feng’s world spirit.

Chu Feng was a legendary Asura World Spiritist.

At this moment, both Nangong Ya and Nangong Baihe did not say anything. However, their thoughts were surging like a violent tide. For a very long time, they were unable to calm themselves.

He possessed heaven-defying battle power. Furthermore, he was an Asura World Spiritist. This Chu Feng was simply a bit too powerful, no? He was so powerful that he surpassed their imaginations.

The current Chu Feng’s true cultivation was only that of rank eight Martial King. However, even an expert like Old Daoist Ghost Face had been killed by him. If Chu Feng were to become a Half Martial Emperor in the future, how much more frightening would he become? If he were to become a Martial Emperor, how much more frightening would he become then?

Would there possibly be anyone at the same level of cultivation as him that could possibly match him?

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Nangong Baihe, Nangong Moli or even Nangong Ya, they all had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng. That was because they had managed to realize exactly how powerful this man by the name of Chu Feng was.

“Everyone, are you all uninjured?” Chu Feng surveyed everyone with a beaming smile on his face. Earlier, he had been preoccupied with putting that Ancient Era’s Scroll away, and had not been able to hurry back in time. If Nangong Ya and the others were to have been injured because of that, Chu Feng would feel very apologetic.

“Brother Chu Feng, thank you,” Nangong Ya walked over to Chu Feng, and wanted to kneel and bow to Chu Feng.

“My, Brother Nangong, what are you doing?” Chu Feng was not Eggy. How could he possibly allow Nangong Ya to display such a grand courtesy of kneeling and bowing to him? Thus, before Nangong Ya could kneel onto the ground, Chu Feng immediately walked over to him and supported him with his arms, stopping him from kneeling.

“Brother Chu Feng, you do not understand. Killing Old Daoist Ghost Face personally was extremely important to me. Even in my dreams I would dream about killing him. To be able to attain the desire that I have hoped to accomplish for a very long time, it is all thanks to you.”

“Brother Chu Feng, today, you have truly helped me enormously. You are my great benefactor.” When Nangong Ya said those words, his eyes were actually brimming with tears of excitement. He was on the verge of crying.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart was also moved. As they say, real men do not cry easily. The reason for that was because their sore spots were not touched.

However, Nangong Ya’s tears were not tears of sadness. Instead, they were tears of having his cherished desire accomplished. These were tears of ease, tears of breaking free from his worries, tears of having attained revenge.