Chapter 1582 - Merely One Strike

MGA: Chapter 1582 - Merely One Strike

The crimson skulls were emitting an overflowing demonic aura. Being controlled by the Old Daoist Ghost Face, the skulls’ mouths were wide open as they ferociously attacked Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue nonstop.

Being attacked in this manner, Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue’s complexions were both pale. The two of them were both covered with cold sweat. Furthermore, Nangong Ya’s left leg was bleeding nonstop. A large chunk of flesh on his leg had been bitten off by the crimson skulls and his white bones could be seen. It was not a light injury.

Their current state was beyond their ability. After all, the technique that Old Daoist Ghost Face had used was truly too nefarious. It simply could not be considered to be a world spirit technique. Rather, it was more like an incomparably vicious demonic technique.

“Damn it, my enemy is before my eyes, how could I not be able to avenge my older sister?”

Nangong Ya was feeling extremely unreconciled. He had trained so hard, all for the sake of beheading this old animal. Yet, now that this old animal was before him, he was actually no match for him. This made him feel extremely unreconciled.

As for Tantai Xue, she was not thinking about as many things as Nangong Ya. She merely wished for Chu Feng to be able to escape. As for everything else, she did not care. She did not even care about her own life and death.

“Fight with me? You all are simply asking for trouble. However, since you all have overestimated your own capabilities this much, I shall help you all accomplish your aim. I’ll kill you all thoroughly.”

After obtaining absolute dominance over Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue, Old Daoist Ghost Face became more and more confident. As he spoke, more and more crimson spirit power was released from his body. The amount of crimson skulls began to increase in numbers nonstop. Furthermore, their strength had also become stronger.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble~~~”

However, right at this time, violent tremblings were suddenly heard from deep within the passage. Furthermore, an indescribable sense of oppression swept forth from within the passage.

“What the hell is that?”

Turning their heads to look, not to mention Nangong Ya and the others, even Old Daoist Ghost Face was deeply frightened.

Dark black gaseous flames were surging forth in layer upon layer like enormous dark black waves.

They seemed to be from the underworld. They were emitting incomparably strong killing intent. Their killing intent was capable of penetrating one’s bones and one’s soul, and make one feel fear from the bottom of their soul. It was as if there was nothing else in the world more frightening than those dark black gaseous flames.

Even Old Daoist Ghost Face’s vicious crimson skulls appeared to be unable to compare to the dark black gaseous flames. Evil? Maliciousness? Before these dark black gaseous flames, those crimson skulls were simply unbefitting of being considered. After all, these gaseous flames were from the Asura Spirit World.


In an instant, the dark black gaseous flames from the Asura Spirit World engulfed Old Daoist Ghost Face.

Old Daoist Ghost Face started to panic, and immediately unleashed his crimson skulls to block the incoming gaseous flames.

The crimson skulls were not to be outdone. One by one, they opened their frightening crimson mouths and began to bite down upon the dark black gaseous flames.


However, when the crimson skulls approached the black gaseous flames, an enormous black mouth filled with fierce teeth appeared from within the gaseous flames. With merely a single bite, it devoured countless crimson skulls. Then, it actually began to ruthlessly chew them.

In an instant, snapping and cracking sounds began to sound from the dark black gaseous flames. Furthermore, crimson gaseous substances were being emitted from the dark black gaseous flames. Those crimson skulls were being crushed to pieces.

“What are you? Exactly what are you?”

At this moment, Old Daoist Ghost Face started to panic. That was because he felt a kind of sensation as he stood before the dark black gaseous flames -- the sensation of powerlessness. He was completely powerless. This was simply a battle that he could not win.

“What are you shouting about? If you’re scared, then go ahead and say it.”

Suddenly, the dark black gaseous flames that came from deep within the passage started to disperse. At the same time, a beautiful woman appeared. It was Eggy.

Wearing her black feathered miniskirt, Eggy moved her pair of fair and jade-like long legs as she calmly and gracefully walked over in the air. Her appearance did not look like someone who was going to battle. Rather, she looked like someone taking a stroll. However, she was actually battling.

“Rank nine Martial King. This is impossible! You’re merely a rank nine Martial King, how could you possess the strength to suppress me?”

After Old Daoist Ghost Face carefully inspected Eggy’s cultivation, he snarled with sound of being unreconciled. He was unable to accept the fact that he had been suppressed by a rank nine Martial King. He felt as if he had lost all face.

“You’re unreconciled, is it? You’re feeling that this is very unimaginable, no? You won’t be able to accept the truth no matter what, no?”

“Actually… I can understand what you’re feeling. At this moment, you’re like an ant that is striving its hardest to cross the river by riding a leaf. You’ve followed the flow of the river for a very long time now, and finally, you’re about to reach the other end of the river through luck.”

“However, right at this time, you’ve suddenly seen an enormous elephant. That elephant only took a simple step, and crossed that river that you’ve been unable to cross for so long.”

“You’re feeling bewildered. You’re feeling disbelief. You’re feeling an incomparable amount of astonishment. In fact, you’re unable to even understand how there could be an existence this much more powerful than you. This is simply not natural, is it?”

“However, I can tell you this. This is the truth. The gap between us is akin to that of an elephant and an ant. There’s nothing unimaginable about it. Even if you’re feeling that it’s unimaginable, it only means that your vision was too narrow and shallow in the past, and you have not seen a real powerful existence before.”

“However, there’s also no need for you to feel inferior. That’s because this is a natural difference. This Queen is innately countless times more powerful than you. In your eyes, my battle power is heaven-defying. However, in the eyes of those that are stronger than me, my battle power is nothing worthy of being mentioned.”

“Oh, it seems like I spoke a bit too much. With how profound my words are, I doubt you’ll understand. Forget about it. It’s time to send you, scum, on your way.”

After finishing those words, killing intent soared in Eggy’s eyes. The dark black gaseous flames became even more intense as they soared toward Old Daoist Ghost Face. They turned into countless dark black claws that began to rip and tear at Old Daoist Ghost Face.

“Enough of your bullshit! This old man will not believe in your nonsense!!!”

Sure enough, that Old Daoist Ghost Face did not take Eggy’s words to heart. After an angry snarl, crimson spirit power began to surge from his body nonstop, like an erupting volcano or a surging river. He had decided to go all-out in this final battle.

With him going all-out, the crimson skulls were like an enormous wave. Carrying a frightening aura along with them, they surged toward Eggy.

Finally, the two attacks collided. However, regardless of how vicious and ferocious the crimson skulls were, they were unable to contend against Eggy’s dark black gaseous flames.

The battle between two armies ended with the stronger one being the victor.

The result of this battle was already determined.


In an instant, Old Daoist Ghost Face’s army of crimson skulls was defeated. Furthermore, the dark black claws ruthlessly penetrated into Old Daoist Ghost Face’s body. They pierced through his dantian and destroyed his consciousness.

The outcome of the battle was determined with merely one strike.

“Hahaha, wahahaha…”

“Luck, this is my luck, wahahaha…”

However, not only did that Old Daoist Ghost Face not wail with pain after being fatally injured, he even started to laugh wildly.

This scene came as an enormous shock to Nangong Ya and the others. Nangong Baihe even thought that Old Daoist Ghost Face was unable to accept the shock, and had gone insane.