Chapter 1581 - Unendurable Craving

MGA: Chapter 1581 - Unendurable Craving

Energy ripples were wreaking havoc through the passage. Rumbling and explosions were springing up everywhere. Waves of frightening oppressive might surged forth like the wind as they collided with the passage, causing it to tremble repeatedly.

If it weren’t for the fact that the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up was powerful, Nangong Baihe would have already escaped this place with Nangong Moli. They would not have stayed here like they were now. That was because the battle between the three was growing more and more intense.

Holding the spear in his hand, Nangong Ya was unleashing golden rays all over the place. He was using the techniques of the Nangong Imperial Clan with absolute mastery.

True to her name, Tantai Xue was creating chilliness akin to ice-cold snow. The snowflakes created by her Divine Power were even more frightening than blades.

However, at this moment, Tantai Xue’s strongest attack was coming from her flute, that actual Incomplete Imperial Armament, the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute!!!

The Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute was a treasure of the Cursed Soil Sect. However, not only had it been obtained by Tantai Xue, it had also been subdued by her. As it had recognized Tantai Xue as its master, Tantai Xue was capable of using the power of the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute at will.

Using talismans to attack had merely been the first phase. Right now, Tantai Xue was unleashing attacks from the second phase. Talismans were changed into human-shaped death warriors. Several tens of ten-foot-tall death warriors were holding hatchets and unleashing very dense killing intent as they repeatedly launched ferocious fatal attacks at Old Daoist Ghost Face.

Logically, the combined attacks from Tantai Xue and Nangong Ya should have been extremely powerful. They should have been able to kill ordinary rank seven Half Martial Emperors. However, their opponent just so happened to be a remarkable existence.

Although Old Daoist Ghost Face’s martial cultivation was not very high, his world spirit techniques were very powerful. That was why he had been invited to the Nangong Imperial Clan to teach Nangong Ya world spirit techniques. He was an expert world spiritist.

His world spirit techniques’ battle power was even stronger than his martial cultivation’s battle power. Thus, even though Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue had joined hands, he was still able to handle the two of them without falling into a disadvantageous position.

“Impossible! This is impossible! You’re merely an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, how could you possibly undo that formation this quickly?!!!!”

Suddenly, the expression on Old Daoist Ghost Face’s face changed enormously, and he began to shout hysterically. It turned out that Chu Feng had broken apart the spirit formation around the Ancient Era’s Scroll and grabbed onto it.


Detecting that the situation was bad, Old Daoist Ghost Face became anxious and started to panic. He wanted to rush toward Chu Feng’s direction and snatch the Ancient Era’s Scroll from Chu Feng’s hand.

“Trying to leave?”

However, how could Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue possibly give him the opportunity to do so? The two of them attacked him simultaneously, and tangled themselves with him without allowing him to get away. As such, Old Daoist Ghost Face did not have the chance to disengage from the two of them.

“The two of you are anxious to die. Very well, this old man shall help you accomplish your aim.”

Old Daoist Ghost Face was truly anxious. His body began to emit a crimson gaseous substance. At the same time, his Royal-level spirit power actually turned from a golden color to a crimson color. It was extremely strange.

“Nangong Ya, be careful. He has used a forbidden world spirit technique. The effect is similar to martial cultivators taking forbidden drugs. The only difference is that he has not increased his martial power, but rather his spirit power.”

Tantai Xue immediately discovered that the situation was bad, and warned Nangong Ya, who was fighting alongside her.

“So what if you’ve discovered what I did? You’ll end up dying regardless.”

Old Daoist Ghost Face attacked. Sure enough, his attack this time was much different from before. Crimson spirit power surged forth with earth-shattering might. The spirit power turned into countless crimson skulls with open mouths that charged to bite Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue. That powerful might immediately gave Nangong Ya and Tantai Xue enormous pressure.


As for Chu Feng, not only did he obtain the Ancient Era’s Scroll, he had even opened it. After he saw the contents of the Ancient Era’s Scroll, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

“What a coincidence. This is actually the Evil Spirit Binding Formation that I have yearned for day and night.”

Chu Feng was truly overjoyed. That was because what was recorded on the Ancient Era’s Scroll was not only a world spirit formation, it was a Taboo Formation Technique, the Evil Spirit Binding Formation.

As the name implied, the Evil Spirit Binding Formation was capable of being used to control Evil Spirits and have them work for you.

Other than the Evil Spirit Binding Formation, Chu Feng had also obtained another Taboo Formation Technique from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. That Taboo Formation Technique was the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation.

The World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation was capable of undoing the contract between the world spirits and the world spiritist, forcibly stripping the world spirits from the world spiritist’s world spirit space and turning them into evil spirits.

These two spirit formations both possessed extremely frightening usages. Both of them could be said to be absolute taboos for world spiritists.

However, the most frightening aspect would be when the Evil Spirit Binding Formation and the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation, these two Taboo Formation Techniques, were gathered together. At that time, they would be capable of doing something even more frightening.

That thing was also what Chu Feng had wanted to do the entire time. He had wanted to strip the other powerful and berserk world spirit from his body, turning it into an evil spirit. Then, he wanted to bind it and have it be used by him.

His other world spirit possessed overflowing killing intent. It had been sealed in Chu Feng’s world spirit space for many years, and had wanted to kill Chu Feng the entire time.

Chu Feng did not dare to release it at all. That was because, if it were released, not only would it kill Chu Feng, it would also bring about devastation to the entire world, and willfully massacre the innocent.

His other world spirit was different from Eggy. It was truly filled with evil, and was a token of massacre, a true slaughtering Asura.

However, with the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and the Evil Spirit Binding Formation, Chu Feng was now capable of controlling that dreadful time bomb, and make it so that it could be used by him, becoming part of his strength.

“Truly, we have traveled far and wide looking for it, only to find it this easily. Never would I have expected that not only did the Holy Land of Martialism really contain the Evil Spirit Binding Formation, it was even found by you.” At this moment, Eggy was also feeling immense joy. Not only was she in joy, she even began to provoke the gate that sealed the other Asura world spirit in Chu Feng’s world spirit space, “Just you wait. You’ll be taken care of soon.”




After Eggy’s words left her mouth, that gate began to violently tremble. Wave upon wave of berserk energy began to wreak havoc within the gate.

“Eggy, what’s going on?” Chu Feng noticed that something was wrong when he felt wave upon wave of frightening aura filling up his world spirit space. This sort of feeling was very uncomfortable for him.

“It’s nothing. Merely, that weak little guy got angry because it knew that it was going to be out of luck soon,” Eggy smiled nonchalantly. Furthermore, as she spoke, she even hopped over to the gate and knocked on it. She said, “Don’t make a ruckus anymore. If it weren’t for this Queen’s strength being sealed, how could someone like you dare to act this arrogant toward this Queen?”



Once Eggy said those words, the shout and snarls from within the gate became more and more ferocious.


At this moment, Chu Feng sighed. He finally understood why that frightening world spirit was acting this violently. It was all because of the provocations from Her Lady Queen, Eggy.

“Chu Feng, quickly, run away.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly received Tantai Xue’s voice transmission.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s expression became serious. That was because he had managed to detect that even Tantai Xue and Nangong Ya combined were no match for that Old Daoist Ghost Face. Furthermore, they were in a disadvantageous position, and were on the verge of being defeated.

“Milady Queen, it would seem that I will have to trouble you again,” As Chu Feng spoke, he had already opened his world spirit gate.

The peerless beauty Eggy walked gracefully out from that world spirit gate. A faint light of viciousness shone in her pair of beautiful eyes. Her charming and adorable lips were slightly raised. She extended her sexy little tongue and licked the corner of her mouth. With a very vicious tone, she said, “This Queen had been feeling unendurable cravings for some time now.”