Chapter 1584 - A Series Of Mockeries

MGA: Chapter 1584 - A Series Of Mockeries

“Brother Nangong, there’s no need to say anymore. I understand your frame of mind. Merely, if you take me, Chu Feng, as a brother, then please do not view me as your benefactor. That’s because, as brothers, I only did what I should have done,” Chu Feng said as he patted Nangong Ya’s shoulders.

“Brother Chu Feng, based on those words of yours, and based on your character, I am definitely taking you as a brother,” Nangong Ya was also a frank and straightforward person. With Chu Feng saying things this bluntly, he could not find a reason to continue to insist otherwise. Thus, Nangong Ya decided to keep his thanks in his heart.

To see Nangong Ya and Chu Feng calling each other brothers, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were also very happy.

The Nangong Imperial Clan possessed an innumerable amount of siblings. However, there were not many people who actually possessed a close relationship with them. Nangong Ya was one of the few people who actually possessed a real close relationship with them.

As for Chu Feng, he was someone who had saved their lives many times before. Even though they had only known Chu Feng for several days, Nangong Baihe and her sister Nangong Moli both felt Chu Feng to be a very important friend.

The fact that Chu Feng and Nangong Ya’s relationship had become this close was something that they wanted to see, wished to see.

Afterward, Nangong Ya placed the corpse of Old Daoist Ghost Face into a special Cosmos Sack. His intention was naturally not to bury Old Daoist Ghost Face. Rather, he was going to bring Old Daoist Ghost Face’s corpse back to the Nangong Imperial Clan so that he could present it to his older sister’s grave to show her that this Old Daoist Ghost Face had died, and that he had managed to avenge her.

After the matter with Old Daoist Ghost Face’s corpse was taken care of, Chu Feng and the others continued onward. Even though the passage onward felt more and more dangerous, to the point that it even made Nangong Moli turn pale and shiver with fright, all the dangers were actually fake. As long as one was courageous enough to continue onward, one would not experience any danger.

Nangong Ya and the others did not ask Chu Feng what had happened deep within the passage. That was because, to them, killing Old Daoist Ghost Face was the most important matter. Regardless of what Chu Feng might have found, none of them were interested.

However, Chu Feng did not try to conceal what had happened. Instead, he took out the Ancient Era’s Scroll and showed it to them.

Merely, this Ancient Era’s Scroll that contained the Evil Spirit Binding Formation was not something that just anyone could comprehend. Unless one possessed extraordinary world spirit techniques, it would be nearly impossible to comprehend its contents.

Thus, other than Tantai Xue, Chu Feng was certain that even Nangong Ya was unable to comprehend exactly what was written on this Ancient Era’s Scroll. The most Nangong Ya was able to get from the scroll was that it was a treasure which recorded something extraordinary.

“That is indeed a treasure. Brother Chu Feng, it was discovered by you. You should keep it.” After Nangong Ya saw the Ancient Era’s Scroll, he handed it back to Chu Feng.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, you should keep it. Your world spirit techniques are the best among us. This scroll might be of use to you,” Nangong Baihe added.

“In that case, I shall accept it,” Seeing that they wanted him to keep it, Chu Feng decided to accept it. After all, this Evil Spirit Binding Formation was extremely important to him.

After continuing onward with their journey, Chu Feng and the others finally exited the passage. When they exited the passageway, what appeared before their eyes was the actual Immortal Island.

Immortal Island was an extremely large island. Rather than calling it an island, it was more suitable to call it a continent, a continent many times larger than the Nine Provinces Continent.

There were many heaven-reaching trees, fantastic flowers and plants on Immortal Island. In fact, some of those fantastic flowers and plants were ones that Chu Feng had never seen before.

For example, there were some flowers that flew gracefully in the air like butterflies. There were some flowers that would hop around the flowerbed like fairies. Furthermore, when they felt danger from people approaching them, they would immediately enter the soil to hide themselves. It was a very adorable scene.

In fact, even the clouds here were different. They were all different shapes, and looked like drawings. Some looked like animals, and some looked like buildings. As they drifted in the sky, they looked like a city in the sky.

This place gave off an overflowing sensation of being a place where immortals lived. The name ‘Immortal Island’ was very befitting of this place.

There was an enormous plaza nearby. At this moment, a lot of people were gathered on this plaza. Many of them were familiar faces.

For example, among them were the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts and the other people Chu Feng and the others had met earlier. In fact, even everyone from the Nangong Imperial Clan was gathered on the plaza.

When they saw that Chu Feng and the others had actually managed to walk out from that dangerous passage, they all displayed traces of surprise in their eyes.

However, other than the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan, the rest of the people seemed to be feeling unhappy for Chu Feng and the others’ appearance. This was especially true for the Beitang Imperial Clan. They seemed to have wanted Chu Feng and the others to die in the passage.

At this moment, only the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan ran over to greet Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe and the others.

“Yoh, I truly never expected that you all would actually manage to escape from there.” At this moment, Beitang Zimo walked over. However, not only was his tone very eccentric, it also contained ridicule.

“It seems like you wish we had died in there?” Nangong Ya did not respond to Beitang Zimo with kindness. After all, as the relationship of an alliance was no longer present, there was no reason for Nangong Ya to act amiably toward Beitang Zimo anymore.

“My, my, my, Brother Nangong, watch the way you say things. After all, our Beitang Clan and your Nangong Clan have long been friends. How could I possibly have wanted you dead? To see that you’re fine, I’m extremely happy.”

“Merely, because of our good relationship, I came over to inform you something. I’ve heard that the weapons one can obtain in this Weaponry Bestowment Assembly are restricted. The people who arrive at the Immortal Island faster will be able to obtain better weapons.”

“The countdown began the moment we set foot on this sea. It would seem that our Beitang Clan was faster than your Nangong Clan. We set foot on this sea after you all. Yet, we have arrived at the Immortal Island before you.”

“Thus, based on the rules of this Weaponry Bestowment Assembly, I’m afraid that the weapons that we will obtain would be better than yours. Truth be told, I am feeling very apologetic regarding that.”

“However, this cannot be blamed on me. After all, I urged you to not take that passage before. Yet, you all refused to listen to me, and instead decided to listen to that stinky brat’s words. Look, aren’t you regretting it now? I can only say that you’ve all brought it upon yourselves,” Beitang Zimo said with an expression of complacence. He had come to deliberately attack Nangong Ya and the others.


Right at this moment, Nangong Ya suddenly took out his spear. With a flash of light, that sharp spear of his was pointed at Beitang Zimo’s throat. It was merely a hair’s length from Beitang Zimo’s throat.

At this moment, not to mention Beitang Zimo, the rest of the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan were all frightened. One by one, they immediately took out their weapons and pointed them at Nangong Ya.

At the same time, the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan also took out their weapons and began to stand in confrontation against the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan.

This scene greatly frightened a lot of the people present. Many of the people nearby immediately began to keep their distance out of fear of being implicated by the battle between these two grand Imperial Clans.